Derps Crack In The Face Of Nonsense

Derp. FoxNews having to report on the Trump administration’s war on logic, and the press that attempts to determine it.

I expect you won’t see that dude on Fox for very much longer. I bet they are hiring his replacement right now.

Crazy times, folks. Educate yourself and protect your family from the trumpiness of what the insane 27% of voters have done to us.


Uber Is Liable For It’s Contractors

I dove into the Uber controversy a few months ago. I had been debating it with friends when the Kalamazoo murders happened. Everyone loves Uber but no one could explain what happens when something goes wrong.



It comes down to liability. It costs money because if you have the liability, you need insurance to cover it.

Taxis cost more than Uber rides because of this. There’s livery vehicle insurance, there’s workplace insurance, there’s the liability that the taxi company assumes when getting you from point A to point B safely. Uber offers none of that. Taxi’s charge you for that.

Uber says it’s drivers are contractors and that Uber is not a transportation company or provider, but just a transportation facilitator.

They want to remove themselves from all liability if something goes wrong. But a US judge disagrees.

Two female plaintiffs have joined their cases and are going after Uber. The first, from Boston, was grabbed and groped by an Uber driver but got out of the car safely and ran to a friends before calling the police. Her driver was ultimately arrested. The other plaintiff was in a group uber ride in Florida, and after dropping off her friends the driver turned into a parking lot, locked the doors, broke her phone and violently raped her. He has also been arrested.

In both cases Uber is saying they are not liable in any way. The judge found a case from the 1950’s where a woman was raped on a Pullman commuter train by the conductor, and Pullman were found liable for the conductor’s actions while in travel. She is using that as precedent.

Uber argued that if their App isn’t active they can’t be liable for a person’s actions. The judge seemed to concede to this, so if the case sticks this could be the key data point going forward: if the Uber app is on, or if you share a vehicle with someone based on the Uber app, Uber might be held accountable.

Should be an interesting case as it plays out.  As far as Uber, sometimes when things appear too good to be true it’s because they are.

Fox News Paid For By Fracking

FoxNews is a trip these days. The republican party is split and they are stuck in the middle of it. Ratings are up and every single commercial break is the energy industry – shale fracking in particular – taking over from the boner medicines that used to propel fox’s revenue.

The hosts are openly picking sides for or against Drumpf and throwing all previous versions of their principles out the window. They still live in the false reality where Obama is an unpopular president, a muslim, and George W Bush caught Osama Bin Laden. Also everyone hates Hillary, and her husband is a disgraced, failed president.

Frack away, live off fast food, and get ready for your boner medicine – Fox News reality.

Also – I like the pack of legs spread across the screen on The Five.  5 women in the same dress in different colors, each trying to thrust their chest and legs out farther than the other, each spouting disgusting or illogical republican talking points.



The Andrea chick is the worst. No surprise she’s banging the most obnoxious rock star around, Dave Navarro.  Nearly every word out of that woman’s mouth drives me up a wall.


Ignoring Pussy

Made you click!


Donny just called Teddy a P-U-S-S-Y because he doesn’t torture enough.

On mic, in front of a podium. Called that man a pussy. For not torturing enough.

Like Donny always does, he hid behind barely-plausible deniability. He led the crowd to the word then paused. A woman in the crowd shouted it out and well donny wanted us all to hear it, her word not his, that Ted Cruz is a pussy. He even mouthed the word, the crowd cheered, then started chanting the word.

But this isn’t the real story. We all know Trump’s schtick and crowd is pro wrestling trash. He’s the heel.



The entire media, particularly the conservative media, is ignoring this!  Drudge – nothing. Fox – nothing. CNN, NBC, HuffPost – nothing. Pro-Trump sites like Breitbart and Lucianne? Crickets.

The candidate just called another candidate a pussy and there’s media silence on it.


Very strange. Points to conspiracy theory type of stuff. Would it not be good TV ripping this guy apart? Yet they seem bought off. Follow that Trump money I bet it props up some of those TV networks.

Or maybe this country is just in a spot where president bully calls people pussies as part of his communication style.



Idiocracy is coming sooner than I thought.


Imagining A World Full of Left Wing Crazies



In America, seemingly every week some crazy person filled to the brim with AM Radio talking points, Fox News theories, and right wing internet fueled nonsense pulls out one or more of their many guns and starts shooting innocents.

A pizza parlor. A woman’s clinic. A church social room. Walmart. A movie theater. A kids camp.

It’s always a right-winger full of the current rhetoric of hate, yet they are called a “lone wolf”. Where do these wolf’s learn to howl? See here for that line of bs.

Imagine if lefties went nuts and shot random people like that. Where would the mass murders be?

SUV dealerships?

The dump?

Tea Party rallies?

Monster truck shows?

Nascar races?


It would be a very different world, indeed.

Imagine if being a christian in america meant you might be gunned down at any time by an extremist. Sadly it’s usually christians doing the shooting from what I can see, so being a secularist, or a woman needing medical advice, proves to be risky and potentially fatal in modern america.

I’m not for taking away the right to own a gun for home protection or hunting. I’m for removing guns from irresponsible people’s hands. Look for assault rifles outside of the military, find irresponsible people.

Do the people murdering innocents at Planned Parenthood understand that they are worse than the worst of the terrorists? They exist in a democracy with free access to information and the freedom of religion, and they still choose to murder in the name of their God.

How Not To Be A Corporate Pitchman

Ouch, Jared, we loved you so much! If we could eat our meatball subs and stay get skinny anything was possible!


I’m in Sharknado 3 and I pay 14 year old girls for sex!

You dirty bastard. Prosecutors claim you found out the president of your foundation (to fight childhood obesity) was banging a 14 year old girl. That is not listed as an exercise to fight childhood obesity.

Instead of firing him, punching him, and calling the police you watched hidden-camera sex videos he had of the girl. High five! This was 2011.

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Surviving At The Top With Donald Trump

Ouch. The Washington Post does a bit of simple journalism to nail the donald on his obvious bullshittery.

He is making it up as he goes like a reality TV star does. He’s playing this game well, bullying his way to the top of the GOP, just to leave them broken and as confused as usual.


Facebook Siding With Turkish Government To Limit Opposition?


Reports out of Turkey are claiming that Facebook has sided with the Turkish government and are enacting pro-government policies including blocking discussion groups about Kurdish independence and banning users that insult the current Turkish president or his policies towards theKurds. Some Kurdish activists are sounding the alarm bell although there isn’t a lot of evidence to this point.

The future is now, and if true this equals my worst fear for Facebook.  Sure, highly targeted advertising and selling profiles for money are annoying, but you could make the claim that they fall into the “no big deal” category because it’s just commerce. Nothing there is stopping you from enjoying life.

But if your political views on Facebook do not align with Facebook Inc. and are now enough to get you banned, well we have a problem. This gives Facebook far too much political power and any country where this is taking place should investigate Facebook’s business license.

Being an American company, I also support congress or the FTC investigating this. No american media company, especially one as engrained and ubiquitous as Facebook, should be allowed to pick a side and promote one government entity over another one.


The Lone Wolf Narrative

Guy plans to kill multiple innocent people for an ideology. Guy pulls it off. Guy is a terrorist, right?

In america, it depends on if he’s white or not.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from Facebook, taken before the guy walked into a church and killed a bible study group because they were black.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from his Facebook, taken before he walked into a church and killed an entire bible study group because they were black. He even claimed to have “black friends”.

See, if he’s a white american, the media and politicians say he’s a lone wolf, a social outcast, and clearly suffering from mental health issues. The system failed him somewhere, poor guy. His parents did all they can, why didn’t they know more? He acted alone, he taught himself, and once he’s dead it’s all over.  What a senseless tragedy. Some people really are crazy! Let’s talk about how evil this guy was then move on. There’s no larger social context here.

If he’s a black or latino american the narrative is very different. He’s called a thug, a gangster and he is acting out based on the inability of his people to control themselves. His laziness left him a loser in life so he struck out against those with more than him. His education, his music, his parents, his community, his speech patterns, even his clothing are all identified as signs that we should be scared of this happening again from others sharing his skin tone and situation. The media gets a lot of mileage out of this type of story.

If he’s muslim or his family originates from anywhere near the middle east, he is immediately labeled a terrorist and it is assumed his religious beliefs put him up to this act. He’s not a thug, a gangster, or a lone crazy in that nationality, he’s a terrorist working for forces against ‘merica. This narrative is strong enough to launch entire wars on it.

Here’s a professor of religion and african studies putting this more eloquently:

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white people called ‘mentally ill’?


Turns out this guy went to school with the niece of Republican leader Lyndsey Graham. When asked for comment, Graham went about pushing the lone wolf narrative. No surprise.


Who Will Play With Lucille Now?

BB King

Rest In Peace, for you are one of the greatest of all time, BB King.

This man owned the blues, owned that tone, owned that vibe for decades. He was truly one of a kind and his catalog offers plenty of exploration opportunity.

Dude put his first record out in 1957. Very few people still around put records out in the 50’s (the Isley’s are the only one I can think of). He was a titan of the music industry.

A legend among legends, no one messes with BB.


Here’s one of my favorites from him, when he played the Cook County Jail in 1971 and offered up some hilarious banter to the “guests” about their warden and his beautiful wife, in-between hitting them with a blues you know they could truly appreciate:


Oklahoma USA

No tolerance for the singing college kids on the bus. The frat brothers and their sorority dates deserve to be expelled from school. Maybe daddy will stop paying for some of them and they can go to community college and learn about the real world. Most will just transfer, some will get more followers for their viewpoints and their instant white victimhood. Book em on Fox News quickly!

Hopefully a further investigation gets into who promotes this song and further punishment is doled out up the chain.

If I was on that bus, even at age 17 and drunk, I would have been freaking out. Would have probably started swinging, and I quickly would have been out of the frat, out of the bus, beat to pulp by these kids. No social media back then.

At the same time, remember they have a right to say what they said. I strongly protect it. It’s part of what makes America great. In my country you can say something very unpopular, quite dangerous, and stay a free man, free to your ideas and thoughts, as crazy or counter to mainstream they may be. In many other countries you will end up in jail and/or die for your words. Not in America. The punishment must be social and institutional, not criminal. I don’t believe they broke any laws, not on that bus at least.

Leave these young adults alone to figure out their crime. If the school doesn’t expel them it should assign all of them to working with minority communities as a healthy attempt at reform. Communities need the help from the college age kids, and these kids need the world to reach out and help change them for the better.

As I blare a track by one of my favorite bands, the multi-racial and multi-genre Freekbass outfit, I know that we have to get better, smarter, healthier as americans. My mother always said there’s only 2 types of people in the world – assholes and the rest of us dealing with them.


Super Human Stowaway


So a teenager gets in a fight with his parents and runs away.

EF U he surely screams!

Fast forward, the kid wakes up in LA, disoriented and in police custody, surely missing his parents.

Standard story, except this kid lived in Hawaii and he jumped in the wheelwell of a 767 crossing the ocean and survived the trip.

Is this human evolution? Maybe we just pass out and ride outside the plane in the future?

K-Strass and A Lack Of Muscle Memory

Hahaha pranking the news is excellent!

This guy, one of the founders of the Found Footage Festival (a mashup of the worst of unintentionally-bad found video), decided he was bored with promoting the festival on morning shows, so he decided to have some fun with the media and created this fictional yo-yo pro. Yes there’s such things.

And of course the local news will book him. Show us some tricks, K-Strass!

These guys just made news again by creating a fake cookbook written by a fake chef (Something about remixing leftovers!) and getting booked for full cooking segments, where host after host just went with the disgusting things being prepared. Desperate folks those local media types ;-).


Game, Blouses

The actual cover for Prince’s new single (with his band 3rd Eye Girl):


Prince can swing from heavy to irrelevant – you just never know what you’ll get from him. His latest project 3rd Eye Girl seems to be keeping it light. Good stuff!

Obamacare requires most insurers to tackle obesity

Obamacare requires most insurers to tackle obesity.

Sounds good to me. If your BMI is high, you will be able to access wellness counselors, health coaches, even Weight Watchers Inc. through Obamacare, perhaps with no co-pay.

Another nice part of this obviously needed thing in modern America – there should be plenty of competition. See, how they address obesity is something that the insurance providers get to decide, perhaps based on regionalism and demographics.

If it all works we will be able to shop in our state’s exchange for a plan that fits us based on various health categories such as obesity. And since one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to bodies and our problems, this could deliver better quality care.

The Big Payback by Nina Turner

Not Tina Turner, not a James Brown song, but some good old fashioned politics:

Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business

State Senator Turner is the real deal, fighting the forces of ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Men in the US continue to legislate women’s reproductive and sexual rights, so Senator Turner is pushing back with the obvious “how do you like it?”.

Crooked River Vote Strength

99.95% strong and always underestimated by Turd Blossom himself, here’s a look back to the madness of election night on Fox on the night of this State of the Union Address.

Coming soon, Megyn’s walk of shame, but first enjoy Karl Rove spinning his fat head off on the various counties of Ohio as the Obama voters celebrate split-screen:

Then after that awkward bit of republican logic we get to see the leggy Ms. Kelly wobble down through Fox’s frightening offices until finding “the decision desk”, a room where Arnin, Chris Stirewalt, and “these guys behind” are charged with facing reality.

Did you catch how she admitted they rehearsed this bit of newscaster wandering?  People think I’m bullshitting when I say that Ohio has determined many of the recent presidential elections, this one was actually called due to my county.

When Merely Stating the Ideas Obama Put Forth Would Have Gotten You Killed

Excellent inauguration yesterday. Say what you will about American politics but we’ve kept this democracy going for 200+ years, without a single violent handover or uprising. We call it the “grand experiment”, and boy is it frustrating living in this system but when they get the pomp and circumstance going (something our government probably does less than most) it does make me feel good to be an american.

We’ve come a long way baby. Civil rights, in the form of women’s rights, gay rights, and the rights of the sick and impoverished to get care, took focus in the speech. Delivered by the first president of African descent 50 years after African-American descendants of slaves earned the right to vote, on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, drove the point home.

Here’s an excellent article summarizing this point: In 2013, our half-black president addressed the nation and referenced the civil war and the african-american civil struggle, updating it to include the gay rights struggle and the gender pay equality struggle.

There was a time in this country not so long ago when simply saying the same words as the president would have gotten you killed. A toast to progress!


Keeping Us Real

What a tragic day. A Kindergarten? This is the sickest act I’ve seen yet.

Blame ourselves for building such an unnatural environment:

  1. We hide our water ways.
  2. We eject people from our public spaces.
  3. We surround ourselves with plastic.
  4. We eat food riddled with filler or worse.
  5. We pump our bodies with energy drinks, processed cain, and dyes until riddled with flaccidity and cancers.
  6. We ridicule (or outlaw) art and music and joyful expression.
  7. We diagnose every physical and mental anomaly and treat it with drugs.
  8. We are eradicating exercise and physical movement.
  9. We replaced?exercise?with simulated killing & networked murder games with ever-growing realism.
  10. We work jobs sitting slumped over machines for 10 hours a day.
  11. Full-time work these days very well might leave you with no benefits and no chance of climbing out of poverty, even with a career-level job.
  12. We pollute our soil, air and water.
  13. We sit on Facebook all day developing a false sense of community.

Is it any wonder the people aren’t happy? If we just worked to reverse a couple of the above trends over the next generation I do believe general health and happiness of the american population will improve.

Watching Incorrect News Makes You Ignorant. Imagine That.


Faux science from Fox news causes general scientific ignorance. This has been obvious to me but now we have data to back it up.

I’ve posted this before but it bears screaming digitally:

Global warming/climate change is not equivalent to your local weather forecast.

imagesIdiots that rant about global warming being a hoax on the days it’s snowing in their neighborhood (and use the snowfall as their evidence) are idiots. Pure idiots. How?

  • By not understanding the size of the planet verse their local weather system; by not understanding that climate change causes extremes in all ways;
  • By not understanding that the weather changes everywhere all the time, which is why we have averages and statistical computer programming analyzing everyone’s neighborhood (not just yours you stupid yahoo);
  • By believing that science/math/physics is open to ‘opinion’;
  • By not knowing that the scientific method addresses doubt and skepticism immediately. The very nature of the scientific method is to work from a position of doubt and prove things to be not true.

I know I’m screaming into an empty room because people who watch Fox news weren’t very interested in science or math class to begin with. But just sayin (again).