The Modern Artist

I submit Bernie Worrell as the perfect model artist for this new age.

True, he came from the classic music world, at least the black side of it.

But before that he came from music conservatory and a strict granny. …


Great band – VAMO!

Landed On Me

Count Basie and his boys live in 1958. Dat’s how you do it!


Take da funk off

Lalo’s Classics

Great performance from the BBC big band directed by Lalo Schifrin, one of my favorite 20th century composers.  This guy has written some amazing soundtrack music over the years — Dirty Harry, Bullitt, Mission:Impossible… just to name a few.

Big …

You’ve Got To Give Them What They Came For


One of the baddest underground funk bands ever was SUN, live from Dayton, featuring a hint of all of the greats rolled into a sound all their own.

The vocals were amazing, the band was TIGHT, they could swing, they …

Deep Ohio Getdown

Here’s a nice groove by The Brooks bringing some Ohio Players to the Montreal jazz scene.

Miles Ahead


Enjoy this great short set from late 80’s TV featuring Miles Davis and his smoking band: Kenny Garrett, Joe “Foley” McCreary, Adam Holzman, Marcus Miller, Ricky Wellman and Don Alias, with special guest host David Sanborn. It don’t get much …

America’s Only Original Art Form Besides Magic Eye

How to Jazz, Volume III:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.38.23 AM


This Old World Is Too Funky For Me

Hot Jam from the last Crusaders album, featuring Joe Cocker:

Living For The Live

There’s a lot going on in this clip. It’s pretty good.

Ray Charles + Stevie Wonder, doing one of Stevie’s funk songs, with neither of their bands, for an awards show. It looks like the late 80’s with plastic keyboards …

The Mouse Sleeps

Amazing song by Fela and his gang:

Words and Notes

Combine both of those forces to bring about new energy and new life.

Monk’s Swagger

If you can dig both Ozzy and Thelonious you are my type of person! Check out this awesome show by Monk and his European tour quartet in 1966, supposedly in Warsaw. Poland loves jazz but who knows how they got …

Monkey Do

The seventies was a strange decade in the music industry. Artists of all stripes found success before the chasm of “Politcally Correct -vs- Gangsta” divided the popular music industry. Money was flowing during the vinyl and FM radio heyday. It …

Polish Jazz Does Prince

For those lazy days and nights…

Play It Forward


The great composer and keyboardist George Duke passed this year. He was a big influence on many and played with nearly everyone in his 30+ year career. Here’s a clip from his star-studded memorial service featuring Chaka Khan:

Get Better Marcus

Monster bassist Marcus Miller and members of his travelling party were recently injured when their bus crashed in the Swiss Alps, killing the driver. Here’s the details.

Here’s Marcus and crew in better times, doing their do.

Don’t You Know?

The world is a ghetto. Everyone is just trying to survive. Great song, great cover.

Mellow Madness

One of the more radical covers, I dig it for sure. Here’s Come As You Are done jazz bassguitar style.…

Pleasant Valley

I’ve been listening to this playlist lately that contains no one but Chopin & Monk. Then I found this nice jazz rendition of a Chopin piece and I dug it much.

If There Was No Ra

we wouldn’t have this. Great rare Sun Ra track:


The Hot Club of France

Herbie Hancock Gets Funky Article

by Super J

Originally published on October 1999


This article discusses some of Herbie Hancock’s contributions to funk music and by no means is intended to be comprehensive. The emphasis of the article is to take …