11 Years Gone


11 years ago, Me and My Friends made some of music. Well we had been making it for years but we finally released something in 2005.

The magic of the internet allows it to still be available. This was the 1st 2MERICA LP, followed up by Sensors&Switches&Buttons in 2007, and the Mass Entertainment EP in 2012. The 3rd and 4th are both in production. 2MERICA is EVERYWHERE U R.

The Late Great Jesus

My best buddy Jesus passed away this week. He was the strongest fighter I knew and his loss has left those in his world confused and bobbling.

My friend Jesus was a great man, a flawed man, an amazing musician, father, husband, and hell raiser. Perhaps the finest hell raiser we’ve seen in some time. He left behind a beautiful family of 5 and the struggle is just getting started for them.

I went back through my writings and found a few pieces that were influenced by him, the late great bassist and composer for 2MERICA, Jesus Irizarry. Rest in peace, friend.


The Big Holy Thing

The big holy thing

that I learned at 5:23

peeled the shield

from my mortality

a garbage bag full

of maggots and all

define the mighty

and still we fall

can’t tell, won’t tell, don’t tell

just stall . . .

you booked three rooms

and the devil is in them all



Chainsaw Men

Cold days at the park

peaceful silence once again

Interrupted by ducks

and geese carrying on

Crumbling leaves blowing under my tires

A quick transformation

into something less

A crumbled fucking mess

staying together by chance

If it’s me I am there listing

Just a haunted piece of a glorious past

But I’m the tree

I understand

My buds, my rings, my bark

my roots, my being here

Tied to this earth

as strong as I’ll ever be

I know I’m the tree

and I have been all along

I sit watching for bugs

and chainsaw men

to take me down



Keep Steady Earthlings, Keep Steady

This. Finally. Digital propagation will probably end up being more complicated than the old way, crazay. Everything I do tonight is gonna be productive, so this is first on the list. New 2MERICA doesn’t happen all that often, so I plan on being amazed by these sales numbers.. ah wait which side of the decimal place is amazing again?

buy me now

This track will speak for itself and you might not like what it’s gonna say but the story must be told.

Progress/Process… ps “I am not a whore” haha

Wow, the 2MERIMIX OPEN MIND NITE @ The Duck last night has left all involved groggy and probably a bit irritable, but time marches on, the beat goes on, the show must go on, etc..?Thankfully two bits of progress in the battle against irrelevance came through today:

— First off the next 2MERICA single just left the mastering engineer and it’s making it’s way to the tubes of the internets. Titled “Keep Steady”, it’s the 2nd of 5 tracks from the Scherzo Elskorpion LP. It’s also the ‘sex scene’ in the soundtrack so check it out! Like most 2MERICA songs, it’s a curveball that turns into a knuckleball right before you swing and miss, so yeah, stay tooned for the latest and greatest. This track is an old school sick jam with Jesus on bass, Swifty on the v-drums, some killer sax from J,?Jaimeson doing his dirty rap, lil’ Z on guitars, and Ezraz supplying the remaining noise. It should be available for purchase at the usual suspects (iTunes, cdbaby, amazon) and for streaming (Napster, Spotify, and Jango) in about a month.

— Secondly, the process of ‘going legit’ (aka getting our chit together) has continued, with a parent company formed to manage the Flux-adel Recording Division and all of it’s various progressions and proclivities. You the faithful internet cruiser won’t notice or care about this, but we are all proud and wanted to make the announcement. Collinwood Sun LLC has risen.

So yeah. My manager Fahqfasse finally got some stuff done. I get to hang out back and pee on his office, the mighty brick fortress known as FF Bookman Promotions. Which is my little way of posting status updates on his wall.

Ezrazmus ‘elemento’ jones, founder of the round world society, 73rd generation panfunktual bonobo

ps – here’s something to cheer you up, the unforgettable Cee-Lo Green has had me singing this hook for 3 days now!

Lebron Loves the Hype


Wow, life just got more complicated, check this out:

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The man known as “King James” shocked the sports world today by announcing he would forego his NBA free agency and instead sign with little known team The 2merican Dirt Devils. Potentially sacrificing hundreds of millions of dollars, Lebron says this unheralded move was done “just for the funk of it.”

This amazing development, the latest in James’ contractual ballyhoo that has gone into a fever pitch since Wednesday, is unheralded in the sports world even for a number 23. But unlike the process so far, this begs even more questions. Who are the Dirt Devils? What and where is 2merica? What does Kobe think?

For some answers on this rapidly developing story, we turned to Fugfayz Bookman, commissioner of the EBA, the league that sponsors the 2mericans. This mysterious basketball league won’t divulge where they hold their games, the current standings, or even what the E stands for, but Mr. Bookman claims LeBron will fit right in. “We started a fight club, but with basketballs.” When pressed about the ability of the Dirt Devils to match the Cleveland Cavaliers’ multimillion dollar budget and lavish treatment of it’s superstar players, Mr. Bookman boasted “We use eBay alot, so we have some nice stuff.”

The only other EBL player making himself available to the press is Ezrazmus Jones, a forward for the 2merican squad and biggest star (until now). “We are excited” said the calm EzRaz, whose mercurial and magical nature on court has earned him the nickname “Elemento”. “LeBron is a great Ohio Player so he should fit right in. I walk past that huge-ass sign of his all the time and I like it.” When asked if he could release any further information on the team or the management he laughed and declined, but he did direct us to his compuserve electronic mail account. He then said “Twitter my gopher” and ended the interview.

Finally replying to our queries through email, Jones continued to boast about his team, seemingly unaware of the hoopla surrounding him and the situation. “We have some great young talent to add to the mix so it should be a killer year. Both Jak “DirtyHott” Hanksta and Dragon Mikocovic are young ballers, and we know Coach Rudy will work them in quickly.”

Coach Rudolph Irisarzo is the man tasked with incorporating James’ amazing talent. “I accept this challenge. It is a sign. LeBron will be surrounded with talent, a great group of guys.” The King and two rookies will join an established core of big red Jaimeson “Sevenem” Lowell down low and Louie “Stonerock” Heat setting the tempo. Unlike the NBA, there will be plenty of balls to go around. “Now, the adjustment won’t be easy” opines Irisarzo, “so we gone ‘head and hired a personal liason for Lebron, a great fella named Jesus. LeBron will feel right at home with Jesus on speed-dial.”

Stay tuned basketball fans as this story will be updated with breaking news. Surely you should refresh this story and yourself often. ?Associated Pruss 2010

A DJ Raz Giggle?


Whoa nelly… ch ch ch changes…. my head’s tronics are out of the sink…. DJ Raz might be having a gig!That’s me you see and I haven’t performed my live set in about five years, but I got a call from the southside elskorpion commander Mistaswift. This call contained the seedcode and some fertilizer. When Jesus himself built me a garden it just seemed like a sign. From above? On the side? Down l (too slow).

So yeah, I have to see some Headtronics this weekend and also, as well, along with that, get myself a DJ set and rig together by Monday. I’m not posting the gig specifics yet because I’m not quite sure I’ll make it — Well I’ll make it, I just don’t know if I’ll perform it this week or next.

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2010 :: 5 souls, 1 night :: who will survive?
Never Met Tomorrow :: the hottest 2merica yet

2merica: Never Met Tomorrow

2007 :: Panfunktual Bonobos :: Alive In the Sugar Triangle
Stretch out your Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2merica: Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2005 :: Half Truth Half Consequence :: We Are Everywhere You Are
The classic debut mess-tastic masterpiece :: Record Profits?

2merica: Record Profits


If you knew us back in the day you might have gotten all three of the above in the ultra-rare 2MERICA Box Set: