She’s Just Another Girl


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Turn To Stone

The legend Joe Walsh with his mid-70’s swag

This song is what I feel about my country right now, as the crazies take over.


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Boat Weirdos

This sounds amazing on my ponoplayer. Here’s video spinning the original 45. Great song!

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Music Everywhere

Random act of music: Lunch at the cafeteria in Vietnam

Stay for the guitar solo!

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We Will See What The Digital Age Has In Store For Us


Records, record stores, record sales … it’s all gone.

It’s up to the young musicians to try an’ figure it out.

There’s no money in it. There’s no record companies.

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Living In The Fastlane

Cool combo of Joe Walsh and Billy Gibbons doing one of Joe’s classics, getting ready for the weekend.

Have fun, go fast when appropriate, but not too fast.

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