Cut Me Some Slack – McCartney Nirvana

Famous band loses famous singer and breaks up. 20 years pass. More-famous singer is invited to work out a new song and jam, see what happens.  This happens. Good stuff.

The Doggone Girl

John Legend and Stephen Colbert channeling Michael and Mac!

Unplugged and Relaxed with Ray Davies & Paul McCartney

Even goofing around these guys have the best songs in the world:

I Don’t Know I Don’t Know, Perhaps The Most Stunning Version of Something By The Beatles

Best version of “Something” perhaps, a little bit of everything. Great concert, great material, great musicians.…

Begin Debate Now

The Beatles vs. Stevie Wonder.

I have no pick, there is no first place. Just thinking out loud, who had a better career, who is more top of line to you…. ?