It’s Luciano’s World



On The Gilded Highway

There’s genre bending, then there’s …. WOW.

Watch this singer do a live mashup on Spain’s Got Talent, pretty cool:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.32.23 AM

Water Works

Witness the awesome power of music. Tissue please.

Pre-CD Grandeur

Great write up on a classic opera recording finally being released properly in HD/Hi-Res audio:

Rediscovering Maria Callas in High-Resolution Audio

Internet experts continue to argue and debate about hi-res, but music lovers that consider themselves real listeners (not just …

She’s Got It – Aretha Does Opera

Asked to fill-in for (and by) an ailing Pavarotti, the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin does her take on this classic aria. She had sung it only once, and in another key, before this performance. Astounding.…

Clash of the Titans

Had to double post this — a total powerhouse performance. Just wow.

If this doesn’t inspire you to get off your ass and do something what possibly could?…

Who Says Opera Can’t Be Funky?

Wow. Legendary.