Everybody’s Got A Thang

The firstest and bestest version of the P-Funk Thang as it was forming in 1969.


Bernie isn’t there yet, neither is Tiki, Bootsy or Garry. But the Parliaments are out front and a very early version of Funkadelic is just blaring away behind them melding together 3-4 songs and 3-4 pieces of then unreleased songs.

The Parliaments have their dance moves down and their parts all together, no lie!

Eddie Hazel, Tawl Ross, and Billy Bass are forming a pretty nasty string section. The drummer and keyboard player here were soon replaced. George is from another world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.45.33 AM

Hardened Roots

I grew up in the cheese metal era, which was a few eras after the funk era. Funk is my dominant listening mode but as you know I indulge in all sorts of other sounds. I just love music and hate genre’s. A jam is a jam.

This is a jam, written and performed by a forgotten guitar hero by the name of John Sykes.




This guy can riff, shred, write, and even sing with the best of them. He jumped around in several successful bands (Thin Lizzy, Badlands, Whitesnake) and even led his own unit Blue Murder, but his name never rose into that guitar shredder god status with the likes of Steve Vai (who replaced him in Whitesnake), Eddie Van Halen and so on.

Enjoy this live recording of him and his band recorded in Japan around 2002.

Gonna Be A Gunfight Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Super groups are tricky. Bands I grew up with are now old enough to be reforming into super groups I couldn’t have imagined back then. But why not, let’s make music together, what can go wrong?

This one is strangely alluring, bridging three eras of hard rock into a muscular throwback rock slab they are calling KXM. Consisting of Doug Pinnick of King’s X, George Lynch of Dokken, and Ray Luzier of Korn on drums, it’s another crazy power trio for the ages.

Damn loud fun. Like most super groups I can’t quite vibe on the mix of sounds and eras but it’s cool enough I might have to check out the full album.


That’s How You Do It

Ozzy and his classic “Blizzard of Oz” band did a little set for music TV show in Rochester NY in 1981. This is how it’s done – 4 dudes rocking it. The band was one of the best hard rock bands ever assembled – the late, great Randy Rhodes on guitar, the great Rudy Sarzo on bass, the great Tommy Alderidge on drums, and Ozzy in good voice doing his thing.

Turn it up and enjoy:

So Many Millions

Another fine Fishbone song, recorded live in Cali on the Chim Chim tour (1996):

Bad recording but cool version of So Many Millions (starts at 19:48)

I almost broke my wrists trying to play the original version of this on drums, damn Fish, one of the sickest drummers ever!


The Curious Case of W. Axl Rose


It’s been 4 1/2 years, seemingly the right time to revisit something you might have dismissed,  you know, 4 1/2 years ago.

I dismissed this Axl Rose character, thinking for some unspecified reason that he was no longer the powerfully-voiced fighting machine that blew all other rock vocalists off the stage in the late 80’s.

Maybe it was drugs, women, insanity, or some cool rockstar mix of all three that had derailed him, I told myself. After all, Slash is just so cool! All that hair and those beautiful guitars! He was somehow more responsible for the classic GNR in my head. This was bullshit of course, I realize now.

Why this reversal? I finally listened to Chinese Democracy.

Played the whole record, loudly, from top to bottom. Finally. This record’s story and the characters behind it annoyed me so much it took me over 4 years to simply listen to the damn thing.

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In The Future There Will Be Quiet Riots

Aw yeah get your 1985 hairspray out, I’m going on a cheese binge! These guys were the best hair metal band of all time, great musicians, decent songs, good sense of humor…

I think since the lead singer Kevin Dubrow passed a couple years back, and more and more cover bands try their hand at these songs, people are discovering that underneath alot of the goofiness of the 80’s there were some decent bands and vocalists working. Not a ton, but some.

It’s Holding Back The Weather

…and the same will let it go

I love these guys. Here they are doing an early hit from a rare american TV performance.


Someone’s vocals are flat, probably a bad monitor mix.

This band rips – Ty Tabor on guitar, great tone, great everything, Doug Pinnick’s overly stringed bass monster, and Jerry Gaskill smashing the hell out of that little drum kit, and they all sing, usually in key.


The Electric Eye

So it’s my brother and my mother’s birthday around now. My mom’s favorite band The Rolling Stones get plenty of play at WFNK.com but I realized I’ve never done a video shout out to my older brother.

So this is to the first and true metal lovin mofo with flared fenders and bellbottoms… bustin ass around most of the USA for the last ## years: live metal!