Junie Morrison Genius Appreciation Post

Rest In Peace Young Man, only 62, and gone already.

Junie Morrison

Walter “Junie” Morrison

7 months after losing Bernie Worrell. Then there’s Bowie. Prince. Wow what a run of bad news for music lovers worldwide.

I have been one of Junie’s biggest fans since the day I was born. I was coming into the world as he was leaving the Ohio Players and his music is part of the soundtrack of my life.

All kinds of genius and inspiration coming out of this man.

I can’t summarize my feelings at this point so I’ll let others go through their own rediscovery of him for your benefit:


Solange Pays Tribute to Junie Morrison: “He Was the ‘Super Spirit’ Indeed”

Ohio Players and P-Funk legend Walter ‘Junie’ Morrison dies aged 62. The multi-talented musician was the driving force behind some of the biggest hits of 70s funk – and an inspiration to scores of hip-hop artists

R.I.P. Walter “Junie” Morrison

Junie Morrison, Parliament-Funkadelic and Ohio Players Member, Dead at 62

Go buy some Junie Morrison music now. Stream some of his greatest jams. Celebrate one of our finest funk musicians. Look below for our exclusive Junie Playlist.

(Not Just) Knee Deep • One Nation Under A Groove • Why • Funky Worm • Super Spirit • Suzie Thundertussy • Bread Alone • Paint Me • Because I Do ••• the list will go on forever, so many amazing tracks.

This Youtube playlist is so stocked full of Junie goodness it’s just amazing!

Praise Walter Junie Morrison, you will be missed.

I’m so sad I was never able to meet you. You are a constant inspiration to me.


Ohio Funk Dosimetry

300 tracks and counting….. ALL OHIO FUNK youtube playlist

curated by ezraz the enfunklopedia

to lock you on the 1

and cool you out in these stressful times

Works nice in shuffle mode.














Ohio Players

Ohio Players




Isley Brothers



Dazz Band

Dazz Band




Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.

Give in to the addiction that is youtube…. give in with Pure Ohio Fungk!


Still The Funkiest Players Around

There’s only space on the mountaintop for a few of our all time music legends, and it’s a funkin shame the Ohio Players remain underrated and unheralded by the mainstream media.

ohio-players-5058df9106f66They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I mean, honestly, they are right next to the P-Funk empire as far as 1970’s influence, and their catalog is strong too (but not nearly as prolific as GC’s gang of 50+ artists).

Fire, Skin Tight, Honey, FOPP, Angel, Jive Turkey, Funky Worm, Contradiction, My Life, Heaven Must Be Like This, O-H-I-O, Little Lady Maria, Varee Is Love, Pleasure, Far East Mississippi, Climax, Runnin From the Devil, Smoke, Good Luck Charm, Alone…. should I go on? There’s 20 legendary monster jams right there.

Did the Rock Hall gave it up to P-Funk, then walk away from all other funk music from the 70’s?

Funk was a monster genre influencing the entire culture, and P-Funk was an (amazing) anomaly. Artists like OP, WAR, Kool & The Gang, EWF, Mandrill, Zapp, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Slave, Maze, The Time, Cameo – these were more than dance bands, these were touring rock outfits pushing the limits of showmanship onstage, craftsmanship in the studio, and composing legendary songs with primarily black members. The Rock Hall should be colorblind.

So anyway, OP’s live act has lost several of the original members to old age – RIP Sugarfoot, PeeWee, & Satch – or retirement, but they always field a funky lineup. It must be noted that they now feature legendary drummer James “Diamond” Williams, and he’s been locked with the same bassist Darwin Dortch for 30+ years, so you know they can throw down!

Check the original Dayton Funk, standing strong 44 years after it first dropped:

A Legend Passes – Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, Guitarist & Sanger for Ohio Players, 69


360px-Leroy_Sugarfoot_Bonner_publicity_photoWe have lost an underrated musical genius, the voice of a generation, the creator of a new singing style, and an influence to countless other musicians (perhaps most notably Prince)…. Mr. Leroy Bonner, better known as Sugarfoot or just Sugar.

He started in the music business in the 1950’s and experienced just about every facet of the business in his 6+ decades. Ups downs and all arounds, Sugar always stayed true to himself and true to the music.

Mr. Bonner was the author of so many funk classics – writing or co-writing most of the Player’s material, singing lead on most of the major hits, and playing a smoking hot guitar. His fingerpicking and scat soloing was like noone-else.

He brought his double-neck to funk, his trademark Aww girl, put that suitcase down, You ain’t kiddin’ nobody, You can’t leave me, woman, you love me! vocal style has become the funk voice. This was just one of his many creations.

Video of the Ohio Players is very rare and not much is online. Here’s a cool interview and lip-sync on Soul Train from when they were blowing up in 1975 (cracked audio):


Here’s one of my favorite Sugar performances, “Heaven Must Be Like This”:

Rest In Peace Mr. Bonner, you will be missed. You and your music will be remembered forever.


Patty and Bootsy Collins pay tribute.

Patty and Bootsy pay tribute.




Go buy some classic Ohio Players albums now! 



A Rare Mix of Pure Funk

So this is one of Junie Morrison’s best and worst jams, and I actually don’t have the original LP so I had never heard this mix before. It’s the fuller extended mix, plus, the safe for work/radio vocal mix, wowza!

Turn it up to hear some brilliant Ohio funk, most of it done by Junie himself on Westbound in 1976, a little bit before he joined the P-Funk gang.

Junie Morrison 26