Ohio FUNK Finds New Home

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Take da funk off


you can’t trump the funk


Jam Fan Hot



Each Letter Meant Something Special

Great classic jam from The Ohio Players

varee is love

from the OhioFUNGK playlist!

i know that a man ain’t supposed to cry but i can’t dry these tears from my eye…


You’ve Got To Give Them What They Came For


One of the baddest underground funk bands ever was SUN, live from Dayton, featuring a hint of all of the greats rolled into a sound all their own.

The vocals were amazing, the band was TIGHT, they could swing, they …

Are We Not Men?

We are D E V O

Filmed in northeast ohio, here’s early De-evolution doing that thing in 7/8



Ohio Funk Dosimetry

300 tracks and counting….. ALL OHIO FUNK youtube playlist

curated by ezraz the enfunklopedia

to lock you on the 1

and cool you out in these stressful times

Works nice in shuffle mode.














Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.…

The Championship Parade

Wow this was fun. Felt amazing. Very little trouble, just joy and celebration from a region that has waited for this for generations.


Getting around was not easy


Here’s where we stopped – E.9th and Superior. After waiting about 2

Curse Breakers

When something’s wrong in #TheLand, who you gonna call?

Curse Busters!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.56.45 AM

Just a little update on the details of the Cleveland Curse. I hate how it’s sold as nothing but losing teams for 50 years.

The Curse is that Cleveland …

To Make You Change Your Mind

Great previously unreleased track from Cinci’s 24-Carat Black:


Pride & Vanity

Amazing song from one of my favorite albums ever


Ripping Dusty Grooves

Check out this great radio show featuring all rare Ohio funk, all rare grooves, live from Cinci it’s Deeper Than Atlantis!


Time To Stay Alive

It ain’t no joke when a man is broke.


The O’Jays – It ain’t no jive trying to stay alive

It’s Gonna Be Alright



Miss you Roger,

Don’t Break The Spell

I am gonna give you a tease of the upcoming DJ Raz documusic production detailing the dramatic run of Ohio funk bands with some classic Heatwave.

Heatwave was a hybrid – an Ohio dance band merged with a songwriting Brit …

Weekend Beach Time



 I shall be enjoying this big free resource this weekend.

Here’s some more great great lakes shots:









Still The Funkiest Players Around

There’s only space on the mountaintop for a few of our all time music legends, and it’s a funkin shame the Ohio Players remain underrated and unheralded by the mainstream media.

ohio-players-5058df9106f66They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll …

FUNK @ 24/192: Oh My!

But of course, why did I ever doubt it?

I worry. More than my cool attitude allows.

I worry about incompetence and greed getting in the way of a good time.

I worried that the high resolution thing would pass …

Everybody Do It Your Own Way

Great live found funk from Ohio’s SHAG outfit, mid-90’s. So many great parties courtesy of SHAG!

Watching You

Damn why was this lip-synched? I thought that the Don Kirshner show was live performance so I wonder what happened here. Anyways, great Ohio groove on this one. This is STELLAR FUNGK!

Very bad transfers. Can someone get some better …

A Million Stories in Cleveland

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and …

The Fighting 11th – Colbert Covers Cleveland

We’ve finally gone big time!  The Colbert Report has chosen my congressional district to focus on with “Better Know A District” featuring my congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Pretty funny stuff.

Here’s part 1:

National Corrections – Respect The Cleve!

I have been reading several national writers take on the Lebron returns to Cleveland story, and I have been reading the same mistakes and incorrect assumptions in most of them.

Allow me to correct.

1 – Cleveland’s Financial History

Around …

Welcome Home Big Fella

Bron is not only coming home, he’s doing it the way you are supposed to – he apologized, he understands his folks, and he’s accomplished what he wanted out of town, like many of us have.

But now he’s coming …

Moving Just Like A Machine

Here’s the first video from the new Freekbass & Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson collaboration: Victoria Thunder. Enjoy some fresh funk and rollerskating:

The Big Payback by Nina Turner

Not Tina Turner, not a James Brown song, but some good old fashioned politics:

Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business

State Senator Turner is the real deal, fighting the forces of ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Men in …

You Won’t Be Complainin’… As Much

Tell me when you need it again…



You’re Stepping So High – Legendary Slave

O-H-I-O: The Land of Sugar

Great radio show on OP featuring an interview with Sugar:

Super Duper J Baby – Junie Drops Some Funk

Another WFNK theme song, the great Jesse, aka Super J from the 90’s version of this site, you still out there in the interair man?


We’ll Provide The Channels – Feel The Flow

More Dayton funk for ya, Sun is here!


Pre-Weezer Devo Dream

There was Devo doing the teenage dream thing….

Get Your Freek On

Excellent new funk from the man out on the streets keeping the funk alive — it’s Freekbass with Victory Redux.

Check out the rest of the super funky record (“Insomnia” ? WOW!) over at Freekbass’ Bandcamp.

A Physical Love Can Never Grow

catfish_220x186Respect the legends! Amazing vintage Bootsy and his Rubber Band, featuring a rare Catfish feature.


Unsung Ohio Players

Through the magic of video production, a great overview of my favorite funk band of all time:





Album Review: Slave (1977)

Album Review By Super J

[originally published at WFNK.com on 08/01/2000]



Slave’s debut album came in 1977. With 9 members, the album promised to give us power funk and it doesn’t disappoint.

The sound of the album reminds me …