Subtly Outrageous

Well it’s 2014, and snarky internet humor is just about all we have left. Prez Obama actually went on Zach Galifinakis’ mock talk show Between Two Ferns to pitch

Oh My Obamacare, Part 5: Software Is Now Working, Time For Research

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.14.59 AM let me in today, let me make my account, and get through the identity confirmation stage. That identity phase is always interesting – this one used various pieces of government-known data and asked it back to you, with misleading … Read the rest

Better Wait A Bit More – Obamacare website goes down for software fix

If you are waiting to sign up for Obamacare, wait just a bit longer. They are whipping some IT people mercilessly in a windowless server room right about now, and the website should settle down and work properly in … Read the rest

Slimdown The Lying Republicans

Those Retarded Republicans are at it again.

Senator Obama ran for president on the promise of bringing universal health coverage to America. Being that America has a for-profit “free market” healthcare system, this means the free market has provided us … Read the rest

Oh My Obamacare, Part 3: Go Live Day For Biggest Software Project Ever

Such crazyness about Obamacare in this country, but I had a moment of clarity the other night…..  IT’S JUST A SOFTWARE CHANGE.

Repeat after me, it will make you feel better — Obamacare is just a software upgrade. We all … Read the rest

Oh My Obamacare, Part 2: A Visit From The Navigator


While I was out the other day our household was visited from a friendly fellow explaining The Affordable Care Act, aka The ACA., aka “Obamacare”, (formerly “Romneycare”). He stood on the front porch and explained to my girlfriend that he … Read the rest

Oh My Obamacare, Part 1: Introduction To The Guinea Pig

O-My! I’m planning on signing up for Obamacare. I might insure my whole family through it. I voted for it and have waited for it for a while now.

And since this is so controversial and full of BS reporting, … Read the rest

Only In America


Try to follow the twisted logic we ‘mericans live in: The governor of a big eastern state, to avert crisis, works with the other party to reform their state health system. They put in place a universal coverage policy that … Read the rest