I Say Gayageum

I mean goddamn, listen to this lady who’s modified her ancient Japanese instrument to play modern tunes through an amplifier.  Pretty cool. What an amazing sound, somewhere between a guitar and a harp.


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Into The Mind Of Funk

Great discussion with Bootsy about the old days of P-Funk.

You may have seen parts of this in other shows, but I hadn’t seen the long-form version of this until now. Must see info for funkateers!

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The Wood Is Good

Check out Warwick’s newly designed space bass, explained by Bootsy himself. That bass is amazing, totally out there. 4 outputs? Damn.

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The iGuitar is Here

Check out the gTar Interactive Guitar.

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All I Want For Christmas

I know it’s still January, but I’ve started my list:

Sadly they don’t want to sell this to me. Realistically I can’t afford it.

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