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21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:



EZRAZ solo noodles.

This is all distributed by Collinwood Sun and produced at The Flux-Adel Recording Division.

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Numerica! Finally

Yeah yeah yeah I know my projects take forever to come out sometimes. I’ve heard that before. I try to make it worth the wait.


So there’s a new 2MERICA LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, featuring 5 songs of fresh funky goodness, about to hit the interwebs in a couple of weeks. Yes finally, some new funk from the #1 funk band in Cleveland (look it up!!).

The title track is out exclusive on Jango Radio and it’s bumpin up the echarts, so click over to and give the thumbs up so we can keep on truckin…


Clean Sweepin The Jango


OK so none of our bands have hit the Jango Global Top 10 yet, but we are definitely on a run over at Jango.

Last week, the 4 Flux-adel bands that are on Jango – Roaming Crazy, 2MERICA, The Stares 20/20, and Ezraz — all scored high enough for the bonus round. Each of our artists does well overall on Jango, but we’ve never had all of them score high in the same week. Very cool!

Fans are collecting from around the world (without facebook’s help), so however you listen to music online or off, do some promotion for our fun little Flux-adel family.

ps — we are planning a huge release party this summer for all Flux-adel Artists — stay tuned for more info soon.


Messed Around and Made a Rock Band


We are ROAMING CRAZY and we are alive online here (and sorta here so far). You can stream our debut track “Stares 2020” and soon enough purr-chase it. I am twiddling knobs and playing some keys in this lineup and it’s been a blast trying to make some fresh sounds. It ain’t what most would call the funk but life is just so complex, I had to get my rocks off!


Being the weird post-everything music industry that it is, we have more merchandise than songs available. Killer! Head over to the Roaming Crazy Store to see our new sexy shirt models, you won’t be disappointed.

New 2MERICA Single

It has begun it’s journey through the tubes of the internet, fresh from a session at The All Night Party and sounding so tasty.
You will need to cue it up right after “Never Met Tomorrow” for part 2 of Scherzo Elskorpion, the 3rd 2MERICA LP in progress.
We can’t link to buy or even preview yet since those links don’t exist. Just wanted to drop some pre-release hype onto the internut to show some charisma.
C’mon people!
Update: Just went live on CDBaby. More to come as they pop.


The Flux-adel Recording Division

“recording is progress”

Ambition and Excitability

I cashed a few checks today. One was from “record sales” and one was from a “live performance”. Neither was very large but they were there. Do either come close to being repayment for the time, sweat, and emotion spent on these artistic ventures?
Not a chance. Being raised in a broken family in a broken town forces me to understand being broke. The 2MERICA project has in it’s many manifesto-wannabee’s the line “Art for our sake” and I’ve always modulated on every single word there. I think Art? For? Our? Sake?
It’s all in doubt when it’s all working right.


Damn straight it felt good cashing those checks but the money was spent on interest on my other debts before it even cleared. The joy was in the notice, the slow-build that 2MERICA has been forced into. We see if/when you stream or legally-download (sometimes even preview!) our music. We don’t tour so please consider not bootlegging our tracks, and if you must, at least share it with someone if you like it.

Pay it forward, like that movie with the homeless mom.

Respect –
Ezrazmus Elemento Jones of 2MERICA


Live 2MERICA Remix Project

Hey internuts: Another week means another remix. Tonight I’m doing a live 2MERICA remix project along with some excellent additions from more robots than people on my table tonight. To combat these gadget ghouls I have armed myself with some fresh audio live from TV and some fresh tricks from my digits.

If you have any idea what any of this means, I’ll see you at the Duck Island Club tonight. For those of you not enjoying life in Cleveland someday soon I’ll be recording my set and perhaps sharing online somehow.

my face has more than a book .::.


Called a “Spin Doctor” by The Scene

Check your boy getting some local pub for the Northside Nights:

Thanks Scene for the mention, it should be a good time Thursday night. If you are in town please do make an appearance.


my face has more than a book .::.

Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night @ The Duck!

Northside Nights - Cleveland Music Night @ The Duck

Looking good, feeling good. Celebrate yourself!


Cleveland, Ohio – May 19, 2010 – Looking to support local artists and start a new community service, multi-media and genre-jumping DJ Raz is launching ?Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night? at The Duck Island Club on the first Thursday of every month.

The elusive DJ Raz has over 15 years experience spinning records at clubs, on the radio, opening for bands, and has logged time in just about every form of DJ?ing invented. The common theme, he claims, is the community building and artist promotion.

?Spinning records used to mean a bit more, pre-iTunes. Having millions of songs accessible to mere mortals does not make everyone a DJ. But it does spoil us and to a certain extent, makes us lazy, when it comes to how we consume our music. I hope to put all the tenets of DJ?ing into the Cleveland Music Night: promotion, spontaneity, and community. We want local bands to take part, to hand-deliver their latest tracks so we can give them a spin.?

There are no genre or year restrictions on Cleveland Music Night, so you can show up with requests or music of your own. If it ties to Cleveland we will celebrate it, promote it, and give it some spins.

?I?m hoping this will act as an incubator, or at least a sounding board, for local talent? says Raz. ?Back in the day local DJ?s had a big part in local promotion, and in most genres that is now history. Plus, I?m hoping to expand my knowledge of the local scene. Not many DJ?s would take on an all-genre gig, but that?s just how I roll. There?s too much artistic talent in Cleveland to let this void go unfilled.?

Artists, fans and street teams are encouraged to bring their tracks to the Duck Island Club, located at 2102 Freeman Avenue (off West 20th) on the first Thursday of every month, or email materials to

WHAT: Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night
WHERE: The Duck Island Club, 2102 Freeman Ave.
WHEN: 9-close; 1st Thursday of each month: June 3, July 1, August 5…
WHO: DJ Raz ? ?

The Augmented Future Starring Headtronics

I’ve been peddling myself around town since the weather broke and damn what a beautiful city Cleveland is.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.22.00 PM

The view of the east side of Cleveland, from above Cleveland Heights.


The near east side by bike has to be one of the finer urban rides in America: Wade lagoon, university circle, Little Italy, Case, Rockefeller Park, Lakeview Cemetery, up the hill to Forest Hills Park (formerly the home of the richest man in the world!), Cain Park, Shaker Lakes, back down the new Euclid Avenue bike lanes to the new CSU then down to the Rock Hall and the Inner Harbor….

Give me a sunny day and my Raleigh and I’m good on the northside. We started our recession 40 years ago so we are getting good at being poor.



Lake Erie driftwood, aka The Lake Erie Monster


So with all this hopeful optimism (Obamaism?) I have to tell you about 2 new developments. First off the always funky Freekbass has joined forces with 2 others for his first “supergroup side project”. Called Headtronics and featuring a killer lineup of Freek on bass, Steve Molitz from Particle on Keys, and DJ Logic on everything else, they are finally playing Ohio next weekend so you know I will have to check that out.



Headtronics – DJ Logic, Freekbass and Steve Molitz


I have been a big fan of Dub Trio for a bit so I can’t wait to see the Headtronics Trio put their shingle out.

On the homefront, The Flux-adel Recording Division has been active lately, doing both final mixes on 2new 2merica tracks for Scherzo Elskorpion, and starting preliminary writing on new material with the very talented Dakota “chief” Stonerock.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.56.22 AM

Finally — Last summer I was part of my own wannabe supergroup side project we called Roaming Crazy that managed to write and record a single song before disbanding. The track is called “Stares 2020” and is currently hanging around on the HD waiting for it’s parents to work chit out.

I hope you readers will get to hear it sometime, it’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever produced, like way up in your face, you know, HAVE SOME! Production.


Ps Anyone see Roy Ayers sitting in with The Roots on Fallon last night? Hot damn I hope the roots are recording all those commercial break jams that we miss on tv for us to dig on forever after.

Update – here’s the Roaming Crazies doing “Stares 20-20”

Vidya vidya vidya !!!

Another winter week, another video. This one features all original artwork from the President of the Bored of Directors for 2MERIC@RP himself, Jaimeson “7m”:

You make me stay inside and quiet, mother nature and neighbors, and you get no bike and no drums. What’s a boy ‘sposed to do? Yes….. I do plenty of that. And that. But my baby brother and I can get visual too, all cramped up and quiet. But the buds are just below the surface, the buds are just below the surface.

A Rollerskating Jam (not named Saturday)

It’s only Wednesday but it’s 61 degress and sunny on the Northside of 2MERICA, so it’s time for some rollerskating!


Check the moves on this video for our song Male Performance Issues.

I’m off to buy some new wheels and then I’m gonna pedal all over the damn place tonight.


Print that plastic!

arey+motion+photo++A+human+figure+in+a+black+suit+painted+with+white+stripes+jumps+through+the+airSo I broke down and had to do a promo version of the new 2merica single on CD. I was trying to stay digital only on the single, and then put the whole LP out with 5 tracks and full packaging goodness on all relevant formats, but the best laid plans of mice and men….

Seriously I just go with the flow on this stuff. And since “Never Met Tomorrow” is the hottest track I’ve ever produced (that’s been released yet, hasa!) I am down with printing a few hard copies for eternity’s landfill. The CD is still barely holding on as the standard format so I’ll play along. Plus DiscMakers is finally doing short-run for a reasonable price!

The point here is if you are looking for a hard copy for radio or other promotions, and you are too cheap to buy one from cdbaby, I can ship you one of these extra special rare promo only releases in about 2 weeks. Gonna put this track “Never Met Tomorrow” out there a bit, see if anyone bites. Have you heard it yet?

Posted via email from 2M :: REAX

Donations Accepted ‘Round Here




2010 :: 5 souls, 1 night :: who will survive?
Never Met Tomorrow :: the hottest 2merica yet

2merica: Never Met Tomorrow

2007 :: Panfunktual Bonobos :: Alive In the Sugar Triangle
Stretch out your Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2merica: Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2005 :: Half Truth Half Consequence :: We Are Everywhere You Are
The classic debut mess-tastic masterpiece :: Record Profits?

2merica: Record Profits


If you knew us back in the day you might have gotten all three of the above in the ultra-rare 2MERICA Box Set:


Hard Copy What?

So I’m a bit surprised to see that a small percentage of music services (radio, blogs, other promotional media) continue to want submissions of physical cd’s and press kits.

Jerry Mail

They seem to do all of their music related business online, but when it comes to adding you to a playlist some still want a hard copy shipped to them regardless of what digital format you have already provided.

It doesn’t make much sense to me, other than to think these types still want freebies, or they just continue to work in a very pre-digital way. Maybe they hold stock in FedEx.
I will never attempt to get rid of physical formats but I’m surprised this is still a requirement some places. I love getting something physical, with vinyl being my favorite. I see the benefits of most formats.
But we are talking promo here, indie style, and forcing printing costs on artists, when not needed is silly (especially in this economy, thanks W!).

Scary new 2merica video online now!

Hey blogadelics — guess what there’s gonna be lots of 2merica on the Youtube! We just debuted a new video for a track from our 2nd album. Peep it:

The song is called “The New Guest Who…” and is the intro to LP#2, “Sensors & Switches & Buttons”. Youtube is a killer platform for watching but if you really like the track please buy the song online somewhere. We do notice ;-).
Oh yeah, the video is frightening but you’ll have to watch it to learn why.

Posted via email from 2M :: REAX

Online clicks and traffic — the new radio?

Since commercial radio is another world, almost completely inaccessible to independent artists, has the internet completely replaced it by this point?
Are clicks, views, plays, comments, reviews, and general traffic building online the new version of requests and radio buzz?

I’m not sure because I don’t have any stats correlating radio plays to record sales in the old days. But I know that it feels as though the mass communication of music is over and we are all searching for that narrow market of people that patronize our art.

The Merch Shop (has not been forgotten)

FYI- There’s a collection of 2merica and merchandise for sale at our Merch Store. You can rock some funky gear, something custom and homespun (by alcoholic bull-weevils ).

Also, the new 2merica video is up on youtube and getting some positive responses so far. Check it out on Channel Ezrazski:


New 2merica video! View now…