Time of Storm

The Law and The Fist

By Krzysztof Komeda, 1964


Before a sunrise

from the four sides of the world

from the rowan paths which forests have been burnt

and wind is tired

Right and front where crops are not harvested

with blackened hawthorn

A day is rising

The sun will hug us into it’s hands

and look! The soil is heavy from blood

It’ll bear a field of grain again

Golden dust

Women will let us dwell again

and look! They’ll laugh through the tears

Someone will play and we’ll dance again

Maybe already

In a day or two

After a night, or three

But not today

After night, after day

You will see

A rising dawn

Breads will be baked in stoves for us

and look! There was only smoke

Flowers will cover scars of war

Tinted with roses

New children will be born

and look! They will laugh, from us

remembering that lousy time

Time of storm

In a day, or two

After a night, or three

But not today

After day, another day

You will see

A rising dawn


This is the theme song to an amazing polish movie called Prawo i Piesc, translated The Blood & The Fist. If you can find it it’s a hell of a flick.

Kris Komeda, composer

Appreciation Post: Jaimeson Lowell

Lots of politics and tech and life up here but through it all I keep the music spinning. We are the music makers and the music lovers.

Here’s just one of many vocal runs by 2MERICA’s chief vocalist 7M.

This dude is one of my favorite wrappers.

Want it need it
program you deleted
no need for cheating
when a heart’s not beating
No mouth or attitude
one plug one love
last chance connection
I hope you’ve been debugged
Raise the rug
crying buckets full of truth
my little sugar triangle
who’s feeling who?

— lyrics by Jaimeson Lowell from Who’s Feeling Who? on Sensors & Switches & Buttons by 2MERICA


Who's Feeling Who? - Sensors & Switches & Buttons



Books and Music – So much on the way

Yo humans
I’ve been feeling prolific and proficient lately
got those legs pumping and ain’t giving up no ground.So many opportunites with so little cash,
so much fun to be had makin the dash,
but I have big billskys, crying babeskys swirling around.

On I march through thick and thin
living the best in the skin I’m in.
I borrow old song lines when I post as a crutch, I know,
but my crippled ass is on a mission.
What can I say I have no rhyme but lots of reasons.

I have two books in the works
because I want to publish something beautiful for the shelf
or the table or your bag: -1 is a book of 2merica imagery and lyrics,
the other is a book of my writing, mainly poetry.
Both are in production now but I have no firm timeline. Surprise.
They will of course be for sale online.

Also, the next 2 tracks from Scherzo Elskorpion
are almost ready for mastering.
Like the debut “Never Met Tomorrow”,
they are full band let’s go all the way affairs
and I think you will dig both
“Keep Steady” and “Mass Entertainment”.

Now if I could only finish
the remaining 2 tracks and put out all 5 on vinyl
I’d be the most happiest boy alive.
That’s a nice long term goal, please check with me on that one later.


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Copyright 2010 style

I usually keep what I consider my good ideas secret for a bit. I’m not a fan of the vaporware (but love the marketing text!). I am breaking that rule right now with this fresh nugget.
If a book or proper screenplay ever comes out of me, this will be it, and this post marks my territory titularly:
“Last Tango In Cleveland (or How I Learned To Love The Last Capital of America Before The Oily Oceans Killed Us All)”
All I’m saying is if I brain dump some futurism on you it might finally have found it’s form.
Nastradam this!
Oil Punk - Warsaw

Double fisting in Warsaw

from the hands o’raz .::. http://wfnk.com

Fuel for the Fire


You have your fuel.

Then there’s your vices,

and your accomplishments.

You have your work,

and of course things that payoff in other ways.

Don’t ever forget the groundwork, that’s key

…most to all of it on the clock.

I know that big brain gets used for something.

Time costs money and money takes time to get.

Everything else on that list above just has to fit.

I juggle without a crowd or a funny hat.

I juggle because it’s the only way i know.

Focus is not lacking… some resources are.

Focus has brought us here / so very far.

I, me, my writer of this piece —

I continue to be too uncommon,

too unfortunate,

too busy to really care.

I make my art though thick and thin.

I can only live the skin I’m in.

ezramus elemento jones

Spring has sprung!


So its been a long while i know
But much has been happening around me
Since i last opened my space
And your face to my reality

A new studio has sprung
Bigger harder stronger than the last one
The Flux-adel Recording Division
Is open for business. As they say,
Recording is progress

2merica is as vital as ever
Better late than never
El motto de skorpions!
Pedal hard my darlings
Cuz the devil is on our tail

Too many corporate bands biting
Our sound style idea hope
I ain’t mad at this compliment
It’s my fave way to cope
These days.

Although i admit no shortage of hope
In town and around the globe
I am watching the former foreign fear peddlers
Spin themselves into an American
Dream turned nightmare for their corporate sponsored
Worker fearing apocalyptic vision of our very beautiful
Present. Tense sense of relief.
And oh yeah we started a bad ass new band.

The Bushes have quietly waved
Goodbye and returned to Texas
and we survived.
God Bless us all, hallelujah!
Only stronger and perhaps
Smarter… yeah right
But at least our new prez
Don’t get stage fright
And talks to us like we’ve actually
Been walking on this earth more than a decade


Hot Story Action


Life is hard…
such an understatement
slash obvious statement
A function of the calendar maybe
but it still hits you hard
Daily, weekly

Seemingly every single season
someone goes down with an injury
Seasons change, things rearrange
while the collective scar ages ahead of you
Everyone wanting
more more more

Wanting wars to end
Wanting wars to start
Wanting money
Wanting respect
Wanting trust
Wanting a hug
Wanting everyone
and no one
to know
how fugged up they are
Their skins and their scars…

Yet there are flowers.
so it’s all gonna work out fine.

.:::}{ on that note }{:::.

LP3 2MERICA is REAL DEAL holyfield
with a full ear
it will endear it
self to you
through tricks from flicks
old and new
all live tracks (who knew?)

Just a little scorpion storytelling for you all
coming soon, maybe by fall.

Scherzo Elskorpion :: The Lost 3rd 2M LP

Who is Jak Rody?


Who is Jak Rody?
and why would you care?
No answers, only ideas
We need a water pistol man
and a traveling camera
for pre-reality documentarization
Whatever is clever


Have fun look young
Think old keep hold
2merica is just gettin started
we are a young nation
Growing pains
knowing strains
mashup games

We want photos
We want writings
We want drawerings
We want moving pictures
We have some and we want more
History is now
Let’s make it hot.

10 Years Later…

There is something beyond the base –
Perhaps it is simple math
done by moving the decimal

Maybe it is as obvious as the 10 digits hanging
at the end of our arms when we are born.
Does someone missing a finger work better in nines?

Point being the term “decade” and it’s intrigue.
When freed from the VH1 confines
of loving the 1st integer and ignoring the rest
a decade can prove to be even more interesting
Did music change more from 1980 to 1990
or 1984-1994?

Music talk is for arguing. What about your life?
Surely no one’s life is tied to 0-9
but we can change dramatically in 10 years.

Perhaps we just like grouping things
in ways we can handle
We might live 80 years but 80 is too far out there.
Tell me 80 phone numbers from memory.
80 books you’ve read, 80 basketball players,
80 stories about your cute and hyper-intelligent kid(s)
Even our favorite topics don’t usually go 80 deep
Nor would you carry general reviews of each of your 80 years with you…
See 1983 was different from 1985 in many ways….. yawn….. ok grandpa.

A decade though? Well even the best of us won’t see more than 10 of those
More like 5-6 full of memories for most of us

So yeah, grouping things in 10 doesn’t bother me in the least
I just ask that you consider sliding your start and end points
and seeing what you find
I just found this, written about 10 years ago. Prescient, eh?

[“Synthesizer Man”, words by Andre Benjamin]

microwave me
give me a drug
so I can make seven babies
pump my breasts up
can you suck the fat up?
please make my life appear
like ain’t no such thing as bad luck
my nose ain’t right –
think I need a new one
just take your pick
a yellow, red, black, or a blue one
virtual reality?
virtual bullshit
synthesizer preachers can reach you
up in the pulpit
who a bitch?
give me my gat
so I can smoke this nigga
tell his momma not to cry
because they can clone him quicker
than it took his daddy to make him
nigga’s bitin’ verbatim
thought provokin’ records
radio never played ’em
instant quick grits, new, improved
hurry hurry, rush rush, world on the move
marijuana illegal but cigarettes cool
I might look kinda funny but ain’t no fool
now if you wanna synthesize I empathize,
now if you wanna synthesize I empathize
but if you synthesize
I will understand
your synthesizer man