Imagining A World Full of Left Wing Crazies



In America, seemingly every week some crazy person filled to the brim with AM Radio talking points, Fox News theories, and right wing internet fueled nonsense pulls out one or more of their many guns and starts shooting innocents.… Read the rest

The Lone Wolf Narrative

Guy plans to kill multiple innocent people for an ideology. Guy pulls it off.

Guy is a terrorist, right?

In the US, it depends on if he’s white or not.

See, if he’s a white american, the media and politicians … Read the rest

Wag The Gun


Fox News tells it’s viewers to stay armed because the man running “their” country is a muslim immigrant and his presidency is illegitimate.

Fox News tells it’s viewers that federal agents enforcing the law are actually jack-booted thugs.

Fox News … Read the rest

NRA Logic

1 – If a criminal can break a law, then we shouldn’t create that law in the first place.

2 – Your child should have several armed guards watching them at all times.

3 – Your house/apartment, car, and person … Read the rest

2nd Amendment 2.0

The only part of the US Bill of Rights dealing with technology needs an update.

Consider this time shift. 220 years ago:

  • we all faced attack on and siege of our properties by animals and non-US forces.
  • we all lived
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Keeping Us Real

What a tragic day. A Kindergarten?

This is the sickest act I’ve seen yet.

Blame ourselves for building such an unnatural environment:

  1. We hide our water ways.
  2. We eject people from our public spaces.
  3. We surround ourselves with plastic.
  4. We
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