Everybody’s Got A Thang

The firstest and bestest version of the P-Funk Thang as it was forming in 1969.


Bernie isn’t there yet, neither is Tiki, Bootsy or Garry. But the Parliaments are out front and a very early version of Funkadelic is …

To Make You Change Your Mind

Great previously unreleased track from Cinci’s 24-Carat Black:


My Radio Ain’t Active It’s Dead

My radio is a body without the head

My radio ain’t active

it’s dead.

Put your roots in the grass.


Harry Nilsson Popeye Demo Goodies

The genius of Harry Nilsson stays pretty underground. I got hip to him as an adult a few years ago but had actually loved his music since the cradle. My folks played it (the lime was in the coconut at …

I’m Free Because I’m Free of Needing To Be Free

Great song, great version. I’ve written much due to this song…

Monday Morning Funk Lesson – Larry Graham Dr. Slap

Amazing rare video of Larry in the studio sometime in the 90’s for an instructional video showing us all how to lay down the funk.

The internet has changed things. Many years ago a friend pulled this VHS tape out …

Divine Beat – Before Mecca by Divine Styler

My Dear Lady – Classic Minnie

Going way back…

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.03.49 AM

Sugar Man Rodriguez Live on TV

Excellent movie about this fella, a must see.


Here he is in a rare radio performance:

The Sleepers


Here’s a rare Alice Cooper Band demo from the early 70’s mixed with some zombie footage. Just cuz.

alice cooper group



Rare P-Funk Ditty

This one didn’t make it out whenever they made it, but ended up on one of the rarities collections: Check it out, it’s “Stink Finger”, one of the smoothest little p-funk jams i’ve heard in a bit.

This track is …

We Have Seen The Future

1970 gets a glimpse at the machine-music future and is not sure what to make of it.…