A Long Way From Feeling Bad

Let’s go to Funkville with The Crowd Pleasers!

This is rare, pure Ohio Funk.

I’ve read that The Crowd Pleasers were formed to accompany Junie Morrison on tour in the 1979-1980 timeframe, but the tour fell apart and The Crowd … Read the rest

Loving You Is Ecstasy To Me

Classic OP jam:



1973 was pretty stocked with amazing music.

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Junie Morrison Genius Appreciation Post

Rest In Peace Young Man, only 62, and gone already.

Walter Morrison, musical wizard and author of many amazing pieces of music, has passed.

This only 7 months after losing Bernie Worrell. Then there’s David Bowie. Prince.

Wow what a … Read the rest


you can’t trump the funk

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You and Me and The Ohio Players


Great jam from the greatest:

Ohio-Players-Fire-TopPop-1975 28082_01_Book.qxd

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Pride & Vanity

Amazing song from one of my favorite albums ever

411602OhioPlayersLeroySugarfootBonner02Read the rest

We Don’t Have Time To Fool Around

Killer song from Junie Morrison featuring OP colleague Sugarfoot Bonner, from the often overlooked (and long out of print) 5 album released in 1981.

This song has been burning up my PonoPlayer… ok Junie is on heavy rotation my whole … Read the rest

Super Duper J Baby – Junie Drops Some Funk

Another WFNK theme song, the great Jesse, aka Super J from the 90’s version of this site, you still out there in the interair man?

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Out Here Trying To Be A Star

Junie doing his thing solo on Westbound before joining up with P-Funk.



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A Rare Mix of Pure Funk

So this is one of Junie Morrison’s best and worst jams, and I actually don’t have the original LP so I had never heard this mix before. It’s the fuller extended mix, plus, the safe for work/radio vocal mix, wowza!… Read the rest