The Sun Within

The person behind this website does a few other things that you might kindly check out:

21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:



EZRAZ solo noodles.

This is all distributed by … Read the rest

Heal My Body, My Mind, My Soul In No Landfill

Amazing new record out – get it now. I bought mine from HDTracks so I could get the higher quality.


Cody ChesnuTT – Landing On A Hundred. Seek it out, spend some money, and remember what classic albums feel like.… Read the rest

You Can’t Move Like I Do In These Shoes says Mike Ladd

He is one of my favorites, doing it underground & uncompromising for years.

Mike Ladd puts out stuff under his name, as well as The Majesticons & The Infesticons. Always funky serious stuff.

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Available Now – Ezraz’ Pomoc

/Toot my own horn
You may know if you read this blog that I do spend plenty of time making music, sometimes with others, sometimes by myself.

Pomoc is of the solo variety and has 20 tracks worth of Ezrazical … Read the rest

Portal To The Abyss

Press kits



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2MERICA on TV! @ ARC Channel

If you get Comcast cable in the US they are pushing a new channel called The A&R Channel which features up and coming artists’ videos and news.
They have selected the 2MERICA video “Extraordinary Rendition” for rotation, so check it … Read the rest

Acceptance of Visual Addiction

OMG OMG OMG New 2merica video! 


Electric Sports Bra. Thank you. Sorry.

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A Rollerskating Jam (not named Saturday)

It’s only Wednesday but it’s 61 degress and sunny on the Northside of 2MERICA, so it’s time for some rollerskating!


Check the moves on this video for our song Male Performance Issues.

I’m off to buy some new wheels
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