Ich Bin Ein


Great jam from Living Colour. Full playlist coming soon!

In a new place, in a strange land….

Ah yeah! The debut of Living Colour’s newest playlist as put together by WFNK.com!

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Monkey Nuts

This monkey is nuts.


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Time’s Up

The master Will Calhoun holding down the drum chair for Living Colour:

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Check out “Stares 2020” by ROAMING CRAZY

Cro likes this one as a lead single better than Sing Too. I’m not so sure.

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You Can Take My Stares

A couple years back I messed around and started a rock band. Crank it!! 
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Roaming Crazy on Youtube

A little late (ahem) but finally Roaming Crazy has their own youtube channel.

Enjoy the fruits of this prolific Flux-adel Rock unit here:


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I’ll Never Get Enough

Great band from the 80’s-90’s – Faith No More. This was the debut track from their biggest selling LP:


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Hardwired to Self Destruct

Damn, new Metallica is smoking. Time has been kind to these dudes. With all the crap rock fakers out there these guys just blow the competition away, even as they grey out. Good for them. I have become much more … Read the rest

Generals Gathered In Their Masses

great 1974 sunny performance from the original Black Sabbath lineup:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.03.33 PM


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I Walk The Line

kings_x_02Black the Sky

ZZZ005232-PP images


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Everybody’s Got A Thang

The firstest and bestest version of the P-Funk Thang as it was forming in 1969.


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All The Leaves In Need of Raking

Great lyric hidden in the middle of this jam from King’s X

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Hardened Roots

I grew up in the cheese metal era, which was a few eras after the funk era. Funk is my dominant listening mode but as you know I indulge in all sorts of other sounds. I just love music and … Read the rest

Let’s Roll

Stomp with me

For whatever reason, maybe the outfit, maybe the material, I don’t know, but Angus Young seems to be underrated. This is a monster guitarist. He and his brother formed one of the finest rock guitar combos ever.… Read the rest

The Full Power Of Bone

Click bait headlines continue!

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Always Roaming Crazy

Home grown rock

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Gonna Be A Gunfight Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Super groups are tricky. Bands I grew up with are now old enough to be reforming into super groups I couldn’t have imagined back then. But why not, let’s make music together, what can go wrong?

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Tribute Time – Sheehan Plays KX on Bass

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