Soul Brothers


Ray Charles & Milt Jackson.


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George Bernard Worrell, Jr.

Best known as Bernie or The Wizard of Woo, Worrell is a giant among modern composers and keyboardists.

This man could play virtually anything at a very high level. His writing, playing, and improvisation were unrivaled. From April 19, 1944 … Read the rest

Creation Du Monde

This guy named Vangelis Papathanassiou is another amazing composer and artist I am just getting into. He records under his first name only, and has been making amazing pieces of music for well over 40 years now.

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Junie Morrison Genius Appreciation Post

Rest In Peace Young Man, only 62, and gone already.

Walter Morrison, musical wizard and author of many amazing pieces of music, has passed.

This only 7 months after losing Bernie Worrell. Then there’s David Bowie. Prince.

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Another Magical Music Moment

Here’s a 12 year old ripping Bat Out of Hell on the piano, from memory. Rock on children, rock on.

Great composition from Jim Steinman and Meatloaf.


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One of my favorite pieces from my favorite classical composer, performed admirably by this young fella Yundi.

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The Power Of A Musical Mind

Yes computer’s seem amazing, but then there’s human’s and the rest of the animal kingdom. Wow.

Human’s ability to process music and lyrics, whether it be creation, memory, or playback is astounding and mysterious.

Certain rare people are called prodigy, … Read the rest

Bernie Worrell Achieves Elevation

If you know this site you know I’m a huge fan of Bernie Worrell. I think he’s one of the finest keyboardists ever – legendary – of all time – because of his note selection, his melodic composition, and the … Read the rest


Enjoy a solo work of mine.

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Solo Music In The Round – Live Dosh

I saw this guy perform years ago and mis-remembered his name, making it impossible to find anything by him.

I have been known to write like this in the studio but never put together a live show to this extent. … Read the rest



Ok sentimental fools, here in Cleveland we had our own version of the Beatles, or was it Queen? Well anyway, The Raspberries are one of the most underrated bands of the seventies. Check them out tackling this pop classical masterpiece.… Read the rest

Pleasant Valley

I’ve been listening to this playlist lately that contains no one but Chopin & Monk. Then I found this nice jazz rendition of a Chopin piece and I dug it much.

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Life Fantastic

man-man-goggles-bomb-fest1Mellow and infectious performance from Man Man:

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A Chat with Keyboard Genius Bernie Worrell

Originally published @ on 08/01/1999


During a heatwave sweeping the eastern united states in July of 1999, I got music legend Bernie Worrell (1944-2016) on the phone for a candid conversation about his new band The WOO Warriors, the
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