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The person behind this website does a few other things that you might kindly check out:

21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:



EZRAZ solo noodles.

This is all distributed by Collinwood Sun and produced at The Flux-Adel Recording Division.

A wise friend of mine use to say prove it.


New Bowie: Behold The Blackstar



David is 68 and counting and still making new, relevant music – very inspirational.

For his new record he scouted the New York scene and then hired an experienced hard-jazz improv group to act as his foil. He brought them his demos and ideas, learned to work with them in the studio, then had his long-time producer Tony Visconti set up and record nearly the entire album in the 1st or 2nd take, all in the same room, with minimal overdubs.

The resulting album is called Blackstar and the sound is new, expansive, and fresh. Bowie growing as an artist, still!?!

The only trick under the sun that constantly works is letting good musicians work together to sell the song. No technology can help that.

Here’s the first single from the album: Lazarus.


24bit or Bust: Bill Withers & Led Zeppelin

They trickle out slowly but at least they are finally coming:  24bit versions of classic albums by classic artists, ready for purchase for under $20. This is the full-quality studio master for your library so don’t pass up these opportunities.

Two classic artists that have gone 24bit lately are Led Zeppelin and Bill Withers. Jimmy Page, guitarist and leader of Zep, has completed his remastering project where all 9 of the legendary band’s studio albums have been given the modern HD treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.12.43 AM

This includes versions with the original track list but remastered to 24/96, and a deluxe version of each record complete with outtakes, alternate versions, demos, and other rarities. The remasters come in under $20, the Deluxe versions are about $25 each, and you can even buy the whole catalog on vinyl, CD, or HD-digital download, with the physical media including the digital downloads. Very nice.


The Bill Withers albums didn’t receive any rare add-ons, but it sure is nice to see them at 24bit and most of them are under $15. Bill is a traditionalist, so his piano, his voice, his guitar, and the rest of the arrangement should sound very warm and intimate at 24bit. Real instruments, real voices, real soul.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.03.57 AM


Check out PonoMusic for the Zeppelin and Bill Withers pages.


What’s Wrong With The Music Biz? Cody ChesnuTT Edition

Here’s a glimpse into the current state of the US music business – this guy gets no radio airplay and no mainstream attention, even when pushing an amazing new record. Damn shame.

Urban radio where are you? Rock radio where are you? Pop radio where are you? Easy Listening even? As usual, ignoring real new talent and playing songs for the lowest common denominator between mostly commercials.

I can’t wait until the FCC gets restructured and the existing FM bandwidth gets re-allocated away from this babbling crap that is commercial radio in the USA. One can hope.

Anywho – Enjoy Cody doing most of his new album “Landing On A Hundred” solo…



Covert Bowie – The Next Day For Our “Heroes”

The great David Bowie managed something most music artists can’t achieve in their 4th and 5th decades – to stay relevant and ambitious both in the studio and on stage.

Releasing acclaimed albums in the late 90’s and early aughts, as well as selling out worldwide with a hot stage show, led many to believe Bowie was entering a second creative goldrush. But as he entered his 60’s, health problems slowed him down and he fell into an admitted writers block. 2003’s Reality album and tour was not followed and no one much heard of Bowie for a few years. He’d pop up from time to time as an artsy citizen of NYC but didn’t appear to be pursuing his music career further.

Which all makes his new album “The Next Day” that much cooler. Written, recorded, mixed, and released with no pre-release hype, no press teasers, and no leaks in this day of social media and instant gratification makes it a serious throwback to times when a new release could build natural buzz based on the artist’s quality.

The cover art kicks thing off proper with a Fluxus-inspired statement, using the cover of “Heroes” as the backdrop for a large white box over Bowie’s 1970’s mug. Inside the overly large white box is the title “The Next Day” in the plainest, least passionate black font they could find. The hook is the original title bar, modified to “Heroes” David Bowie.

Yes David appears to be feeling a bit nostalgic, doing what he rarely does and looking back and some key points in his life. The music is full of variety, grooves, riffs, hooks, builds, cliffs, even soaring ballads featuring mostly traditional instruments – real drums, real guitars, real horns, real keys played by Bowie, and great lead and backing vocals. The whole things is 17 songs of very musical and well-written work. It’s amazing he put this together (and out) with none of the marketing he usually receives.

Here’s a track to whet your appetite:

Bowie said in a recent interview that he didn’t feel his label would support the record and that he didn’t plan on touring extensively with this record, so he decided to do the whole thing as a covert project. Everyone involved had to use a cover story and keep the info that they were working on the a new Bowie record quiet. Amazing that it worked, and it’s exciting to just have a new record without waiting for it after months of hype. This record was released on Bowie’s 66th birthday with no press. Awesome.

Anyway, I bought this record in hi-def digital over at HDTracks and would buy the double-record vinyl set if I saw it. Bowie is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of artist and this record belongs in the catalog next to his other greats.

No Turning Back With Cody ChesnuTT

Since I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s social media noise I know I miss stuff, but you know, I usually find it in good time.

From last summer, here’s a great peak into the Okayplayer studios with Cody Chesnutt noodling around with a new song.

I am waiting for Pono to come out so I can start buying records again. I feel like I’ve paid for my last mp3 or mp4, I just can’t justify spending money on the poor quality audio files. This new Cody and the new Bowie coming out could be the first ones I buy in High-Res digital.


Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 1.02.57 PM


Awww Yeeeah!! The latest and greatest from Roaming Crazy is done and on its way to the epresses!

“Sing Too” is liable to cause spastic brain flams and incoherent fist swings. You will be able to own your own copy very soon but if you want to hear the track now, we gave Jango Radio the exclusive. Go there now and click play on the song to rock now. Don’t forget to like it haha.