Serve The Song

The most expensive drummer in the world plays it simple.


  1. For the music
  2. What’s most important in music? Not the singer, not the guitarists, not the bassist, not the keyboardist, not the drummer. It’s the song. It’s the music.
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Cut Me Some Slack – McCartney Nirvana

Famous band loses famous singer and breaks up. 20 years pass. More-famous singer is invited to work out a new song and jam, see what happens.  This happens. Good stuff.

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The Doggone Girl

John Legend and Stephen Colbert channeling Michael and Mac!Read the rest

Unplugged and Relaxed with Ray Davies & Paul McCartney

Even goofing around these guys have the best songs in the world:

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I Don’t Know I Don’t Know, Perhaps The Most Stunning Version of Something By The Beatles

Best version of “Something” perhaps, a little bit of everything. Great concert, great material, great musicians.… Read the rest

Begin Debate Now

The Beatles vs. Stevie Wonder.

I have no pick, there is no first place. Just thinking out loud, who had a better career, who is more top of line to you…. ?


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