Trump Trump Trump Trumps Your Trump

This is priceless. I hope Donald Trump stays in the Republican race as long as possible!


This is a pretty despicable man, famous for his wealth, his bombast, his ridiculous hair, and his inability to stop self-promoting.


He is the classic high-school rich kid bully, screaming LOSER at anyone that challenges him, then letting them know he has more money so therefore is obviously a better person. He does this to everyone, fully bullying even the national media in a way unlike anyone since Ann Coulter.


He has started picking up the Palin idiots. These fools believe he is an “outsider” even though he’s been playing with (and buying) politicians for decades now. Even Democrats!  Hillary Clinton went to his daughter’s wedding. According to him, she had to because he wrote her a huge check.  What a tea partier!


He has started picking up the Hannity and Glen Beck idiots too, because of his ability to say anything to anyone, no matter how tasteless, useless or contradictory to past statements it is.   He is the red meat king, even if none of his past actions line up with their politics.



He was pro-choice before pro-life, pro-nationalized health care before he was against it, regarding the Iraq War, he said Bush picked the wrong enemy and that we should have invaded Mexico. Really.



To go along with the theme – most of the merchendise with his name plastered all over it in caps is made in China and Mexico. Who is gonna save America again?


Then there’s just the basic concept of who this man is.  Avoiding what comes out of his mouth, which is really hard to take seriously if you are not impressed by wealth, still leaves you










the-trump-network-brand-new-business-presentation-3-728 trump




Don’t forget about Ivanka with her shoes and purses:m_530431d64845e61b631f28ad







with all of the evidence of his ego.


Remember the criticisms of Obama during the campaign because of his Hope poster and the round presidential-looking seal on his podium? That was considered too much branding by these same people.



This should be fun.


Streaming For Profits – Online Radio and Royalties

Interesting post from David Lowery from the band Cracker, showing the dirty details of what artists make in royalties these days.

My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale! | The Trichordist.

Still a relatively popular outfit with some good songs in the back-catalog, Lowery shows how 1 million plays of a Cracker song on a service like Pandora trickles back down to him and the other songwriters and stake holders. He also shows how this royalty payment compares to services like XM/Sirius (satellite) radio and AM/FM (terrestrial) radio.


Besides interesting behind the scenes stuff, why is this news now? Because the internet radio services are lobbying congress to reduce their royalty rates even further. I, of course, am against this, and most artists are starting to see the ridiculousness of this proposal. Continue reading

Money Is Tight: Purchase Wisely


I’ll give you a double dip recession, and trust me you’ll feel better after!

Here’s my question – why do “D”-Presidents like Obama and Clinton get blamed for the economy they inherited and then not receive credit for any changes they do enact?

Yet GW Bush was able to take credit for the whole ride up the bubble and then leave the crash to be blamed on his successor.

I’ve always heard from Republicans that Democrats shun responsibility and expect things for free but I’m sorry, it’s the opposite. Clinton balanced the budget. Clinton/Gore led a financial revolution for this country using high-tech american ingenuity.

Almost everyone I knew in the 90’s in America was doing better or had a path to better themselves. W Bush took this (using the supreme court to get him into office), sliced taxes for the wealthy, used a 30-year proxy war against a middle eastern crime syndicate to launch into ridiculous land wars we couldn’t afford.

He also pushed new home building and McMansion ownership over anything else (even though we have plenty of housing stock and apartment living is more energy efficient), and pushed a decadent, wasteful, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ mentality on this big gullable country.

It wasn’t sustainable. Imagine!

W finger

This word that Republicans don’t care to understand just won’t go away!

The housing market collapsed, the SUV’s need fuel and repairs since no one is fixing the roads or bridges without tax revenue, and the average american keeps putting 40 gallons of fuel in their truck or truckish-car every week to drive their fat ass all over the suburbs.

Even though the same 11 stores exist at every strip mall in america.

So there’s this: The Flux-adel Store. Spend your money wisely people. Only support the brands that support you.

You can eat, sleep, party, serve drinks, clean the house, and scare your neighbor in clothes like this.