This Is Graham

Enjoy most of Sly & The Family Stone, rocking the stage in Aruba circa 1997 on Sinbad’s Summer Soul Jam.

Yes. I had this on VHS back in the day but it’s long gone.

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Jam Graham

Classic throwdown from Larry Graham using that monster fuzz bass effect:

In case you want to see that slap in action:


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Be Mice Elf Agin

Great bonaroo super jam from last year, Larry Graham throwin down some classic Family Stone with the all-star band:

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Monday Morning Funk Lesson – Larry Graham Dr. Slap

Amazing rare video of Larry in the studio sometime in the 90’s for an instructional video showing us all how to lay down the funk.

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Hot Fun In The Caribbean Summertime – Live Graham Central Station


February 1st, middle of winter, Ohio USA. Need warmth….

Pt 1 of a great set from?Larry, Cynthia, and the rest of GCS from the Sinbad Summer Jam series, one of the finest collections of rare live funk around.

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