Trump’s Deflection Shows More Weakness

This is a sad, flailing man. Even his supporters have taken to full flights of fantasy to justify his actions. If you aren’t on his payroll you see the man is a total buffoon.

His latest mouth poop claims that then-president Obama wire-tapped the poor donny in one of his trump towers.

I think Obama could sue him for libel but won’t. Get in line if you are suing Donald Trump, right?

Vegas has decided he won’t make it past his first year as President. Just too crazy to maintain. SOOOO many lies.

Hard to keep track. Hard to swat all the racist doucebags online. Hard to make sense of reality in TRUMPland™.

I wonder if I’ll qualify for TRUMPCare™

Don John The Con As President Elect

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015, in Dubuque, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

We’ve entered nickname land. The nickname masters have taken over america, it’s all republican childish name calling all the time now.

Gotta play along for a bit at least, until the President’s lawyers sue me, or John Miller gives me a stern talking to.


Trucker Hat with Business Suit -vs- Pants Suit. Winner: Trucker Hat with Business Suit!

This clown is trying to get into the White House. His sketchy wife has already said she and their son will be staying in New York without him so they boy can continue to attend his private school (in a business suit). What a joke.

He’s not going to liquidate any of his companies, and he’s not going to separate the country’s business from his personal addiction to wealth and bragging.

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Don John looks shook! There’s a real president next to a fat old con man with too much makeup on. There’s real fingers vs tiny fingers in that creepy triangle pose again.

We are headed for a very ridiculous 4 years, if he even gets sworn in.

The man literally is surrounded by scandals of every type.



Battle of Tributation

Stevie Wonder is a monster musical genius, capable of perfection at every angle. Tribute shows are the big thing now, and I’m not complaining. Anytime someone can throw down the cash needed to properly work these songs up and make other famous artists step up to the plate and deliver some classic material, magic can happen. This ain’t a laptop DJ.

So I found two great Stevie tributes online. Both feature amazing lineups, great setlists, perfect playing, Stevie himself lending a hand or two, and plenty of amazing moments.

I can’t decide which one is better.

Freedom of Press

Good overview of zings from Obama’s comedy bit at this years Correspondents Dinner, aka “Nerd Prom”, the annual event where the news media and politicians party (in front of the camera) and the media gets roasted.

Youtube has the whole set, along with the headliner Joel from Talk Soup dropping some nasty ones on the crowd (… ‘this is the one night where Hollywood and Washington mingle, but you can easily tell them apart – Hollywood are the ones that don’t look like ghouls. Look around.’)

Subtly Outrageous

Well it’s 2014, and snarky internet humor is just about all we have left. Prez Obama actually went on Zach Galifinakis’ mock talk show Between Two Ferns to pitch

“How will it feel when you are not president anymore and everyone won’t let you beat them at basketball?”

“How does it feel to have a 3″ vertical?”

“That’s a 3″ horizontal”. Haha

I thought it was pretty funny, if not a bit demeaning to the president, to play the straight man to Zach’s feigned idiocy. This is 2nd term stuff, not really worrying about elections anymore. Obama’s people saw this as another avenue to advertise the healthcare signup website, and I think it works on that front. Lots of people love comedy and ignore the news.

And besides it is funny, and that’s what it’s there for.


Slimdown The Lying Republicans

Those Retarded Republicans are at it again. Senator Obama ran for president on the promise of bringing “universal” health coverage to America. Being that America has a for-profit “free market” healthcare system, this means the free market has provided us with a healthy, well-insured population that is protected from catastrophic costs and prejudiced coverage rules, right?  Unknown Continue reading

Oh My Obamacare, Part 2: A Visit From The Navigator


While I was out the other day our household was visited from a friendly fellow explaining The Affordable Care Act, aka The ACA., aka “Obamacare”, (formerly “Romneycare”). He stood on the front porch and explained to my girlfriend that he was from an organization hired (created) to inform citizens in our state about the new healthcare options, how to sign up, and how to get further information.

She said she was impressed and actually called him the most helpful stranger to ever show up at the front door. Not a lot of competition, I know, but still a compliment.

He left her with a flyer spelling out pretty clearly the basics of the situation: Everyone must be covered for 2014, and if you don’t currently receive coverage from your employer or other entity you will have to purchase a plan (or ‘product’) by 1/1/14.

My household has been uninsured for 5+ years and we are all relatively healthy, so we are a primary target for signing up. I live with my girlfriend and her child, in a house I own and have been underwater on for the last 4 years. I’m living the updated american dream – I am a salaried employee with no benefits. My sole benefit is my mobile working environment and the small tax break I can take for my home office.


Yesterday on the news they were discussing the attempt to get the message out about ACA details, and the republican efforts to sabotage the ACA. They claimed these “navigator” groups have been hired in every state (total budget $50 million) to find the uninsured masses (50 million people, coincidence?) and encourage them to sign up.

The big question as to what it will all cost is still out there. I’m expecting to pay somewhere between $200-$300 month to get mid-level coverage for myself, with lower deductibles (co-pay) than a cheaper plan. I’ve been putting off healthcare for 10 years now, so as soon as I’m covered I plan on making some appointments to get this old rig serviced!

Sidenote – It will be interesting to see how they price it for the rest of my household. We are not married, so I assume we will have separate policies. She’s unemployed and a single mother so her tax credits should be more substantial than mine. I will also compare that to the rates if we were married. Should be interesting to see how the structured it.

Overall – we were very impressed with the Navigator guy and their pitch. If they really only spent $3 to get that guy on my porch explaining things to 3 uninsured people, and this is really happening all over the country through September, I have a good feeling about people becoming more informed than the republican-dominated news will let on.


Oh My Obamacare! Part 1 – Oh My Obamacare! Part 2 – Oh My Obamacare! Part 3

Obamacare requires most insurers to tackle obesity

Obamacare requires most insurers to tackle obesity.

Sounds good to me. If your BMI is high, you will be able to access wellness counselors, health coaches, even Weight Watchers Inc. through Obamacare, perhaps with no co-pay.

Another nice part of this obviously needed thing in modern America – there should be plenty of competition. See, how they address obesity is something that the insurance providers get to decide, perhaps based on regionalism and demographics.

If it all works we will be able to shop in our state’s exchange for a plan that fits us based on various health categories such as obesity. And since one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to bodies and our problems, this could deliver better quality care.

Crooked River Vote Strength

99.95% strong and always underestimated by Turd Blossom himself, here’s a look back to the madness of election night on Fox on the night of this State of the Union Address.

Coming soon, Megyn’s walk of shame, but first enjoy Karl Rove spinning his fat head off on the various counties of Ohio as the Obama voters celebrate split-screen:

Then after that awkward bit of republican logic we get to see the leggy Ms. Kelly wobble down through Fox’s frightening offices until finding “the decision desk”, a room where Arnin, Chris Stirewalt, and “these guys behind” are charged with facing reality.

Did you catch how she admitted they rehearsed this bit of newscaster wandering?  People think I’m bullshitting when I say that Ohio has determined many of the recent presidential elections, this one was actually called due to my county.

When Merely Stating the Ideas Obama Put Forth Would Have Gotten You Killed

Excellent inauguration yesterday. Say what you will about American politics but we’ve kept this democracy going for 200+ years, without a single violent handover or uprising. We call it the “grand experiment”, and boy is it frustrating living in this system but when they get the pomp and circumstance going (something our government probably does less than most) it does make me feel good to be an american.

We’ve come a long way baby. Civil rights, in the form of women’s rights, gay rights, and the rights of the sick and impoverished to get care, took focus in the speech. Delivered by the first president of African descent 50 years after African-American descendants of slaves earned the right to vote, on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, drove the point home.

Here’s an excellent article summarizing this point: In 2013, our half-black president addressed the nation and referenced the civil war and the african-american civil struggle, updating it to include the gay rights struggle and the gender pay equality struggle.

There was a time in this country not so long ago when simply saying the same words as the president would have gotten you killed. A toast to progress!


Paranoia Loses To Reality

So I took my free obama phone down to the local socialist party office to pick up my welfare check, and while standing in the long line with the other workers I was thinking about my lack of medical bills or national taxes due. I wasn’t clear on how our muslim el presidente wished me to show my devotion, but since he has uplifted us all from poverty by shutting down our capitalist system and removing all free enterprise from the US I believe major statues of him at every school ?and public area are just the start. What a great socialist country we live in.

This is the fantasy that crazy Republicans believe is happening. Let me give you the truth: no free phones, no welfare check, huge medical bills, huge tax bill, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of thought, freedom of enterprise, and a serious lack of fanfare and devotion required to join the party. No Obama parades or statues.

Can you even imagine what would be going on if GWBush was president when Bin Laden was caught? We’d have several national holidays full of parades, featuring church groups re-enacting the brave raid from the the situation room. Storybooks would be written and re-written to rename the boogie man Osama, the hero George. Without Dick Cheney’s steady (cold) hand to guide us through this big bad world all kids would sleep in fear.

Tea Partiers are falling on their bayonets.

But instead reality won. The american people looked at the real situation in our schools, in our streets, in our homes, and yes, on the world stage, and saw in Barrack Obama a capable, confident, and steady leader. Romney was a?mish-mash of old ideas and new money, and his facade was cracking from day one.


[update] Here’s a look back at the whole campaign, ADD style:


Another Romney Endorsement

Good old Mr. Burns. I can never tell the difference between the jokes written by comedy writers and the actual Republican talking points, and that’s pretty scary.

I wonder if Republicans who watch The Simpsons side with Mr. Burns? Or if any Republicans even watch The Simpsons? They seem to believe that every bit of entertainment in America is part of the communist takeover.


The Racist GOP

Just a few days until final voting day here in Ohio, and this ad just went across the sports station that seemed so loaded with code words and implications that I’m almost shocked. Almost because I knew these people were going for the racist vote. But to hear it still bothered me.

The ad had no music, no sound effects, and no booming voice. The announcer, clearly a middle-aged white businessman sort, had a weird, resigned tone. He was pushing a “I’m disappointed to have to say this” sort of delivery, like a doctor giving bad news.


To paraphrase, he said “The shouting has gotten so loud. Soon this will all be over, because one place that’s silent is the voting booth. When you are in the booth alone with your thoughts, you can do what’s right. After all — you tried. President Obama tried. But after four years of failed policies and empty promises, turning neighbor against neighbor, you can vote for real change. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

Alone with your thoughts? The right thing to do? You and the President both tried?

I have studied the history of race relations in America, as well as living in some radically changing communities over the years, and these terms ring a bell. These are code words for racism. These are the code words for putting Obama and all of his supporters into the same bucket as affirmative action, like this was just a little experiment in letting black folks have token power, and now it’s time to take it back.

I just hope it doesn’t work.

If you are still undecided reading this site, just remember Bin Laden and his tapes, remember the never ending Iraq war surge, remember the terror color warnings, remember GM and Chrysler (and their hundreds of vendors) going belly up, remember pre-existing conditions, and remember the world openly mocking the intelligence and motivation of our leaders. This was all before 2009 and ended when Obama took office.

Remember that Mitt Romney thinks a healthy guy like me with no insurance should go to the emergency room when needing help. I did that 4 months ago and they billed me $14,000 for 1 night. 1 night! Maybe Romney can drop $14k out of his millionaire savings, but the rest of us can’t and won’t.

Remember that this is opposite of Mitt’s view when he was governor. Remember that Obamacare is modeled on Romneycare, and that Romney has now abandoned this position (like others) because it lines up with Obama more than the GOP party can stand.

Obama made and is making long term changes to this country. He expects voters to understand this, and to review his policies and not the slivers of early results. Some of his changes haven’t even had time to take effect yet (perhaps a tactical error on his part).

Either way, if you are an american please go vote. The whole system gets a ding when we have under 50% voter turnout.

Only In America


Try to follow the twisted logic we ‘mericans live in: The governor of a big eastern state, to avert crisis, works with the other party to reform their state health system. They put in place a universal coverage policy that ultimately provides better healthcare benefits than the other 49 states.

This system is implemented, studied and ultimately, roundly admired. So much so that it becomes a model for national reform. Several presidential candidates, from both parties, adopt it as plank in their platform. The one that wins goes forward and implements a version of this reform nationally. This healthcare reform is given a catchy, negative label (even thought most of it hasn’t even taken affect yet) and then the funny season starts. It’s election time again, and bumper-sticker sloganeering runs and ruins the day. Good/bad, for/against, no common ground, nothing but wedges.
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America Prevails

Supreme Court USA

The Supreme Court decided the ACA (Affordable Healthcare Act), or Obamacare as it’s been called (usually negatively), was in fact legal and constitutional, particularly the mandate that all citizens must be covered somewhere/somehow. To reach this ruling, the high court actually rejected the term mandate and labeled it a tax, maintaining the governments right to enact it.

Good news. The doomsday scenarios at Faux and Friends are getting more hilarious by the hour. This idea of doing the same thing as most other wealthy nations somehow terrifies them, and they are convinced that Michelle Obama will fine their overweight asses for not eating enough broccoli.

Even after admitting that many doctors can opt out, that the poor are immediately helped, and that the rich will still receive the best medical service on the planet, these republicans still believe this is the end of it all. Very funny and strange, they think this is more important than almost starting WW3 a few years back. Comedy these days is Fox news.? Continue reading

Potus With The Mostest

Very funny. Look at that applause too — don’t see that on the news much do you?

I remember seeing cheering crowds of (white only) flag waving supporters almost every night for President Bush even when his support was at 10%, but here’s a guy with genuine actual fame and appreciation around the country, and it’s buried deep by our media gatekeepers.

In today’s climate a random black person committing a crime somewhere in America is tied to Obama more than the man himself speaking to his constituents.

We As A People Will Get There

It hasn’t been that long. Don’t forget. 2 wars. The al-Qaeda and Bin Laden boogieman. No hope for healthcare or tax breaks for the folks. Anti-intellectual, anti-science screamers in charge. I remember very clearly how scary it was for america.

Are we out of the nightmare yet? Bad trip hangover done? Not quite. The economy can be better but it’s been turned around as of late, just like GM. Our health and education systems will take another decade to modernize. Racism has new blood but their grasp on logic continues to dwindle. SuperPacs and the power of big money in politics are on the lips of regular Americans again so perhaps with this knowledge will come reform. Ya right!

Look how young he looked. Look how happy and hopeful we were. Realistically the man has affected huge change and has more to accomplish. I’ve been to socialist countries, I’ve spoke in length with people who live or lived under socialist systems. America is not and will never be such a system. The smear of ‘socialist’ at Obama needs to be countered. Just keep that in mind as the general election starts to heat up.

The Obama Argument

Here’s a well made argument on why and how Obama is far more successful than the current narrative in the news allows. Give it a read if you are interested in straight talk and a factual review over hyperbole. If you are a basketball fan you know the ‘long game’. The game is four quarters and every team has a run in them. Obama seems to play politics like it’s The Finals, not theater (or a scrimmage).

Politics 101

Pulled from the headlines and translated by me:

ObamaPresident Obama: I want a new agency to protect US consumers against predatory lending and other financial exploitations. I ran on this idea, won, and will get to work setting up the agency and naming a director, as specified by the passed Wall Street reform legislation.



200-3Republican Congress: We don’t like the idea of this agency and more regulation. Most of the companies and industries it might regulate are supporters of ours.

We are going to fight this agency and give no support to this, even though the law passed last year.
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Modern American Racism

It’s the end of 2011 in America. Some say post-race. I say BS.

Some of us were raised to treat people based on the value of their character, while some use skin color and cultural differences to separate. Don’t believe me? Here’s some names used regularly to describe President Obama and first lady Michelle, pulled at random from the comments on any right-wing web site:  Continue reading

Promises Kept

In case you missed it… my president did the right thing yet again.

Barrack Hussein Obama is being completely underestimated and ignored again. This man could be the finest US president in ages but he seems to still be struggling to escape the ditch the country was driven into by his predecessor. If unemployment stays high he will have trouble getting a second term. I notice Republican presidents always seem to pin economic troubles on the former regime but Democrats just take the blame no matter their role.

In foreign policy, Obama and Clinton have been outstanding. By considering the muslim extremists a criminal organization again (as opposed to the infidels on the wrong end of a holy war) Obama and the rest of the world has made huge progress fighting this menace since 2009. The Libyan revolution was a delicate balancing act that appears headed towards an acceptable outcome. And don’t forget — the boogie man was capped in the chest by our finest special forces, just as any true american leader would have managed to accomplish eight years ago.

Progress, Washington, Same Sentence


Obama just did this: More than doubled the required average fleet MPG by 2025 for US automakers.

Lots of info there —basically each car company has a range of vehicles. Those vehicles all have a miles per gallon score. The entire company’s fleet then has an average MPG. The federal government requires the average to hit a target, and this is how they press for innovation. This is the regulation that republicans dread.

Our past oil loving presidents held the required average in the 20’s, leaving the market stagnant (way more SUV’s sold than Prius’). Obama has now ratcheted up the standard twice since taking office. Automakers will have from 2012-2017 to meet the first set of standards, then 2017-2025 to reach this 56 MPG average. This might actually bring us a cleaner future, with SUV’s getting 40 MPG and the rest of us getting 80+. Nice.

Note that this is for passenger cars and SUV’s – pickup trucks (even light trucks) are not exempt but do have lower standards to meet.

Of course, GM and Chrysler are on board since they are still taking marching orders from Washington, but Ford, Honda, and Hyundai are reported to be supportive as well.

Don’t let the news whores fool you – good work is getting done in Washington by this administration. Progressive, intelligent, actual strategic work is getting done, as opposed to the flashy, ignorant, sound-bite politics of the last administration. Don’t be fooled by marketing and lowest common denominator politics when it comes time to vote.

Simplify If You Want, But Remain Accurate aka Obama Takes Out Osama

Of course we are all talking about, and adjusting to, the big news of the day.

66 years to the day the last boogie man got his, Obama ordered the strike that most americans have been waiting for.


Obama, Biden, Clinton, Gates, and other top military advisors watch in Washington as our troops covertly land in Pakistan next to Osama’s house.

I never wanted war with Iraq and I never wanted to pay for bringing Afghanistan closer to the 20th century. Just about every one of my friends who would identify as an american liberal believed the same.

The raw emotions of 9/11, the fear marketing perfected by Karl Rove and Fox News, and the general ignorance of world affairs suffered by most americans led us into this delusion that we can declare a military war on what is in effect a criminal organization.

You don’t use marines to fight the mafia. If you don’t understand why I can’t help you. Continue reading