What He Wants Is Live Aretha

Whenever he needs it.  Aretha baby we love you.

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Lively Isleys

Isley Brothers live for TV 1973 doing their rendition of Summer Breeze.


Stick around for the guitar solo.

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Just Do For Others Like You Want Done Back To You

Great song from the spyz

and a live rendition for some fun

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Makes My Heart Sing

You sweet sticky thing.

Rare live Ohio Players from mid-70’s:

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Time’s Up

The master Will Calhoun holding down the drum chair for Living Colour:

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Take The Funk Tour

Live funk from the early 60’s until now…..so nice.

Get on board the time travelling mothership and enjoy some live funk!

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Unknown Group From Liverpool

Didn’t anybody tell her?

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Coming Down Is The Hardest Thing

Some go by surprise. Some go to the inevitable. But we all go.

RIP Thomas Earl Petty


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Just What I Needed

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When The Morning Comes

An amazing rock song done right will always captivate:

I’ll have to check out some more of this classic rock show. That was solid stuff.

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And Try Again

the legendary blind melon still making magic

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Roaming Crazy on Youtube

A little late (ahem) but finally Roaming Crazy has their own youtube channel.

Enjoy the fruits of this prolific Flux-adel Rock unit here:


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Standing In Your Stuff

Yet another great live Zigaboo Modeliste jam:

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Great band – VAMO!

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Man Doing Machine

This track was originally composed with a drum machine on overdrive. Great programming.

Look at this bad mother rocking it out on drums. Stick around for the end!

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Turn To Stone

The legend Joe Walsh with his mid-70’s swag

This song is what I feel about my country right now, as the crazies take over.


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Landed On Me

Count Basie and his boys live in 1958. Dat’s how you do it!

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Here To Gardenia

Whatchu want?

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