February Horserace Update

The horserace is getting interesting now with Valentines Day around the corner. The Republicans are facing armegeddon, the Democrats facing deja-vu.


On the redneck side there’s donny wreaking havoc. He’s bullied his way to the front of the pack, … Read the rest

Stewart’s Daily Show Coming To An End

For 17 years Jon Stewart has given much of late night America their politics and culture in a groundbreaking comedy format. The Daily Show was uniquely funny and timely like very few other formats, and the gamut of guests kept … Read the rest

When Merely Stating the Ideas Obama Put Forth Would Have Gotten You Killed

Excellent inauguration yesterday. Say what you will about American politics but we’ve kept this democracy going for 200+ years, without a single violent handover or uprising. We call it the “grand experiment”, and boy is it frustrating living in this … Read the rest

Stealing Words

Since Obama just got re-elected in a decisive victory (or what passes for that these days) I’ve been doing some thinking and reading about the right wing. Their struggle with coping with this reality has been fascinating.

I don’t get … Read the rest

We As A People Will Get There

It hasn’t been that long. Don’t forget.

2 wars. The al-Qaeda and Bin Laden boogieman.

No hope for healthcare or tax breaks for the folks. Anti-intellectual, anti-science screamers in charge.

I remember very clearly how scary it was for america.… Read the rest