The Kids React To Donny Drumpf

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Thank god these kids see through the act. I ran across a group of kids spouting Trump sayings last week and I wanted to take them to their parents and be like ‘what the fuck!?!’

It’s amazing – the GOP candidate actually holds positions that can get kids in trouble in school. Not very presidential, that’s for sure.


All kids should have to watch the movie Idiocracy in middle school government class.

Music Education Helps Us For An Entire Lifetime



What an amazing study done by Northwestern University showing that simply taking music lessons as a child can improve your cognitive ability as you age and actually offset natural degradation. Music lessons from over 40 years ago still resonated with– and improved the brain performance of– participants.

imagesThey can now measure the reaction speed of the brain to sound. They played the participants letter sounds and measured how long it took their brains to understand the sound. The results were overlayed with the lesson history of the participants.

If they had several years total of any musical lessons they were in Group A. If they had very little or no musical training in their youth they were in Group B. The total pool consisted of adults from ages 55-76.

Group A consistently processed the sound 1millisecond faster than Group B.


If 1ms doesn’t sound like much remember it adds up. That’s 1ms per letter sound so imagine an entire conversation of 1ms pauses and you have slow and possibly degrading conversation ability.

Buy or give music lessons to your kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, or even the neighbor’s kid. It’s one of the best things you can do for them.




Music For All In Musicians Garden

We were out this weekend helping with our favorite cause – Musicians Garden. What an amazing time helping, teaching, and playing music with people of all ages. MG will have some amazing pictures of the event posted soon, and they are accepting bookings for all types of events.


Garden Goodness

800px-the_italian_garden_at_heligan is an amazing organization – teaching, preaching, and making music with people of all ages and skill levels. Every event they do is such an inspirational, fun, and unforgettable day.

They just put up a new website and are gearing up for some big events this year. Check it out and volunteer if you can.

Thankful & Thoughtful 2013 Edition

pieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowypieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowyI have many great people in my life. I try to keep it simple with my choices and surround myself with good people doing good things. I like people that enjoy the struggle and make it all worth it.


Krakow, Poland

This weekend has left me reflective, like most in the states, of what it is we are thankful for. I present to you one of my favorite pictures from 2013. It is an event where we made music with hundreds of kids, and presented hundreds of kids the opportunity to make music in a way that the traditional educational system cannot.

Mini Maker Faire 2013 by Musicians Garden
Mini Maker Faire 2013, a photo by Musicians Garden on Flickr.

The location is the Cleveland Public Library, the event is the Mini Maker Faire, the view is that of the “Musicians Garden” where people of all skill levels and ages jammed and enjoyed themselves with handmade music all day long. What a great year 2013 was!