Bernie Worrell Achieves Elevation

If you know this site you know I’m a huge fan of Bernie Worrell. I think he’s one of the finest keyboardists ever – legendary – of all time – because of his note selection, his melodic composition, and the playful joy that he does not suppress in his playing. Bernie seemingly has done everything and played with everyone in his 40+ years as a musician and recording artist.

But there’s something primal about the keyboard that he never did until now – release a record consisting of just him and a piano. That’s right – The Wizard of Woo, the master of the Moog, Aladdin of the Arp – the man that is as responsible for us looking to space for inspiration as Star Wars, has never released even a single song of just him and his piano.

Funkateers – marvel in the primal rawness of it all – you ever wonder what Bernie’s fingers really sounds like? You ever wonder if those melodies, lines, even his playing style translates to the grand?

Here’s the new album, and it’s heavy: Elevation: Upper Air – Bernie Worrell – Solo Piano. He does a number of classics, including one of his own, and you really get to hear the genius player like never before.

Every note, every line, every touch is nearly perfect. Bernie on a piano is a beautiful listen. Search your music service to see if it’s available. I’m going to try to pick it up on hi-def audio to hear that whole piano!


What Kind of Cool Will We Think Of Next

Best funk soul rhythm blues rock record out this year:

Landing On A Hundred
by Cody ChesnuTT

It was worth waiting 10 years for the follow-up to The Headphone Masterpiece. This one was definitely not made in Cody’s bedroom. Great material, great production, best album in years.

Get it in digital hi-res at HD Tracks or wherever you like to purchase music. This is independent greatness so no bootlegging this one jack.

All 2MERICA All The Time

It’s the anti-facebook, no it’s the anti-circle, no it’s the anti-pop live-remix outfit known as 2MERICA, and they have released their 3rd LP and it’s fun-kay! ?Check out some Mass Entertainment here, here, here, and here. The perfect band for the digital age, 2MERICA smashes every genre they can into the stew, cracking genomes and slapping baby bottoms on this planet and the next.

Completed in 2005, 2MERICA’s 1st LP “Record Profits” was recorded in the motel rooms of America. 14 pieces strong featuring a cast of many without a care in the world, it’s still available a few places online if you groogle it.?Settling into his studio “The Fluxadelic Underground” allowed Ezraz to produce the follow-up “Sensors & Switches & Buttons” in 2007 without a sophomore slunk. Some live-in-studio tracks were also captured and ultimately released as the singles “Never Met Tomorrow” and “Keep Steady” in 2009 & 2010.


Upgrading the studio into “The Flux-adel Recording Division” in 2010 has allowed Ezraz to produce other acts (grookle Roaming Crazy, Winnie Rose, The Stares 20/20, ?& Ezraz) as well as drop the latest 2MERICAN adventure into your earholes.

Mass Entertainment features JP Abramczyk on guitars, Mistaswift on drums, Jesus Irizarry on bass, Jaimeson Lowell on raps, and Lo Cro on vocals. Just like the rest of the collection, it was produced by Ezraz Jones and mastered by Dave Davis.

Peep it. If you like what you hear, check out the back catalog. By being both ahead and behind at the same time, 2MERICA ends up being just right.


Numerica! Finally

Yeah yeah yeah I know my projects take forever to come out sometimes. I’ve heard that before. I try to make it worth the wait.


So there’s a new 2MERICA LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, featuring 5 songs of fresh funky goodness, about to hit the interwebs in a couple of weeks. Yes finally, some new funk from the #1 funk band in Cleveland (look it up!!).

The title track is out exclusive on Jango Radio and it’s bumpin up the echarts, so click over to and give the thumbs up so we can keep on truckin…