Famous & Dandy

Throwback to 1992 and Michael Franti’s Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

This was after the Beatnigs. Before Spearhead. Franti’s been workin it for years.

Here’s a great overview of his career so far.… Read the rest

Check out “Stares 2020” by ROAMING CRAZY

Cro likes this one as a lead single better than Sing Too. I’m not so sure.

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You Can Take My Stares

A couple years back I messed around and started a rock band. Crank it!! … Read the rest

Roaming Crazy on Youtube

A little late (ahem) but finally Roaming Crazy has their own youtube channel.

Enjoy the fruits of this prolific Flux-adel Rock unit here:


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A great song from TV On The Radio, going back, what, 10 years already? 15? Fuk!?!

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When You Grow Up

When I grow up I’m going to be a famous music producer.

That didn’t happen, but lord knows I tried.

What about you?

Try, try again. Make it happen. Make it so.

Enjoy some 2merica, relevant as ever in this … Read the rest

I Heard It’s Better To Burn Out

then fade away….

My rock band ROAMING CRAZY  burned out before finishing a whole album, but the 3 songs we knocked out are rock hard and worthy of fondling your eardrums daily.

They will soon be released in EP form, … Read the rest

11 Years Gone


11 years ago, Me and My Friends made some of music. Well we had been making it for years but we finally released something in 2005.

The magic of the internet allows it to still be available. This was the … Read the rest

The Sun Within

The person behind this website does a few other things that you might kindly check out:

21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:





EZRAZ solo noodles.


This is all distributed by … Read the rest

Always Roaming Crazy

Home grown rock

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It’s Hard To Take Risks With A Pessimist

Great song from one of the few modern bands that really does it for me – it’s Menomena (like the muppets song) with Wet & Rusting:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 8.36.51 AMRead the rest

An LP That Took Over A Decade To Complete


WAY back I had an idea for an LP. It was a concept LP, or at least a narrative LP, which centered around 5 characters, each equally instructive of the others lives. I worked on the story for some time … Read the rest

What Kind of Cool Will We Think Of Next

Best funk soul rhythm blues rock record out this year:

Landing On A Hundred
by Cody ChesnuTT

It was worth waiting 10 years for the follow-up to The Headphone Masterpiece. This one was definitely not made in Cody’s bedroom. Great … Read the rest

The Early Years – Classic Freekbass


Is 14 years long enough for a song to be called a classic? When you drop some true Ohio funk, sure why not.

Check out this non-LP release from Cinci’s Freekbass and Bootsy, doing the 2YK:

I’ve been digging through … Read the rest

Available Now – Ezraz’ Pomoc

/Toot my own horn
You may know if you read this blog that I do spend plenty of time making music, sometimes with others, sometimes by myself.

Pomoc is of the solo variety and has 20 tracks worth of Ezrazical … Read the rest

13,000 Records Lovingly Washed and Saved

Sound of the City: Last Night 13,000 Norton Records Were Lovingly Washed and Saved By Adoring Fans of the Label

Here’s a great story about a small record label in Brooklyn that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy. They decided to … Read the rest

Numerica! Finally

Yeah yeah yeah I know my projects take forever to come out sometimes. I’ve heard that before. I try to make it worth the wait.


So there’s a new 2MERICA LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, featuring 5 songs of fresh funky … Read the rest

Free Art (with Feathers)

Beautiful visual art done to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. Happy sunday!

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