About the Statues

Time to go to bed, great great great great grandpa. You’ve done plenty for your country, your state, and your people. You won’t be forgotten.

But you were on the wrong side of history. Like siding with the Nazi’s in … Read the rest

Trump Has No Schlong

This donald would be entertaining if he didn’t have millions of maniacs believing his every nonsensical utterance. Now they are shouting Nazi slogans, they are shouting down protesters and neutrals, roughing people up, getting scary.  Walking right down the path … Read the rest

Racists For Trump


Why the sour look? Afraid your country is being taken over by outsiders?

Initially it was just the hype lovers. The bombast believers.

The louder the better. The simple message.

The common sense that doesn’t add up. Anti-intellectual of WRead the rest

Now That Was Music

Bill Burr could be america’s most underrated comic. His rants about our everyday social politics leave no one untouched. Not awkward, amazed just like me. It’s not right or left and it’s not playing the games we’ve built for ourselves, … Read the rest

Hucka Please

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee tweeting during the Dem debate last night:

OK. Republican candidate’s very next tweet … Read the rest

The Lone Wolf Narrative

Guy plans to kill multiple innocent people for an ideology. Guy pulls it off.

Guy is a terrorist, right?

In the US, it depends on if he’s white or not.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from Facebook, taken before the guy walked into a church and killed a bible study group because they were black.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from his Facebook, taken before he

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Oklahoma USA

No tolerance for the singing college kids on the bus. The frat brothers and their sorority dates deserve to be expelled from school. Maybe daddy will stop paying for some of them and they can go to community college and … Read the rest

Forced Relocation For Baseball

Effective September 1 2014

All caucasian baseball fans of European decent are to re-locate to the Black Mesa Preserve in Western Oklahoma.

Bring all loved ones and the belongings you need as you will not be returning to your homes. … Read the rest

KKK Recruiting With Candy Treats

In South Carolina the KKK makes goody bags with advertising for their cause and drops them in people’s yards overnight.

So that’s terrifying. Would make me buy a gun and stay up late, or better yet get the hell out … Read the rest

The One Where The Sub-Saharan Nazi Won’t Fistbump

Hahaha that is pretty good television.… Read the rest

Vote Them Out! Politicians Who Won’t Compromise Will Ruin Us

If they want to hijack our government for their own radical agenda, then I say let the democracy work the way it should and let’s vote all the idiot tea partying republicans out.

The Tea Party exists to RUIN the … Read the rest

Racists and Haters Posting Everywhere – The New Red Scare

Is the internet more racist these days?

Feels like it. I can’t read a single story about anything current without racist, ignorant comments blaming it on Obama the muslim and his lazy no good supporters.

I think it’s because everyone … Read the rest

The Racist GOP

Just a few days until final voting day here in Ohio, and this ad just went across the sports station that seemed so loaded with code words and implications that I’m almost shocked. Almost because I knew these people were … Read the rest

Modern American Racism

It’s the end of 2011 in America. Some say post-race. I say BS.

Some of us were raised to treat people based on the value of their character, while some use skin color and cultural differences to separate. Don’t … Read the rest

The Truth Comes Out

They held out for a couple of years by hiding behind anonymous internet postings and various code words, but the right wing media in the US has finally let loose on what they think of President Obama and his wife … Read the rest

Racist Much?

Black President. Mixed President. Liberal President. Smart President. There goes the neighborhood.

These right wing nutcases manage to cram just about every offensive racial stereotype possible into this actual political ad. This shows an attitude that embarrasses the hell … Read the rest