What’s A Telephone Bill These Days?

Another huge ballad from Bootsy

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Busy Earnin’

12 million views and counting, great song, don’t sleep!

Keep the funk flowing all day and all night all around the world

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The Sun Within

The person behind this website does a few other things that you might kindly check out:

21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:





EZRAZ solo noodles.


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New Bowie: Behold The Blackstar



David is 68 and counting and still making new, relevant music – very inspirational.

For his new record he scouted the New York scene and then hired an experienced hard-jazz improv group to act as his foil. He brought … Read the rest

Really Can’t Miss It

Tom Petty talking about high resolution audio:

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24bit or Bust: Bill Withers & Led Zeppelin

They trickle out slowly but at least they are finally coming:  24bit versions of classic albums by classic artists, ready for purchase for under $20. This is the full-quality studio master for your library so don’t pass up these opportunities.… Read the rest

Mama’s Like A Cowboy

Weird new video from Freekbass featuring a short hillbilly and a cross-dressing cowboy. Yup. Enjoy:

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Wanna Be Rich

Some new funk from Lonnie Marshall & Weapon of Choice, featuring Norwood Fisher. Stanky!

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King of Pop

Amazing, unreleased stuff by Michael Jackson, about to given a proper (legal) release after the tracks were finished by some big name producers. Check out this little chestnut:

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Filler Music



The filler music on the mothership is ezraz.

That’s what i think of my latest compositions.

Fill’er up!

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Are You Always This Restless, Is That Hard?

Great band came through my town the other night. They are called Man Man and they are pushing their fourth album I believe, titled On Oni Pond.  Great stuff, here’s one of the many that had the floor shaking:… Read the rest

J’ai Tué Le Commissaire

Classic New Version Time.

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Kickstart The Funk With The Bump

Freekbass and his new band The Bump Assembly are doing a new record, and it’s being crowdsourced with a nice kickstarter campaign.

So find a little extra gift money and pre-buy yourself some brand new funk for the new year!… Read the rest

What Kind of Cool is Cody ChesnuTT

Boost to get dressed, fake it ’til we make it…. Great track from (the ever elusive) Cody ChesnuTT of his latest amazing LP “Landing On A Hundred”:




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What’s Wrong With The Music Biz? Cody ChesnuTT Edition

Here’s a glimpse into the current state of the US music business – this guy gets no radio airplay and no mainstream attention, even when pushing an amazing new record. Damn shame.

Urban radio where are you? Rock radio where … Read the rest

Covert Bowie – The Next Day For Our “Heroes”

The great David Bowie managed something most music artists can’t achieve in their 4th and 5th decades – to stay relevant and ambitious both in the studio and on stage.

Releasing acclaimed albums in the late 90’s and early aughts, … Read the rest

Heal My Body, My Mind, My Soul In No Landfill

Amazing new record out – get it now. I bought mine from HDTracks so I could get the higher quality.


Cody ChesnuTT – Landing On A Hundred. Seek it out, spend some money, and remember what classic albums feel like.… Read the rest

No Turning Back With Cody ChesnuTT

Since I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s social media noise I know I miss stuff, but you know, I usually find it in good time.

From last summer, here’s a great peak into the Okayplayer studios with Cody Chesnutt … Read the rest