Talk Your Way Out Of It

Happy Holidays.

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Now That Was Music

Bill Burr could be america’s most underrated comic. His rants about our everyday social politics leave no one untouched. Not awkward, amazed just like me. It’s not right or left and it’s not playing the games we’ve built for ourselves, …

A Girl Like That

The obvious back story to “Jessie’s Girl”

40 Happy Years

The Onion gives us an update on yet another pathetic, washed-up rock star:,37299/

I bet this guy believes in HD Audio too ;-).


I’m Going To Camp Too, and Hike

The Fighting 11th – Colbert Covers Cleveland

We’ve finally gone big time!  The Colbert Report has chosen my congressional district to focus on with “Better Know A District” featuring my congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Pretty funny stuff.

Here’s part 1:

Gif Me

Funniest Gifs of all time of the week ;-):


BTW is anyone still debating how to pronounce GIF? I say “Giff” like most people I hear say it, but the creator of the format likes to tell people …

10 Dicks Who Made It Onto The News

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 8.25.16 AM10 Dicks Who Made it Onto the Local News – CollegeHumor

With All Due Respect… As A Duo You Guys Suck

Damn that’s funny.