That iPhone is Outmoded

Shout to Squagles!  Square Bagles!

The iPhone won’t make it to the future.  Sure it’s Apple’s cash cow right now but I see it going away in importance over the next couple of years.

Think about Apple current main product … Read the rest

Surface Thoughts

Lots of discussion around about the new tablet coming out from Microsoft. They are calling it the Surface and while competing with the iPad, they are taking a fundamentally different approach to the device.

Philosophically, MS has shown their usual … Read the rest

On The Surface


On the surface the new Microsoft tablet announcement is intriguing.

Called “Surface”, it’s going to be made by Microsoft (like Zune and XBox), runs Windows 8, comes with a built in film-keyboard cover and kickstand, and has a standard USB … Read the rest

The iPad of 1997

It was called a Newton, it had a kindle-like screen, handwriting recognition, great software, and was still smaller than a modern netbook. Check out this in-depth look at using the final model of the Apple Newton, circa 1997.

The guy … Read the rest

The Microsoft Copy Machine


I’ve been following the Windows8/Metro debut online and it struck me that this is one of the largest examples of Microsoft being a “me-too” type of company I’ve seen in a while, complete with a fatal flaw in their copied … Read the rest

Touch the Music


Here’s a nice overview article on some of the tech that’s changing music making, particularly the iPad. As someone who’s produced several tracks with just a laptop, an interface, a mic, and a midi board, this is a big change. … Read the rest

Stop Calling Me Old! And Get Off My Lawn You Damn Kids!

1st Atari releases it’s retro video game pack for the iPad, containing most of their original stand-up games ported to the iOS.

Then someone mocks up an iPad-to-arcade kit for April Fools Day. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yay Photoshop and … Read the rest

Why iRight on iPad


I said “Wow those things are gonna be everywhere”, and just a year later I think about half of my extended family has one. And these are people who are not necessarily mac people, some not even technology people in … Read the rest

The Day I Cut The Cord

I hate TV. I watch too much TV. How much? Anything more than an hour a day equals too much. I can get a weeks worth of sitting around done in one lazy night in front of the the TV. … Read the rest

All I Want For Christmas

I know it’s still January, but I’ve started my list:

Sadly they don’t want to sell this to me. Realistically I can’t afford it.

But my blog can say that I want it and that’s something, right?… Read the rest

He Beat Me To It (Again!)

Damon Albarn from Gorillaz is rambling forward yet again, pushing to release the first major project recorded on an iPad this holiday season.

I’ve messed around with the 4-track recorders and many of the synthesizers and other iOS instrument apps. … Read the rest

Ezzy mobiles and bits

I think we are nearing a completely mobile time.

Portability and availability combine with convenience and give us … me in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon still managing to hit the net with some postpost.

I don’t get … Read the rest

Touching on the Pad

The ipad is gonna be everywhere in 1-2 years.

All those people saying “how could I replace my laptop with that” are lying about how much work they do. Most people I know spend at least 75% of their … Read the rest

Stardate 1272010


better start saving, you know you are gonna get pad envy…

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