Serve The Song

The most expensive drummer in the world plays it simple.


  1. For the music
  2. What’s most important in music? Not the singer, not the guitarists, not the bassist, not the keyboardist, not the drummer. It’s the song. It’s the music.
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Time of Storm

The Law and The Fist

By Krzysztof Komeda, 1964

Before a sunrise

from the four sides of the world

from the rowan paths which forests have been burnt

the wind is tired

Right and front where crops stand not harvested

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Shift Toward Minor Key

Pop Music Study Shows Shift Toward Minor Key Melodies Since 1960.

It also shows a slowing of tempo, increasing length, and more juxtaposition of positive lyrics over minor keys or introspective/negative lyrics over major keys.

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Appreciation Post: Jaimeson Lowell

Lots of politics and tech and life up here but through it all I keep the music spinning. We are the music makers and the music lovers.

Here’s just one of many vocal runs by 2MERICA’s chief vocalist 7M.

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Books and Music – So much on the way

Yo humans
I’ve been feeling prolific
and proficient lately
got those legs pumping
ain’t giving up no ground.
So many opportunities
with so little cash,
so much fun to be had
makin the dash,
but I have big billskys
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Words for a Nearly Spring Weekend

I have been dragging ass through February but March is here and it looks like we might have all survived another winter. Time to rock and roll for sure. I had two songs on the iPod the last couple of … Read the rest