You’ve Got To Give Them What They Came For


One of the baddest underground funk bands ever was SUN, live from Dayton, featuring a hint of all of the greats rolled into a sound all their own.

The vocals were amazing, the band was TIGHT, they could swing, they had latin flavor, they could throw down with horns or without… I mean, they are true legends with very little fanfare.

Check out some outstanding Sun selections in the OhioFungk playlist:



Ohio Funk Dosimetry

300 tracks and counting….. ALL OHIO FUNK youtube playlist

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Ohio Players

Ohio Players




Isley Brothers



Dazz Band

Dazz Band




Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.

Give in to the addiction that is youtube…. give in with Pure Ohio Fungk!


The Championship Parade

Wow this was fun. Felt amazing. Very little trouble, just joy and celebration from a region that has waited for this for generations.


Getting around was not easy


Here’s where we stopped – E.9th and Superior. After waiting about 2 hours JR Smith finally parted the crowd and started the fun.


Look at that crowd up East 9th! This is from the top of the building we were in front of on Superior & East 9th

CLEVELAND, OH -  JUNE 19: Fans fill a parking garage with in view of Quicken Loans Arena during the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals Game Seven watch party  on June 19, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Wherever fans could get up to get a look they went for it. Here’s the Q parking garage at the start of the parade.

Cleveland Cavaliers' J.R. Smith stands in the back of pickup truck as he greets fans during a parade celebrating the  basketball team's NBA championship in downtown Cleveland, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

JR was the first guy in the parade and he stood shirtless the whole time. The joy in his face was amazing and infectious. 


The crowds were so big that the police and volunteers couldn’t keep the road clear. The parade slowed as they had to creep through the crowd. Literally a single violent issue reported – a teenager shooting another teenager in the leg on the way home.


The King posed in front of his sign and people went nuts! The two princes are up front.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely. I’m in this picture – one of the wine-colored specks to the left of the tree center-bottom.


Downtown was swamped. This is the intersection of Prospect/Huron/East 9th


K Love smiled more in one day than he had in 2 years! He had his championship belt and the love of the fans to get him through to the rally at Mall C.


You know several of the Spiderman movies filmed in Cleveland…


Using the camera zoom lens down East 9th to see if the parade is starting yet

A good overview of the parade in route.

A good overview of the parade en-route. It started at the Q (top left – slanted roof), then (counterclockwise) up Ontario, left on Carnegie, left on East 9th, all the way up to Lakeside, then another left to Mall C. You can see the rally crowd already formed top center with the Browns stadium beyond them.  Methinks that’s more than 1.3 million folks.


A shot of the rally crowd on Mall C waiting for the parade to complete. You can see the Rock Hall in the distance.

Curse Breakers

When something’s wrong in #TheLand, who you gonna call?

Curse Busters!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.56.45 AM

Just a little update on the details of the Cleveland Curse. I hate how it’s sold as nothing but losing teams for 50 years.

The Curse is that Cleveland has come with some amazing teams over the years, but just can’t get that ring/trophy in the modern era:

The Cavs – 46 seasons in NBA = 5 division titles – 3 conference titles – 0 championships


Early Cavalier greatness by Nate Thurmond

The Browns – 66 seasons in NFL = 12 division titles – 11 conference titles – 4 championships (last one 1964)

The Browns – 4 seasons in AAFC = 4 division titles – 4 conference titles – 4 championships (last one 1949)

plus 16 players in the Hall of Fame, 4th most in the league.


Otto Graham invented the modern QB position and won several titles.

The Indians – 116 seasons in MLB = 5 league Pennants – 2 championships (last one 1950)

31 players in the Hall of Fame


The great Bob Feller.


Don’t Break The Spell

I am gonna give you a tease of the upcoming DJ Raz documusic production detailing the dramatic run of Ohio funk bands with some classic Heatwave.

Heatwave was a hybrid – an Ohio dance band merged with a songwriting Brit on the rhodes named Rod Temperton. This guy just went on to co-write a sizable chunk of Michael Jackson’s golden era. Nice stuff.


Michael Jackson & Rod Temperton

This one goes back to Heatwave’s debut, enjoy!

Still The Funkiest Players Around

There’s only space on the mountaintop for a few of our all time music legends, and it’s a funkin shame the Ohio Players remain underrated and unheralded by the mainstream media.

ohio-players-5058df9106f66They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I mean, honestly, they are right next to the P-Funk empire as far as 1970’s influence, and their catalog is strong too (but not nearly as prolific as GC’s gang of 50+ artists).

Fire, Skin Tight, Honey, FOPP, Angel, Jive Turkey, Funky Worm, Contradiction, My Life, Heaven Must Be Like This, O-H-I-O, Little Lady Maria, Varee Is Love, Pleasure, Far East Mississippi, Climax, Runnin From the Devil, Smoke, Good Luck Charm, Alone…. should I go on? There’s 20 legendary monster jams right there.

Did the Rock Hall gave it up to P-Funk, then walk away from all other funk music from the 70’s?

Funk was a monster genre influencing the entire culture, and P-Funk was an (amazing) anomaly. Artists like OP, WAR, Kool & The Gang, EWF, Mandrill, Zapp, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Slave, Maze, The Time, Cameo – these were more than dance bands, these were touring rock outfits pushing the limits of showmanship onstage, craftsmanship in the studio, and composing legendary songs with primarily black members. The Rock Hall should be colorblind.

So anyway, OP’s live act has lost several of the original members to old age – RIP Sugarfoot, PeeWee, & Satch – or retirement, but they always field a funky lineup. It must be noted that they now feature legendary drummer James “Diamond” Williams, and he’s been locked with the same bassist Darwin Dortch for 30+ years, so you know they can throw down!

Check the original Dayton Funk, standing strong 44 years after it first dropped:

FUNK @ 24/192: Oh My!

But of course, why did I ever doubt it?

I worry. More than my cool attitude allows.

I worry about incompetence and greed getting in the way of a good time.

I worried that the high resolution thing would pass by my beloved funk music.

I just purchased Slave’s debut record at 24/192 (one of the few of their peers to go all the way)  and OH MY….

You want a better commercial for HD audio? I don’t think there is one. The space, the timing, the bite of the instruments, the interplay, the growl of the bass, the polyrhythms, the horns…..  Very impressive. My new favorite album on HD.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.41.48 AM

24/192 funk – OH YEAH.   Please funk bands (and Rhino) if you are reading this – go back to the tape and put out 24/192 asap. I will buy all that I can.

Because this is the sickest funk around, in my pocket. Very powerful. Best my ears have heard in quite some time.


A Million Stories in Cleveland

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and they picked a hell of a town for their subject.

Here I present to you one of the more accurate views of Cleveland, Ohio, USA you will ever see. This is us, this is what we do with our summers. I was at a couple of the events this camera attended, this is our summer of 2014. This is the town that is the butt of so many internet jokes:

Amazing what some good production work can do, huh? We’ve seen so much video like this where the subject was NY, Vegas, LA, London, Tokyo, Austin… but rust belt cities are usually shot so poorly. There’s so much to see and do here when you stop caring about what everyone thinks.

And yes we have to move these parties indoors for half the year, because it’s a grey frozen tundra out there – although the global warming is providing us with milder winters!

Cleveland summer

Bands, Beach, Beer + Gourmet Food Trucks = Cleveland summertime


Summer ain’t over yet! This weekend we will be at the Cleveland Garlic Fest – yes – it’s a local farmers market turned street fair with Top Chef contests, bands all weekend, kids area, and Musicians Garden giving music for all.

The Fighting 11th – Colbert Covers Cleveland

We’ve finally gone big time!  The Colbert Report has chosen my congressional district to focus on with “Better Know A District” featuring my congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Pretty funny stuff.

Here’s part 1:


and Part 2:

Cleveland jokes are common and most suck, but Colbert made me laugh a few times on this one.

National Corrections – Respect The Cleve!

I have been reading several national writers take on the Lebron returns to Cleveland story, and I have been reading the same mistakes and incorrect assumptions in most of them.

Allow me to correct.

1 – Cleveland’s Financial History

Around 1900, the industrial base of Cleveland drove it to be the 6th largest city in America. It’s industrial barons (John Rockefeller and company) built lavish arts and cultural institutions and mansions around the east side of the city. By the 1920’s Cleveland had legitimate dreams of hosting an Olympics, a World’s Fair, and other world-class attractions.

The industries of Cleveland supplied most of the american ball-bearings and ammunition for both world wars, as well as manufacturing a large part of the american tank fleet and naval and airplane motors. The automobile was first manufactured in Cleveland, but after two decades Detroit took the automotive lead while Cleveland continued to make many of the frames, engines, and bodies for Detroit-based makers.

After that…well… about 80% of the manufacturing left Cleveland, never to return. And no, they didn’t clean up after themselves.


Palace Theater balcony – Playhouse Square – Cleveland Ohio USA. Part of the 2nd largest theater complex in the country, lovingly restored to it’s original opulence. This is not where the world famous Cleveland Orchestra performs, they are housed in the equally impressive Severence Hall, 6 miles east in the booming University Circle area (currently being rebranded as Uptown).


2 – Lebron James & Dan Gilbert

Lebron’s “Decision” TV spectacle in 2010 was, more than anything else, a stab in the back to his local fan base.

Everyone knew that Dan Gilbert is a millionaire banker from Detroit who bought the Cavs because they already had Lebron and the Pistons weren’t for sale.

They knew Gilbert liked to come off as regular fan, like Mark Cuban with a regular job, but no one really buys it. They know he’s making money off the poor and addicted at his Cleveland casino. That’s why lots of people voted against it.

Lebron didn’t screw Dan over. We are smart enough to know it was all business. We know LBJ is the once in a lifetime talent.

But Lebron’s decision to take it to prime-time ESPN, to try to cover his poop with the Boys and Girls club – oh please.


Dan Gilbert received a call (from the guy who is now Lebron’s agent) leaking “The Decision” 3 minutes before air. His comic sans disaster letter was one possible reaction.

Hey Connecticut kids – we are gonna raise you some money by making the kids – and adults – of a whole region cry on live TV!

No one but Miami and the a few of the kids in that room bought it. Are they still mad that Ohio isn’t named New Connecticut?

The evidence of how bad The Decision TV special was? Not a single athlete has copied it, and almost everything else LBJ does is copied by other athletes.


3 – The Cuyahoga River

Every time you make a joke about our Cuyahoga River burning you should thank us. Why? Because people in our region rallied against the powers that be and ultimately the EPA was formed.

Cuyahoga River, upstream several miles from industrial area.

If you are american your air and public waterways are probably cleaner now than 40 years ago because the citizens of northeast Ohio fought back. We organized. We studied. We made a difference.

You should also look up other river fires in other industrial cities and add those to your punchline. Lots of waterways would catch fire before anyone regulated anything.

Also, note that only the very end of the Cuyahoga was being polluted, there’s a nice river before that area.

This region’s manufacturing built this country before we outsourced everything. We deserve respect, if not direct aide from the places that weren’t compromised by our industrial revolution.


The city on the Crooked River in the 1940’s. Many of the factories that forged the country and the war effort are on that crooked river, and many dumped industrial waste into it for decades.

4 – Burning Jerseys

I counted about 7 Cavs fans burning Lebron jersey’s on video in 2010. Maybe 20 more around town did the deed.

Some cleaned their toilets with it. I personally picked up cat puke with 1 LBJ t-shirt I had, but I kept my $100 jerseys safe in a bottom drawer.

The idea that we are a bunch of street rioting savages is idiotic. Cleveland people are about as normal and chill as they come. We love our teams and will talk shit with anyone who wants to talk some shit, but it’s just entertainment.

There are far more important things in Cleveland than millionaires playing sports -like survival. Most of america felt that financial pinch the last few years. Cleveland has been in that world for decades! It’s why we are so tough, and it’s why people from here don’t take too kindly to all the misrepresentation and insults we endure from random entertainers and internet types.


Being a resident of Cleveland means seeing things like this all the time. It’s still accepted as a premise that this place is horrible. Most that spend time here come to really appreciate it.

All that said, Lebron deserved the outrage of Cleveland fans in 2010. You have no idea how long we had Lebron at that point – not just 7 years with the Cavs, but 4 years in high school too. We were over a decade invested in the kid from Akron that just might become the best ever.

It was Cavs fans getting attacked for 7 years defending Lebron, swatting off hater after hater. “King”? “Chosen One”? It was relentless.

We were told nothing good could ever come from Cleveland (idiots don’t even realize nearly half the entertainment industry was raised in Cleveland). When you defend someone for that long and from so many angles you don’t expect them to be the one sticking the knife in your back.

No matter who you root for you don’t expect or deserve that disapointment to be a live TV special on ESPN.



Hello from #TheLand. You have a problem with it? Fuck you. We have enough work to keep us busy. And now we have our Lebron back so we are good;-)

In summary — think twice before you insult someplace you don’t know or understand.

I’ve lived several places and Cleveland should be proud, not ashamed. Cleveland is one of the best places in America and the people are amazing, and to take the amount of shit we do being a punchline just adds to the resolve of people here.

Welcome Home Big Fella

Bron is not only coming home, he’s doing it the way you are supposed to – he apologized, he understands his folks, and he’s accomplished what he wanted out of town, like many of us have.

But now he’s coming home because he loves it here, and he’s always been one of us. That’s why we got so mad at him when he pulled the stunt building the super team behind everyone’s back.

Read the letter. Enjoy the ride, the Cavs are gonna be an entertaining show this year!


The Big Payback by Nina Turner

Not Tina Turner, not a James Brown song, but some good old fashioned politics:

Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business

State Senator Turner is the real deal, fighting the forces of ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Men in the US continue to legislate women’s reproductive and sexual rights, so Senator Turner is pushing back with the obvious “how do you like it?”.

Album Review: Slave (1977)

Album Review By Super J

[originally published at on 08/01/2000]



Slave’s debut album came in 1977. With 9 members, the album promised to give us power funk and it doesn’t disappoint.

The sound of the album reminds me of Mercury-era Ohio Players with a slightly higher energy level. Only the tune “The Happiest Days” qualifies as a ballad. The other tunes are barn-burning party stomping jams.

With two guitarists and 4 horn players and C.B. who is credited with “all things off the wall” the sound is pretty full.

The tunes “Slide”, “Son of Slide”, and “You and Me” stand out on the record. They have the rich instrumentation featured in the more hyperactive jams, but are ever so slightly mellower and feature thick dark basslines with well-arranged rhythmic horn lines reminiscent of JB style riffs (especially in “You and Me”). However, the drumming is much more late-70s stomping-style than the sophisto-funk style of the JBs. The thick heavy pulsing drum sound was more popular in the late 70s, and most funk bands from the time employed it.

There is some subtle keyboard work providing a “vibes” atmosphere in the background of “You and Me”, which was also used by the Ohio Players but in a different way.

slave-slave“Screw Your Wig on Tite” and “Party Hardy” seemed a little over-the-top at first, but on repeated listening sophisticated grooves are revealed. Make no mistake – these are not subtle tracks, they tear the roof off without a doubt. But there is quality musicianship underneath the powerful rhythmic front.

I expected “Love Me” to be a ballad (because of the title), but it is actually a slap-bass workout with Ohio Player style horn-lines that is probably too powerful for today’s dance floors. It’s definitely a must-listen for the bass enthusiast. There isn’t any bass solos, but the rhythmic track is very nice.

Interestingly, Slave is one of those bands who can totally change one’s perspective by listening to an album. They bring the hard Dayton-funk sound from the beginning. Listening to a good Slave album like this one from beginning to end can truly change one’s perspective.

Here’s to one of the dinosaur funk pioneers. 4 out of 5 stars for an outstanding and shameless power funk album.