I Can Make It

For once in my life, an amazing song by an amazing artist.

Then check out this crazy duet with Stevie and Tony Bennet doing the slowed down version:

The Fire Is Out There Is No Doubt

Great song by Stevie Wonder, going back to 1974 for some joyful breakup blues:

Stevie and Michael in studio, 1974

Michael and Stevland in studio, 1974

Damn New Birth

Oh yeah – old school funk:

The New Birth


Take A Good Look At My Face

Smokey Robinson, one of American’s finest songwriters, has a new record out and it led me to find this gem:

10 years after smokey’s original, the seventies country rock thing was happening and a cutie by the name of Linda …

Quick Studio Funk with Larry Dunn & Foley

Just a glimpse into the sessions for Foley’s killer 1993 release “7 Years Ago….Directions In Smart-Alec Music” featuring some keyboard love from original EWF player Larry Dunn, with a quick glimpse of GC at the end.

Hey was that Foley …