President Trump’s First Victims

Our moron in chief can now issue orders to the military. And he did. And it was a disaster.

Mainstream media will ignore this, being totally pistol whipped by Trump’s white house.

This is disgusting and real. America has a … Read the rest

The Art Of Foolery

Cool article about various ways the US military attempted to confuse the enemy during WWII using rubber tanks and other fun.




Reminds me of driving the roads in Poland and coming across a metal sign shaped and painted … Read the rest

Feared By The People

Manipulate You Socially

Facebook aren’t the only ones learning about how to exert control over people through social networks:

Air Force research: How to use social media to control people like drones

More proof that you shouldn’t trust or believe most of what … Read the rest

October 1972: Birth of the Packet Man

Packets, packets, got your packets here!


Going way back into the ‘what is the internet?’ file, here’s a great article about the actual first pitch and live demo of the internet (then called by it’s acronym ARPANET).

Yes, it did … Read the rest

Simplify If You Want, But Remain Accurate aka Obama Takes Out Osama

Of course we are all talking about, and adjusting to, the big news of the day.

66 years to the day the last boogie man got his, Obama ordered the strike that most americans have been waiting for.

I never … Read the rest