Into The Mind Of Funk

Great discussion with Bootsy about the old days of P-Funk.

You may have seen parts of this in other shows, but I hadn’t seen the long-form version of this until now. Must see info for funkateers!


George Clinton Cannot Be Quelled

The Mother of Invention

One of the many great pieces of an interview with the man who was always candid, Frank Zappa. This is just a random list of his opinions on other bands, 60’s freaks, the music industry, censorship, etc.

The One of the One

Why funk?

A Chat with Keyboard Genius Bernie Worrell

Originally published on 08/01/1999


During a heatwave sweeping the eastern united states in July of 1999, I got music legend Bernie Worrell (1944-2016) on the phone for a candid conversation about his new band The WOO Warriors, the old