All Lives Matter, and White Cops Abusing Black Men Usually Get Away With It

Have fun with your phrases  — Black Lives Matter was started to address police brutality against black americans.

If you make it about more than that you are a racist.

If you won’t talk about the core issue of the group and instead use it to attack and hate, that’s what you are.


Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it was "a kid with a toy". Police shot first - a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range - then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun.

Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it as “a kid playing with a toy, maybe scaring some people”. But Police arrived and shot first – a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range – then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun. Neither cop has been charged to this point.

This is the kind of case that gave force to the BLM movement.

The nut that started shooting at a crowd of cops in Dallas is a murderer, but not a surprise. I don’t think people are going to take much more of the lawlessness from the cops before they fire back.  If a cop hurt a member of my family you might end up calling me a killer too.

The Bathrooms At Drumpf Tower

Uh oh, donny is pivoting to the general election and his most hard-headed ignorant followers are not going to be happy. He’s a New York liberal billionaire who is currently winning the republican nomination due to his brand, his ego, his trucker hat, and his bullying ways.

But as he pivots and unveils more of his policy ideas it will be interesting to watch the maniac low-information types deal with him.

Yesterday he was asked about the North Carolina bathroom law controversy. He said a transgender such as Caitlyn Jenner can use whatever bathroom they prefer in his buildings. Oops – wrong answer Drumpf! Your supporters are afraid of transgenders in their bathroom! Ew gross!



Bill Burr expresses surprise. Tracy Morgan flirts. You can react how you want to a transgender person but North Carolina wants to prosecute them for where they pee.


The way it has always worked in america is if you were transgender and needing a public restroom you went into whatever side you felt most comfortable with in that situation. You minded your business in the bathroom and there was no problem.

The wise republicans of North Carolina felt it was time to make a change. They want bathroom use determined by the actual genitals in your pants and want serious legal punishment if you go into the other room. You can dress, walk, talk, and smell like a woman, but if there’s still any form of a penis in those pants and you go into the woman’s room in NC their law punishes you like a pervert preying on those women. If there’s minors using that restroom at the same time you can even be put on the sex offender list. Your life can be ruined because of which room you chose to pee in.

The law is pointless and tries to correct a problem that doesn’t exist. No one knows which bathroom a transgender goes into because no one inspects the genitals of strangers in bathrooms.

Paypal Inc. cancelled their plans for a new office in North Carolina, saying they will not invest in a state that discriminates against transgenders. Various entertainers like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have spoken out against the law and cancelled shows in the state.

Unless you post a bathroom monitor who inspects the genitals of every person walking in, this law will be struck down. Mind your business in the public restroom and there’s no problems.  I have to agree with Don here. I even capped his name.

I thought Republicans were against pointless government control and new laws? Now they want the government in bathroom stalls and in the pants of people that just need to pee.



The golden public bathrooms in Trump Tower, where you are free to use the one you most identify with.

Apple Is Fighting For Our Digital Future

The FBI is doing a criminal investigation on a mass murder committed by americans. Some call it a terrorist attack, some don’t. Either way it’s a high profile case for the Obama justice department.

The couple that committed the crimes worked for the county government in California. The investigation has requested and received all of their online records, cloud data, phone records, work data, SMS, banking, housing, and travel receipts.

The one thing the FBI hasn’t been able to get into is their work-assigned iPhones. The now deceased users had enabled full security with encryption on the most recent iOS and did not turn on cloud backup. They put in a 4-pin code like all of us and went about their business.

The FBI now wants to know what business those iPhones might have stored. Makes sense. Problem is they lost their chance to bypass the full lockdown mode, against Apple’s advice, and now they are locked out for at least a very long time, if not forever. It’s estimated it would take 20+ years to crack the iPhone using brute force, due to all of the layers of security iOS has in place in both hardware and software.

So the FBI is now attempting to force Apple to create an insecure version of iOS that could be installed on the phones that would then allow the FBI to crack the phones.


Apple is arguing that doing so would destroy the established security of every iPhone on the planet. They say it’s akin to building the master key to decrypt even the most heavily secured iPhone and they won’t do it. It’s software’s version of cancer, says Tim Cook, and he’ll fight the FBI all the way.

It’s important to note that had the FBI followed Apple’s instructions they could have forced those iPhones to do a cloud backup and then decrypted most of the data. But instead, someone at the FBI ordered the phone be reset with no backup, leaving it in a decrypted, locked, and defensive state, and they now regret that decision.

Apple losing this case could kill the iOS and it’s ability to safely store your financial, credit card, location, and health data. Apple could no longer promise you it’s your data to secure.

The ends do not justify the means.


tim cook abc news interview

That user could have nuclear plans encrypted on his iPhone. I support any brute force, seizure or other legal means available to the FBI to get the data.

But the FBI better not be able to compel Apple or any tech company to ship insecure products under the guise of security. The actions of one customer, no matter how heinous, cannot and should not destroy the security of millions of other innocent customers.


Travesty Of Justice

True story: 12 year old kid gets a toy gun from the dollar store.




He runs up his street to a small park and pretends he’s shooting various things. Plays with his toy.

A man on a bench sees this and dials 9-1-1. He tells the operator that a kid is playing with a toy gun and he’s worried that someone will think it’s real.

The operator alerts the police. The guy goes home. The kid stays there playing in the snow.

The police show up driving into the park, think it’s real, and shoot the 12 year old dead in under 2 seconds.

They literally pulled up and shot him dead before he could even show his hands, or the gun, or his face, or anything. Turns out the operator didn’t tell the cops it was a kid, and they didn’t assume it could be.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.10.05 PM


Because you know, it’s Cleveland, it’s a black guy, and he’s clearly got a gun. Shoot first is what a lot of the white cops do these days.

Who was the cop? The shooter was a rookie white guy who failed out of the suburban police squad then was hired in one of Cleveland’s violent areas, reportedly looking for more action. He got it. And guess what else he just got?

Even more true: a jury in Cleveland just decided against even charging the cop.

Lots of Gadgets Are Spying On You

I covered it last week here. Samsung gets called out for their smart TV’s listening and transmitting everything we say to a third party. Very 1984. You might have thought ‘Samsung isn’t the only one doing it’ – and you would be right: Lots of other gadgets are spying on you.

Do you really need to talk to your devices, when a simple button press works just as well?

The Internet Is Owned – Act Accordingly

The top guy at Kaspersky Labs, one of the top security/encryption geeks walking, and one of the more restrained ones, dropped this bombshell during his keynote at their latest security conference:

“I operate under the principle that my computer is owned by at least three governments”  – Costin Raiu

That’s it, folks, the party is over. The internet is owned, as in it is fully compromised. The NSA, it’s competition, and rogue hackers have won over the freedom lovers.


The faster we understand this and react accordingly, the quicker we can move to the next phase of digital communications. If you assume everything (yes everything!) you do on this internet thing is being monitored, analyzed, and perhaps exploited somewhere around the globe, well that’s not the same as the internet we originally had.

Maybe we get rid of passwords now? Just a false sense of security there.

I got on the thing not yet called the internet around 1987. It grew into one if not the most amazing human developed resources ever. But like so many other greats, it didn’t make it past 27 years old.


2nd Amendment 2.0

The only part of the US Bill of Rights dealing with technology needs an update.

  • 220 years ago we all faced attack on and siege of our properties by non-US forces and animals.
  • 220 years ago we all lived rurally without electricity, phone, automobile, or medicine.
  • 220 years ago a gun could shoot 1 round at a time, and no more than 4 per minute.
  • 220 years ago a gun was 4.5 feet long and weighed 15 lbs.

Thus, in this environment, the founding fathers of this brand new (and highly sought after) country developed the 2nd amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

…or as I read it, a guarantee that the new US government wouldn’t sell out to the Brits. We the people had our out if the whole thing was compromised. The 3rd amendment drives that home with the guarantee that you won’t be forced to house US troops during war or peace time.

We’ve come to an argument, 220 years later, over how many, how powerful, and how prevalent guns should be for each American, regardless of where they live or what they use them for. There is no well-regulated militia, yet there is a full police force, amazing technology, medicine, animal control, etc. all showing that we’ve moved far beyond requiring a musket to protect your farm from redcoats or injuns.

America is sick with guns. There’s plenty of other prosperous countries that have violent video games, violent movies, mental illness, sex deviance, fatty diets, and money stress. What they don’t have is more weapons than people. The entire German police force fired less than 100 rounds last year in all of Germany (population: 82 million). Think about that. These people live peacefully, using guns for hunting and collecting. Spare me your nazi jokes, that was 80 years ago.

Anyone who thinks a solution involves more guns is a junkie. A Junkie. A violence junkie? If you are so concerned about your personal self-defense I suggest boxing or martial arts.

Someone needs to say it and keep repeating it: The 2nd amendment is legit. The NRA is bullshit.

We need to update the 2nd amendment before we devolve into armed chaos.

Constitution-era weapon

Constitution-era weapon

If you need a gun you should have a full background check, including your medication, violence and mental health history. No loopholes. If you need more than one, or a more powerful option you should have to apply for permission. Ammunition sales should be limited and tracked.

Anyone stockpiling should be investigated by the local police and kept in a database. Military-grade weapons and clips should be illegal for everyone but the military. They were from 1994-2004 and they should be again.

Then the police, the hunters, the house protectors, and the tough guys all can have their necessary guns. The rest of us can live without fear of every home holding a military arsenal one room over from the sad, medicated “home-schooled” kid playing video games all day and night.

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