About the Statues

Time to go to bed, great great great great grandpa. You’ve done plenty for your country, your state, and your people. You won’t be forgotten.

But you were on the wrong side of history. Like siding with the Nazi’s in … Read the rest

Road Runner Sr.

Birds are fast – most in the air, a few on the ground.

Check out this ostrich running at a relaxed 30MPH with cyclists. Pretty amazing. Supposedly these birds are able to run for hours at high speed, besting most … Read the rest

Donny Drumpf Kicks Out Black Students Standing Silently

Donny Drumpf goes to speak at a college in Georgia. Students show up to hear what he has to say.

A group of 15+ students show up wearing mostly black and go to their seats. They are african-american. Once they … Read the rest

Trump And The Narcissistic Christians

Outstanding piece explaining why a man like Donald Trump is actually polling well with so-called evangelical christians, even though he has no outward connection to them and should, at first glance, truly offend them.

He doesn’t.

They seem drawn to … Read the rest

Racists For Trump

Initially it was just the hype lovers. The bombast believers.

The louder the better. The simple message.

The common sense that doesn’t add up. Anti-intellectual of W done without the ‘compassion’ BS.

Macho billionaire Palin version 2.

Demagogue. Real life … Read the rest

Oklahoma USA

No tolerance for the singing college kids on the bus. The frat brothers and their sorority dates deserve to be expelled from school. Maybe daddy will stop paying for some of them and they can go to community college and … Read the rest

I’m Going To Camp Too, and Hike

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Right Wing Racism In Full Display – Megyn Kelly Confirms Santa Is White

Yesterday on Fox News:

‘Kids – Santa was a white man, as was Jesus. They are historical figures. Just because it makes you uncomfortable as an African-American doesn’t mean you can change it. ‘ or something along those lines. Crazy … Read the rest

You Got A Pizza In There

Hey they took my production company name – 1973 New Money Pictures!