Trump Has No Schlong

This donald would be entertaining if he didn’t have millions of maniacs believing his every nonsensical utterance. Now they are shouting Nazi slogans, they are shouting down protesters and neutrals, roughing people up, getting scary.  Walking right down the path of early Nazi Germany and early Fascist Italy. Those that are aware are actually proud. The racists showing their faces.

Hitler helped burn the German Parliament to the ground, seized power, and led his country to a doom it will take 100 years to correct. What will Trump do to America? Or what will America do to herself using the reality-TV parade of foolishness led by this billionaire in a trucker hat?

donald says Hillary got schlonged in the 2008 election. Either say fucked (screwed) or don’t, schlonged isn’t even a word. Can a guy get schlonged, Donald?

donald refers to Hillary using the bathroom as disgusting. Why? Does donald’s shit not stink?

donald says Megan Kelly from Fox was upset that night because she had blood coming out of her wherever. OK, donald’s mom must be dead.

donald says of Carly Fiorina – look at that face! – and then backpedals because she’s a republican, nearly as averse to the truth as the donald.



“I’m fabulous, I really am. I’m well loved by everyone. Everywhere I go they love me.”


This man is so Biff Tannen I’m beside myself. He’s a dickless wonder, another rich boy silver spoon douchebag, and I swear someone needs to just shoot him, take him out.  OK I shouldn’t incite violence, I know. I don’t actually want that, it would probably make things worse. Don’t shoot donald. Just slap that silly fucker, slap the red right off his face.

He’s such a bully that other bullies respond to him, wimps respond to him, people unable to think for themselves really respond to him. He knows how to play the media and the public opinion to get these violent types even more fired up. He continues building his Brand. TRUMP™

donald is a leader — A leader of d-bags, racists, and clueless wanderers who enjoy entertainment and anarchy™ more than stability and reality.


This might bother his Brand™ a wee bit – TRUMP RACIST – Trump is racist – Trump Resorts are racist – Ban Trump – Trump Anti-american – Boycott Trump – anti-mexican – DUMP TRUMP – ban donald – Nazi TRUMP BRAND HORRIBLE – Islamophobia – TRUMP SUCKS – Trump Nazi – Trump Supremacist – anti-Semitic – TRUMP RACIST – Trump is racist – Trump Resorts are racist – Ban Trump – anti-mexican – Boycott Trump – the donald duck – DUMP TRUMP – TRUMP BRAND HORRIBLE – TRUMP SUCKS – Trump Resorts anti-Semitic Trump Nazi – Trump Supremacist – TRUMP RACIST – Trump is racist – Islamophobia – Trump Resorts are racist – Ban Trump – Boycott Trump – DUMP TRUMP – TRUMP BRAND HORRIBLE – TRUMP SUCKS – Trump Nazi – Trump Supremacist…

If I only had a small loan to help get my message out.


Racists For Trump


Why the sour look? Afraid your country is being taken over by outsiders?

Initially it was just the hype lovers. The bombast believers. The louder the better. The simple message. The common sense that doesn’t add up. Anti-intellectual of W done without the ‘compassion’ BS. Macho billionaire Palinv2.

Demagogue. Real life drama inside the GOP making for great TV and a nervous populace. Their first strong-man takeover of my lifetime. Will Mussolini rise to power or will his adopted party stop him?

Donald’s not even republican, that’s what’s so funny. His family has been buying democratic favors for decades. He’s been supporting democrats and their positions for most of his life. But he sees his opportunity to build his brand and he’s addicted to it.

Then the mexican thing. The muslim thing. The black lives matter thing. Donald really is running for fuhrer isn’t he?

Yeah what he said.

Now it’s all about racists loving Donald. They are showing themselves without hoods in this post-Obama, post terror-attack world.  White supremacists near and far are getting a major traffic boost. Young and old. He’s their savior, their cover, the barely need codewords anymore!

Where does Donald get the playbook? Is his genius in his ability to rise to power?

Too bad it’s in plain site. Trump’s latest book cover has him posed just like Hitler on Mein Kampf. Trump’s ex-wife also admits Donald owned, sometimes travelled with, and often read the advice of Herr Hitler.

So there’s that. Have fun guys.

Hucka Please

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee tweeting during the Dem debate last night:

OK. Republican candidate’s very next tweet 4 minutes later:  

Is there anyone more tone-deaf than republicans?  He literally just made a racist joke about all Koreans 4 minutes after decrying racism. What a sinner. What a moron.

When twitter blows up laughing and mocking him, here’s his useless reply:  

At least he’s consistently idiotic. He wasn’t deploring a brutal dictatorship, he was using a racist dog eating joke to slam Bernie Sanders.  Huck, just stop. Even Fox News let you go.

Brains or Dick?

Brains or Dick?

The Lone Wolf Narrative

Guy plans to kill multiple innocent people for an ideology. Guy pulls it off. Guy is a terrorist, right?

In america, it depends on if he’s white or not.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from Facebook, taken before the guy walked into a church and killed a bible study group because they were black.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from his Facebook, taken before he walked into a church and killed an entire bible study group because they were black. He even claimed to have “black friends”.

See, if he’s a white american, the media and politicians say he’s a lone wolf, a social outcast, and clearly suffering from mental health issues. The system failed him somewhere, poor guy. His parents did all they can, why didn’t they know more? He acted alone, he taught himself, and once he’s dead it’s all over.  What a senseless tragedy. Some people really are crazy! Let’s talk about how evil this guy was then move on. There’s no larger social context here.

If he’s a black or latino american the narrative is very different. He’s called a thug, a gangster and he is acting out based on the inability of his people to control themselves. His laziness left him a loser in life so he struck out against those with more than him. His education, his music, his parents, his community, his speech patterns, even his clothing are all identified as signs that we should be scared of this happening again from others sharing his skin tone and situation. The media gets a lot of mileage out of this type of story.

If he’s muslim or his family originates from anywhere near the middle east, he is immediately labeled a terrorist and it is assumed his religious beliefs put him up to this act. He’s not a thug, a gangster, or a lone crazy in that nationality, he’s a terrorist working for forces against ‘merica. This narrative is strong enough to launch entire wars on it.

Here’s a professor of religion and african studies putting this more eloquently:

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white people called ‘mentally ill’?


Turns out this guy went to school with the niece of Republican leader Lyndsey Graham. When asked for comment, Graham went about pushing the lone wolf narrative. No surprise.


Oklahoma USA

No tolerance for the singing college kids on the bus. The frat brothers and their sorority dates deserve to be expelled from school. Maybe daddy will stop paying for some of them and they can go to community college and learn about the real world. Most will just transfer, some will get more followers for their viewpoints and their instant white victimhood. Book em on Fox News quickly!

Hopefully a further investigation gets into who promotes this song and further punishment is doled out up the chain.

If I was on that bus, even at age 17 and drunk, I would have been freaking out. Would have probably started swinging, and I quickly would have been out of the frat, out of the bus, beat to pulp by these kids. No social media back then.

At the same time, remember they have a right to say what they said. I strongly protect it. It’s part of what makes America great. In my country you can say something very unpopular, quite dangerous, and stay a free man, free to your ideas and thoughts, as crazy or counter to mainstream they may be. In many other countries you will end up in jail and/or die for your words. Not in America. The punishment must be social and institutional, not criminal. I don’t believe they broke any laws, not on that bus at least.

Leave these young adults alone to figure out their crime. If the school doesn’t expel them it should assign all of them to working with minority communities as a healthy attempt at reform. Communities need the help from the college age kids, and these kids need the world to reach out and help change them for the better.

As I blare a track by one of my favorite bands, the multi-racial and multi-genre Freekbass outfit, I know that we have to get better, smarter, healthier as americans. My mother always said there’s only 2 types of people in the world – assholes and the rest of us dealing with them.


Forced Relocation For Baseball

Effective September 1 2014 – All baseball fans of caucasian or european decent are to re-locate to the Black Mesa Preserve in Western Oklahoma. Bring all loved ones and the belongings you need as you will not be returning to your homes. Ever. At Black Mesa you will find there is no economy, river, or even farmable lands so you will be forced to carve out a meager existence.

imagesMost of your family will die off within a decade and your blood line will be threatened. But you will be able to preserve your history and culture, and continue watching baseball in this wonderful country! Feel free to drink your pain away, as liquor (unlike anything else) will be abundant in this remote locale.

You have 90 days to comply with this order of the US Interior Department, backed fully by the US Armed Forces. If you resist this lawful order you will be removed from living and stopping progress. People of color need your land.

If you live through the resettling over the winter you will ready for spring training 2015!

Major League Baseball also announced that they will be incorporating funny images of your dead relatives into their marketing, with the hopes of continuing to make millions of dollars exploiting you. Your dead grandpa was such a slick yahoo!

Your family is in ruin, your bloodline threatened or ended, your homeland taken from you, and you are left with no future, no valuable land, and no country that cares for you. Play ball!



Vote Them Out! Politicians Who Won’t Compromise Will Ruin Us

If they want to hijack our government for their own radical agenda, then I say let the democracy work the way it should and let’s vote all the idiot tea partying republicans out.

The Tea Party exists to RUIN the federal government. They don’t believe it should exist at nearly the size or complexity it does now. So they have infiltrated and are doing their best to take the whole thing down from the inside. I have a bit of radical in me and don’t care that much for “the feds” but we have to reject this from our system before it achieves it’s goal. Try listening to right-wing radio or TV for 2 minutes before screaming “You Fuggin Idiots!”. Their ignorance is staggering – this is what happened to the people who stopped listening to teachers.




Check it out — an early poll showing that the GOP might get what they deserve for this latest stunt : House Elections should be interesting. Granted, gerrymandering has made many of these districts locks for republicans, but that can hopefully be undone over time.

Continue reading

Racists and Haters Posting Everywhere – The New Red Scare

Is the internet more racist these days?

Feels like it. I can’t read a single story about anything current without racist, ignorant comments blaming it on Obama the muslim and his lazy no good supporters.

I think it’s because everyone on facebook…. all these non-tech morons with too much tech and time on their hands… can now comment on articles quickly…. and every article can get comments somehow… and since there are millions just reading and posting online, why not post ridiculous shit?

Sometimes I honestly feel like writing down and posting the name, job, and facebook link of every redneck asshole I find online. But I know that compiling this list makes me no better than the idiots behind the “red scare”. It is the new red scare – red neck republicans posting their nonsensical rants about socialism (which they obviously have no experience or understing of). Rednecks arguing over facts is entertaining but toxic.

I think the tech is coming soon that the second you become aware of someone’s name you will get a report on their politics, likes, dislikes, and other online posting stuff. If so we will have to determine if we ever want to do business with right-wing maniacs anymore.



The Racist GOP

Just a few days until final voting day here in Ohio, and this ad just went across the sports station that seemed so loaded with code words and implications that I’m almost shocked. Almost because I knew these people were going for the racist vote. But to hear it still bothered me.

The ad had no music, no sound effects, and no booming voice. The announcer, clearly a middle-aged white businessman sort, had a weird, resigned tone. He was pushing a “I’m disappointed to have to say this” sort of delivery, like a doctor giving bad news.


To paraphrase, he said “The shouting has gotten so loud. Soon this will all be over, because one place that’s silent is the voting booth. When you are in the booth alone with your thoughts, you can do what’s right. After all — you tried. President Obama tried. But after four years of failed policies and empty promises, turning neighbor against neighbor, you can vote for real change. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

Alone with your thoughts? The right thing to do? You and the President both tried?

I have studied the history of race relations in America, as well as living in some radically changing communities over the years, and these terms ring a bell. These are code words for racism. These are the code words for putting Obama and all of his supporters into the same bucket as affirmative action, like this was just a little experiment in letting black folks have token power, and now it’s time to take it back.

I just hope it doesn’t work.

If you are still undecided reading this site, just remember Bin Laden and his tapes, remember the never ending Iraq war surge, remember the terror color warnings, remember GM and Chrysler (and their hundreds of vendors) going belly up, remember pre-existing conditions, and remember the world openly mocking the intelligence and motivation of our leaders. This was all before 2009 and ended when Obama took office.

Remember that Mitt Romney thinks a healthy guy like me with no insurance should go to the emergency room when needing help. I did that 4 months ago and they billed me $14,000 for 1 night. 1 night! Maybe Romney can drop $14k out of his millionaire savings, but the rest of us can’t and won’t.

Remember that this is opposite of Mitt’s view when he was governor. Remember that Obamacare is modeled on Romneycare, and that Romney has now abandoned this position (like others) because it lines up with Obama more than the GOP party can stand.

Obama made and is making long term changes to this country. He expects voters to understand this, and to review his policies and not the slivers of early results. Some of his changes haven’t even had time to take effect yet (perhaps a tactical error on his part).

Either way, if you are an american please go vote. The whole system gets a ding when we have under 50% voter turnout.

Modern American Racism

It’s the end of 2011 in America. Some say post-race. I say BS.

Some of us were raised to treat people based on the value of their character, while some use skin color and cultural differences to separate. Don’t believe me? Here’s some names used regularly to describe President Obama and first lady Michelle, pulled at random from the comments on any right-wing web site:  Continue reading

The Truth Comes Out

They held out for a couple of years by hiding behind anonymous internet postings and various code words, but the right wing media in the US has finally let loose on what they think of President Obama and his wife Michelle. “Uppity-ism”. Then double down and read it again. “A little uppity”. If you have ever seen that word before you know what it applies to, and it ain’t pretty. The racism is pure, direct, and unequivocal. To be called “uppity” you have to belong to a lower social class in the first place. Since The Obama’s are both well educated and wealthy, and hold jobs at the highest level of American life, what is it about them that is over-reaching?

Their skin color(s) of course. (I only type it for non-US speakers who might not know the term). Barrack is mixed African/Caucasian and Michelle is African-American, and both Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have no issue calling them “Uppity” across the american airwaves.

Online and at rally’s I’ve seen pictures of Obama turned into a gorilla, a suicide bomber, a pimp, and a gangster rapper. I’ve read and seen more insulting things about Michelle in 2 years than anyone even bothered to write about Mrs. Bush in 8 years. They literally can’t even call her by her first name, usually using the name “Moochelle” or “Moose”. And the references to her rearend crack me up – the republicans are on this trip that her ass is too big. What kind of men are these?

Racist Much?

Black President. Mixed President. Liberal President. Smart President. There goes the neighborhood.

These right wing nutcases manage to cram just about every offensive racial stereotype possible into this actual political ad. This shows an attitude that embarrasses the hell out of me as an american, but usually this stuff is relegated to the private hillbilly media. These people actually put this up on youtube thinking it would help their candidate!

Good luck with that California. Frickin’ insane. If I was the congresswoman in that ad I would run it on my own website, I’d even buy time for it to be put on TV.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.36.05 PM