Android vs iPhone – behind the scenes


From the front, the user space, this argument is tired. Both smartphones do whatever you can imagine at this point. Both are amazingly thin and packed full of sensors and features.

Behind the scenes though…. things are very different. Why … Read the rest

Trapping Ignorance



I’m generally against tracking and monitoring of innocent people, and I support the 1st amendment (and the rest of the amendments, and the constitution) so I’ll probably argue with myself about this one, but….

It would be so easy Read the rest

Taylor Swift verses Streaming

Recently Taylor Swift made news by pulling her latest album from Spotify and other streaming music services. Her statement calls these new services “a grand experiment” and said she doesn’t feel comfortable putting her music into that system as it’s … Read the rest

Snark Attack

Internet snark has become a major annoyance. I often long for the days when only nerds were on the internet. If you haven’t heard it before, snark is the term used for sarcastic, asshole responses in the comments at the … Read the rest

It’s Just A Website And You Work For Them

This guy nails it.

Why I’m Quitting Facebook

He wrote a good summary of many of the reasons I’ve been anti-facebook. It’s good to see even the hardcore users are starting to figure out they are being played.

Where’s Fahqfasse … Read the rest

Post Something Unpopular, Get A Visit From The Cops

Big brother is definitely watching you online in Britain these days…

Britain’s crackdown on Web comments sparks free-speech debate –… Read the rest

Modern American Racism

It’s the end of 2011 in America. Some say post-race. I say BS.

Some of us were raised to treat people based on the value of their character, while some use skin color and cultural differences to separate. Don’t … Read the rest

Password = 123456

The worst passwords of 2011. If you are on that list prepare to be hacked.… Read the rest