But The Devil Made Me Do It

Hard hitting classic rap, from 1991 to 2018:

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Soft Shoe Booty

All this political bullying and watching that 78 year old redneck Trump fan punch the young black guy being held by cops (and almost get away with it but for camera phones) has me in a hip-hop mood. Old school … Read the rest

They Deserve To Get Dissed

Great old track from Kool Moe Dee, old school edutainment.

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If You Love Shoes


If you love shoes you must experience Pony World. I love Pony, I love Pono, I love so many other things that start with a P.

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Lets Trace The Hits – Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B. & Rakim

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 2.49.24 PM

Back in the day…

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Come On Baby

OK I found this a couple of months late but still the perfect jam. Goofy video, best kind…

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