The Great Catalog of Michael

Cool mix of amateur singers around the world taking on the extensive Michael Jackson catalog:

There’s some good stuff in here, for sure.

The Voice has always been a pretty good show when they cut the fat out. I love … Read the rest

Soul Divine



Amp Fiddler managed to launch a successful solo career after many years with the P-Funk Mob. His records take that P-Funk groove and give it a touch more soul/R&B and let Amp get his strut on. Here’s a nice … Read the rest

King of Pop

Amazing, unreleased stuff by Michael Jackson, about to given a proper (legal) release after the tracks were finished by some big name producers. Check out this little chestnut:

Amazing how hearing a new Michael Jackson song can still make most … Read the rest

The Doggone Girl

John Legend and Stephen Colbert channeling Michael and Mac!Read the rest

She Says I Am The One

After hearing his cover of “I’ll Always Love You” I heard about this cover, another monster. Who would have thunk it? It’s pretty cool to hear this classic song re-arranged.
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