Dumb vs Smart

It seems in many ways dumb devices are better than smart devices:

Why? Security, privacy, and quality.

Anything with a network connection can be hacked: smart TV’s, cars, streaming boxes, appliances, routers and every other smart device, or IoT device, have all been hacked.

Anything that gets a software update can get hacked. That’s called a backdoor.

Then there’s the fact that most smart devices track how you use them, and many of them upload and sell that information to 3rd parties. There is money to be made in tracking the habits of their users, and companies exist to make money.

Think about it. Look around your life. Think about what you need to do, and if that needs to be trackable, hackable, and exploitable.

Things we used to do without smart technology:

  1. Drive somewhere
  2. Watch TV or Listen to music
  3. Read a book
  4. Play a game
  5. Talk to a friend
  6. Research something

1. Insert needle into groove. 2. Enjoy!

Nowadays, most people use connected devices to accomplish these tasks. The underbelly of the convenience they promise is the tracking and exploitation these devices offer their manufacturers.

Is the world better after knowing everything you’ve watched, listened to, read, googled, browsed, and seen?  I’d argue no.

The only thing improved is the bottom line of the company selling this data, and their ability to get the device to keep you using it longer than you would have naturally.

I always feel like somebody’s watching me!

The lack of security and privacy in their software is covered up with perpetual updates.

Overall, the whole situation doesn’t feel very smart to me.

Android vs iPhone – behind the scenes


From the front, the user space, this argument is tired. Both smartphones do whatever you can imagine at this point. Both are amazingly thin and packed full of sensors and features.

Behind the scenes though…. things are very different. Why does each OS exist? Who are the companies behind them, and what are their goals?

With Apple, you have a traditional computer retailer. They are a public company but very private and generally keep quiet about where the platform is headed. One thing is clear though, you can spend a lot of money with Apple. They have most of their own ecosystem – you can get the iCloud, buy stuff from their real stores or their virtual ones, get additional storage, service plans, accessories, classes, etc..  You know how Apple makes their money because you have to give it to them to get involved.

With Google, the people behind Android (since 2005), you don’t ever seem to give them any money. How can google be everywhere, doing everything, and no one is giving them any money?  It’s all targeted advertising.

Really? Ad banners make that much money?  Well yes and no.  It’s alot more than ad banners. Every bit of your movement online and on the phone is being tracked, packaged, and sold to the highest bidder. Then it’s repackaged and sold again and again. Google make untold amounts of money doing this with none of it going back to the user.

Facebook uses a similar model, without the phone hardware that google has.

It’s been claimed that Android represents choice. I take issue with that phrase.


Your choice is to have your profile and all your habits, purchases, locations, and interactions tracked by Google.

Your choice to have your profile sliced, diced, grouped, normalized, and sold to every Google revenue source (advertiser) possible for the rest of time with no revenue sharing going to you.

Your choice to have your history continually sliced, diced, labeled, invaded, and shared with every advertiser possible for the rest of time with no revenue going to you.

I prefer to make the advertisers work a little harder to find and profit from me. Google is ‘cool’ and hate on Apple if you want, but I trust Apple with my private digital life far more than millions of google advertisers.

Android was an awesome idea and I’d probably have one by now if Google never bought it. iPhone is an expensive rig and I barely use it anymore.

The charade here about freedom while using Android is ridiculous.

Bad guys will occasionally get into Android and iOS. Patch and business as usual. But the “good guys” are who you really have to worry about with the Android ecosystem.

Anyone can advertise with google, so nearly anyone can pay enough to access you whether you care or not.

Your future is being determined in private meetings between Google sales and 3rd parties from around the globe. None of this has anything to do with user space.

Android user space is the biggest private data collection scheme ever shipped. Which is why google paid g i i i i i i i i i llions for it when they saw it available.

Google is the biggest pay-no-attention-to-the-advertising-advertisering agency in the world, with Facebook being the 2nd. Call them search engines or social media if you want, but the scale and pace that those two data mine our personal business FOR PROFIT is alarming to me.

I either want a piece of that cut (make it non-profit so the tech is maintained but the users are paid) or give me old-fashioned private companies like apple and microsoft that I can own stock in without selling user’s souls to the wolves.

Google isn’t going to show you how/where/when they sell your data and they won’t share how much it’s worth to them.

Call it what you want…. profile, habits, demographics, searches…. it’s your online life, it’s who you are and what you do, and they have it for their own exploitation until the end of time.

“Targeted advertising” will become much more than what we think of it as now. They are just collecting all the data for free now, while they still can, and over the next couple of years will start to roll out the ‘customized content’ to sell us even more crap.

I’d rather have one point of concern/failure with my personal data, and do business with a company that derives revenue from everything else besides my private likes, dislikes and habits.

You can read google’s policies, apple, MS, whoever, and choose to opt in or opt out. You should also know that google doesn’t exist without targeted ad revenue. Apple exists just fine (fully profitable) as long as they keep you buying and subscribing to their stuff.

It’s simple to me — companies have a purpose which is to make money. They usually only have a couple of ways to make good money. Some promise free and find a way to profit beyond your control. Others just expect you to pay as you go, and with that they don’t have to hide the fact that they profit from your data, not your purchase.


The Logical End of Social Media

Tribalism based on opinion and politics. It’s inevitable.

It could abolish the economy. It could crush the democracy. It could trample on the constitution and bill of rights.


30 years ago I was fascinated by the internet and what it could bring. A new age of enlightenment. I studied and dreamed.

20 years ago I was in the middle of it, working at a dotcom advertising agency, building the groundwork for it.

About 10 years ago I decided I didn’t want to keep playing this game with my personal profile. I’ve been online all day and most nights for 20+ years now, so I figured if my actual name was posting things about all of my interests both work and privately, well, my privacy had no way of surviving. Anyone in the future could search and learn every single thing about me without ever meeting me. This was unsettling, so even though I continued to use services I had to, I try to use aliases and anonymous services when possible, and still have never had a Facebook account.

For the last 10 years I’ve been watching Facebook, Instagram, Google, Xbox, even Apple gobble up every single datapoint they can about their users. They get plenty from me even after efforts to minimize it.

So where’s it all going?


Analytics. Refined data at our fingertips. All to be an informed consumer, right? How much will you pay for that information?

This is big data + the cloud + commercial interests + human vanity and fear. This is our future.

Who just posted a comment? Who just read my post? Who are they? What do they like? What do they own? — We’re here already, especially if you are in advertising or know how to dig.


Next step – I want to buy something. Show me the stores nearby. Now filter to the stores locally owned. Or only certain types of neighborhoods. Or with ownership of a certain ethnicity.

Next step — [after filter to local owned] – none found. OK show corporate stores nearby that donate to a certain political cause or party.

Next step — I need a contractor. Search by political affiliation and ethnicity.

This is why people don’t put their Facebook name on Craigslist.

The logical end of this tech, once the weak privacy and fairness laws are obliterated, is total knowledge of all affiliations, history, likes and dislikes of every single person and corporate entity you encounter in your day.


Unless we are all batshit crazy before then and never make it….

Trapping Ignorance



I’m generally against tracking and monitoring of innocent people, and I support the 1st amendment (and the rest of the amendments, and the constitution) so I’ll probably argue with myself about this one, but….

It would be so easy to identify racism, sexism, and other hatred using comment posts. Half of the commenting systems aren’t even anonymous (Facebook, google+, etc.) so it’s just a simple database back to their social security number. The fake-name systems really aren’t anonymous unless the user uses extra tactics to make them so.

We could build some community policing system so that when Dave Smith from Lubbock, TX posts raw hatred that really crosses a line for you, you could downvote or flag the guy and offer a reason.  [Sorry to other Dave Smith browsers or robots that were brought here by a search engine, it’s a made up name]


I’m already arguing with myself here though —  I don’t want to give you all the power to give me trouble for my opinions. In My America, if you don’t like what I’m saying you basically have three options: you move on, and/or you form your debate in words, and/or you spend your money elsewhere.

So would it be worth it? If we could flag and rate people based on how much Hateraid they spit at the world, would it be accurate enough to improve our overall performance?

The end result would be some rating, like a credit rating on how much hatred you post.


This is the result of me thinking about Peeple, that horrible idea of a social network also made by optimists. They just want everyone to post nice things so you can better determine who to do business with, or dammit, even be friends with.  An online reputation manager that looks like Facebook. Multiple-vector attacks are forcing them to modify their system.




Also – I doubt a machine can detect snark.  Can it sort through irony, examples, and mockery? This would need to be people-based, and then, who are these people? Why would I trust them? I get banned from sites that I should be honored at which proves it’s not easy to read a virtual room.


Spotify Wants Your Profile For The Highest Bidder

While Pono makes news with their righteous promise to give you free content upgrades for life, Spotify is making news with an update to their privacy policy that informs the users of their service – particularly the free subscription tier – through a million words of legalese that they are agreeing to share their contact, photo album, location data, browsing history and Facebook profile in order to listen to music on the service.


Give your life away to hear rented 10% music files?  Haha yeah right.

Even previously happy Spotify customers are canceling subscriptions over this new (yet totally predictable) revenue stream.



I’ve been saying for a couple of years that the streaming services aren’t going to make it. I know they continue to get more and more subscribers, and more listeners. More 10%’ers.


But they can’t sustain their business because there is no margin. They can barely pay the crazy-low royalties now, and they won’t be able to pay the increased royalties in the near future.  Advertisers will ruin the service trying to get those clicks.



You simply can’t give access to the world’s entire catalog of music for $0.30 a day, there’s no margin there. There’s too much good music out there with more being made every day. This model will not sustain.


Buy your music people, whether it’s vinyl or digital download, and try to buy the highest quality you can get. The rental model is a disaster in the process.


Spend the $120/year that used to go to Spotify on buying legal retail music and trading with your actual friends and the music industry will survive and prosper.


Own your own music in full quality, non-tracking, files. Stop renting 10% versions for your digital sanity. Actual social media is enjoying music with other people.

Facebook Siding With Turkish Government To Limit Opposition?


Reports out of Turkey are claiming that Facebook has sided with the Turkish government and are enacting pro-government policies including blocking discussion groups about Kurdish independence and banning users that insult the current Turkish president or his policies towards theKurds. Some Kurdish activists are sounding the alarm bell although there isn’t a lot of evidence to this point.

The future is now, and if true this equals my worst fear for Facebook.  Sure, highly targeted advertising and selling profiles for money are annoying, but you could make the claim that they fall into the “no big deal” category because it’s just commerce. Nothing there is stopping you from enjoying life.

But if your political views on Facebook do not align with Facebook Inc. and are now enough to get you banned, well we have a problem. This gives Facebook far too much political power and any country where this is taking place should investigate Facebook’s business license.

Being an American company, I also support congress or the FTC investigating this. No american media company, especially one as engrained and ubiquitous as Facebook, should be allowed to pick a side and promote one government entity over another one.


Lots of Gadgets Are Spying On You

I covered it last week here. Samsung gets called out for their smart TV’s listening and transmitting everything we say to a third party. Very 1984. You might have thought ‘Samsung isn’t the only one doing it’ – and you would be right: Lots of other gadgets are spying on you.

Do you really need to talk to your devices, when a simple button press works just as well?

Google+ Lets You Be Yourselves


Google has finally reversed their “real names only” policy they were pushing for Google+, which was affecting people’s Youtube and even Gmail usage.

I’m sure they will still make it confusing as hell to understand, and of course, as long as they can track you and sell it to someone they can do it without your legal name. The more you post the more they can earn off you, so anything stopping you from posting cuts into their bottom line.

They are now allowing multiple “nickname” accounts so you just might see Ezzy over there. I still hate and try to avoid all of the general social media sites – facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, tinder, etc…. I keep my online socializing to specific places, such as SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and random message boards like Gearslutz, TapeOp, Slashdot, ArsTechnica. And of course wordpress and Disqus for snarking ;-).

Anyone who wants to know what I’m thinking about can check WFNK.com, after all I’m paying the server bill and no advertisers or tracking here!



Heads Up Displays: Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. Seems as though the future is here now, and it kinda sucks.

We have predicted in-eye HUD’s for decades now. But it was for fiction and hollywood visuals, not day to day life. Regular people simply don’t need a data stream in their eye, we already have it at our touch and it can thankfully be put away.

Does anyone really want HUD’s on them while they work? Lack of concentration is our biggest problem and this is another distraction.

Unless these HUD displays were really giving us interactive and visually clear assistance, why not a poster, a tablet, an HD monitor, a book, or (gasp!) your memory to assist you?

I see a small yet critical market like Linemen and people working at high/dangerous locations, using specially built vertical-apps in their HUD, not wikipedia or google. Climbing all the way up there to be greeted with a surprising part # would lead them to wanting the proper schematic and not having a free hand to click and call up the information.

I also see law enforcement loving this – here’s comes big brother officer, able to “run you” (not just your plates) using facial recognition. This has positives of course, depending on who is the good guy and bad guy at that moment. Cops will become walking video cameras, ID’ing and storing every human interaction they have. Robocops soon thereafter.

All hail the wise ones, our robot masters.

From Your Face

Save face? About face? In your face? A Chicago artist has decided to have some fun with digital surveillance – he’s printed and is selling a realistic mask of his own face for your public enjoyment.

The idea isn’t to steal his girlfriend for the night but to confuse the hell out of facebook and all the other digital surveillance programs running around us. His mask has been tested with facial recognition software, and the goal of his project is to test, poke, and otherwise undermine the creepy future predicted in Minority Report:

He insists all products will be sold at cost, with no profit made and all proceeds going to sustain the effort to keep surveillance in the public discourse.

“To be clear, I am not anti-surveillance. What I am pushing for is increasing the amount of public discourse about surveillance and how it affects our behavior in public space. When we are watched we are fundamentally changed. We perform rather than be.”

The group is also working on open-source facial-encryption software that replaces faces in video with the artists is currently in the prototype stage  and will eventually become available as a free download from the URME website.

Computer Shoes Zap You With Feedback

There have been shoe computers before. Since the early 1980’s people have been shoving embedded computers of some sort into their shoes for mileage and step tracking. Apple & Nike have been doing this for 15 years too.

Now, started as a system to assist the blind, there are shoes that will track your location and give you “haptic” feedback (physical). Walking the wrong way? Bzzzzz. Walking into a no-pedestrian zone? Buzz. Walking away from a hacker’s pre-determined location? Buzz!!!  Running from the police? Buzz buzz buzz!!!!



The Internet Is Owned – Act Accordingly

The top guy at Kaspersky Labs, one of the top security/encryption geeks walking, and one of the more restrained ones, dropped this bombshell during his keynote at their latest security conference:

“I operate under the principle that my computer is owned by at least three governments”  – Costin Raiu

That’s it, folks, the party is over. The internet is owned, as in it is fully compromised. The NSA, it’s competition, and rogue hackers have won over the freedom lovers.


The faster we understand this and react accordingly, the quicker we can move to the next phase of digital communications. If you assume everything (yes everything!) you do on this internet thing is being monitored, analyzed, and perhaps exploited somewhere around the globe, well that’s not the same as the internet we originally had.

Maybe we get rid of passwords now? Just a false sense of security there.

I got on the thing not yet called the internet around 1987. It grew into one if not the most amazing human developed resources ever. But like so many other greats, it didn’t make it past 27 years old.


It’s Not Just the NSA: Police Are Tracking Your Car

It’s Not Just the NSA: Police Are Tracking Your Car – Slashdot.

I told y’allz.


I build (and then query) databases, and have been doing it for many years.

Facebook, Google, NSA, the cops, drug stores, retailers, the education system, Apple – these companies have been building databases on you – your actions, your locations, your likes and dislikes, your demographic data, your political views, your pets, etc.

All of these groups are just learning how to query their customer data and enact programs based on the results. Look for this to continue and your old data coming back to haunt you more and more.

If the government doesn’t stop these groups from sharing their databases they will do it for profit. They will sell us all down the river for a buck, and we all know it.

Imagine the police databases, the facebook databases, the health databases, the apple databases, the phone/internet databases, and your company’s database all collaborating? What kind of horrible and illegal things could you do to a person with all that data?

Who decides where you can walk? The database.
Who decides what you can buy? The database.
Who decides if what you buy is appropriate? The database.
Who decides what movie is appropriate for you? The database.
Who decides if your musical taste makes you a bad employee? The database.
Who decides every aspect of your modern life? The database.

From the earliest days of the internet, this was a primary fear.

Will our information age swamp and drown us? Will we give our freedoms over to a big brother database?

Are you free to sneak around town anymore? Are you free to purchase something, dispose of something, or otherwise take on some project that you don’t want publicized?

If I type something on the internet implying illegal behavior then get in my car and drive, can a cop pull out and get me without a traffic violation?

Paranoia or the facts of modern life?

Facebook Is Also Tracking What You Don’t Do

It’s kind of obvious at this point that Facebook is storing, packaging, and selling every bit of data you give them while you use their “free service” to connect with your family, friends, and whatever.


I think most people get this and many don’t care. I personally think it’s a very dangerous precedent to allow someone else to profit off your private business, especially since they will continually sell you out to new and interesting ways to exploit you. That cost to my entire future life is not worth the “service” that Facebook offers.

But now it’s really getting interesting. Facebook is leading the study of collecting and analyzing what you don’t do. See, non-actions are actions in the Facebook world, and once they started profiting off your posts they can’t keep that addiction going (and profits up) if you don’t post more and more. You need to feed the beast, there’s lots of shareholders out there.

But now the beast is watching who you don’t reply to, who you don’t friend, where you lurk, how long you stay, and most creepily – what you don’t submit!

If you type into a form text box anywhere on Facebook and don’t hit submit, close your browser, or let it sit there, Facebook has already read it. And they are giving those messages more priority in a creepy “we know what you are really thinking” way.

If you use Facebook to login to other sites, guess what – they aren’t commenting on whether they can track your non-activities on external sites. Since we know they are tracking views and clicks and how it all connects to your ‘social graph’ (your Facebook account), I’m pretty sure they can build that out soon enough.


Also, don’t forget that Facebook’s software is constantly building your political profile, not to mention you other hobbies, interests, and opinions. Police are making arrests through Facebook, employers are running Facebook-based “background checks”, and soon enough you’ll be able to get a full workup of someone’s entire digital profile just by ID’ing them. Straight stalker style. Weird future times, indeed.

ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements

Ah great:

ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements – Slashdot.

The Cops Are Tracking My Car and Yours – Ars Technica.

I always wanted to see someone (else!) do an experiment with the traffic cameras: go stand in the view of one, smile for the camera, pull out something illegal and use it, and then walk away. Perhaps to somewhere close by.


Would police come investigating? How soon? Would someone attempt to ID you in the video? Would they be able to pursue you and arrest you for the crime? Is there an expiration time (statute of limitations)? Does it matter that you are not on the road or in a vehicle?

I know these laws would be different from country to country, and I assume even from state to state or city to city. This bears watching, because once they hook the police, facebook, google, and “security” camera databases together we are definitely dealing with Big Brother.

Facebook Wants To Kill Your Apps (and the Free Internet)

Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first website was discovered in a cache somewhere. It was from the late 90’s and little Mark was in 9th grade and learned how to make a HTML page and post to some defunct blogging service. My first page went up about 1996 so I found this fascinating.

Little Zuck was advertising for his first version of a social network. Even back then he was pushing something that confused the market and relied on an air of inclusion. He actually called his idea “The Web” (no, not the real www-web, but hey who cares about confusing people). Continue reading

How Facebook Can Out Your Most Personal Secrets

inline-facebook-privacy-group-photoGreat discussion and article about two teens who were outed by Facebook even though they took great pains to control this using privacy features.

This is yet another example of Facebook’s facade showing – they are a data mining company designed to profit from your privacy only, with a pretty face all about convenience. How else could you stay in touch with people? Must not have been any way before 2007 to contact anyone?

Some may say ‘so what’ to the general premise — after all, they participated in the internet, they are in fact gay, how is facebook to blame, and where’s the crime anyway?

Just remember in some cultures (and families) being something can literally be a death warrant.

Junkies, Put Down That Facebook and Look In The Mirror

You are selling yourself short. You are worth more than that. Have some pride! Here’s a mirror, take a look.

Looking at friend and family pictures is not bad. Seeing them in person and catching up is a much healthier alternative.

Sharing your opinion about something online is not bad. Being able to share it anonymously or with a personal or business account could be a much healthier alternative.

Allowing advertisers to know more about you and your habits is not bad. Selling every movement and thought you have online to multiple bidders for no known benefit to yourself is not healthy.

The Facebook login system is the root of the evil. You can go to whatever site you want and login and do whatever you choose and I won’t bother you a bit.?But making me get an account with this company to do something else on the web — that’s going too far.

Facebook is killing the internet whether you enjoy it or not. By attempting ubiquitousness, Facebook is ruining all of it. Hurry up and die is my feeling, and those of you using facebook should start seeking alternatives before they are all gone and all we have left is facebook.

-Fahqfase Bookman


Facebook Sees The Shark

I have been observing the growth of Facebook in the social space for years now, and after growing more and more frustrated at the ‘facebook effect’ taking place online I’ve decided to start posting about it. My fear is that facebook will become the defacto internet login ID which will cause your entire online self and your privacy to be tracked and sold to the highest bidder.
Continue reading

Stop Using Facebook To Login To Other Sites

If you love or hate Facebook, never visit or live on it – that’s fine by me. Waste your time however you see fit. But please don’t contribute to Facebook ruining the internet as I know it. Using a Facebook login to access other sites is a huge security risk. Big surprise, huh? (same thing with Google+ and other shared-login concepts).

Not only can your private information get stolen by unknown 3rd party ‘advertising’ companies (something you probably don’t care about if you are using Facebook in the first place), but from my perspective, it’s much bigger than that. The issue is not about your indivdual Facebook security, it’s about Facebook’s attempt to become the defacto ‘internet ID’ that we all need to use the world’s information networks.

Some of you might be fine using one profile tied directly to your legal name, your family, your job, and your life as you surf around the world wide web, but this is not how the system was designed and not how it grew to such prominence. Anonymity, or at least misdirection, is an important part of information sharing on the internet.

The only way to stop a bandwagon is to jump off it. It might still crash and burn down the road with some riders, but you’ll be safe and sound with just small scratches.

So don’t use your Facebook login to interact with other sites. Doing so will ultimately kill the original purpose of the internet and turn the whole thing into a big, even less secure, Facebook. Not to mention all of your posts, likes, and views during all of your browsing exploits — even that one night where you drank that whole bottle! — will be available for future employers to review. Think about it.

A single internet ID, controlled by anyone (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) ?will kill the internet. Do not kill the internet.

Creepy Commerce

OK I’ve been ranting about this possibility for about three years now, and this is actually the primary reason why I have avoided Facebook: Walmart just bought their way into your Facebook ‘timeline’ data. Yep, all of your life’s most precious (or not) moments, ready to be exploited by corporate america’s computers. I bet we are right around the corner from the day where your posting on facebook triggers direct contact from several ‘friends’ selling you ‘personalized’ products commemorating your amazing moment that just happened.

Complete digital masturbation circle jerks, coming soon, exploding all over your facebook, suckers!


Data Mining Your Past, Present, & Future

Lots of privacy-politics news lately: First off our good buddies at Facebook want even more information, and will happily put it on a timeline and sell it to the highest bidder for you.

If you find this a little ‘big-brother’ish, imagine if your car’s position and status were constantly tracked and sent to the federal government computers, then sold to outside parties.

This is what is happening now in the US when driving a GM with OnStar. In the name of safety you are being tracked even if you cancel the service, and by tracked I mean having your entire positioning and speed history stored in a permanent database and sold to the highest bidder.

The government connection? GM is currently owned by the US Government as a result of the bailout a few years back.

Gonna Need 200 Thousand Paper Cups


I love it. My manager Fahqfasse said I wish I could be so lucky to have 200k people show to my birthday bash. The best I can do is get 4 half-naked fake females with similar sounding fake names to friend me on myspace in the course of 2 minutes. Some of them even live in my town! They are new in town too, so I think I have a chance, haha.

BTW — I am not on Facebook, never have been, and I enjoy the fact that I am starting to miss people’s FB-announced-only social events. Obviously I’m not a neophyte (I have probably 20 profiles at every other kind of site currently – literally hundreds of social profiles over the decades I’ve been online), I just hate Facebook. Hated it from day 1, hate it more now that every moron on the planet is using it to replace all forms of human interaction.

Some readers might know that I have experience programming databases and data warehousing systems, and running reports on such data. If you’ve been feeding your daily personal information and habits to Facebook or some other services and don’t worry about it, I think in the next 2-4 years you will see software developed that makes you wish you could delete all that data. Of course you can’t, and you don’t ‘own’ it anymore once it’s online.

The real fear isn’t that these new systems will come to your house to take you away because of something you’ve done wrong. Nor is it scary to think that the drugstore and every other retailer wants to track me in order to sell me more items (preferably those with the highest profit margin). My real concern is when these system miscalculate or use a faulty algorithm and you are tagged as something/someone you are not. I wonder if there’s any sexual predators named Mark Elliot Zuckerberg in the world?

Robots Exist Among Us

Oh computers, how you both empower and enslave us at the same time!

This site has recently been overrun by fake users, most with google mail or a russian email address. These spambot accounts don’t seem to do anything yet, they just lurk amongst us, I’m sure waiting for an exploit to pounce on to generate bajillions of malicious attacks.


This post is just a quick note to the real humans subscribed to this blog. Be aware and be smart.

Robots don’t have any human rights!

Let me know if you see or even smell any trace of hacking going on from my sites, I will go bot hunting and wipe out all those fake accounts.


Bot hunting

Btw — if you are a subscriber from .ru or .gmail, feel free to post something real on this thread and your account will likely survive the upcoming great bot wars of 2011.