Imagining A World Full of Left Wing Crazies



In America, seemingly every week some crazy person filled to the brim with AM Radio talking points, Fox News theories, and right wing internet fueled nonsense pulls out one or more of their many guns and starts shooting innocents.

A pizza parlor. A woman’s clinic. A church social room. Walmart. A movie theater. A kids camp.

It’s always a right-winger full of the current rhetoric of hate, yet they are called a “lone wolf”. Where do these wolf’s learn to howl? See here for that line of bs.

Imagine if lefties went nuts and shot random people like that. Where would the mass murders be?

SUV dealerships?

The dump?

Tea Party rallies?

Monster truck shows?

Nascar races?


It would be a very different world, indeed.

Imagine if being a christian in america meant you might be gunned down at any time by an extremist. Sadly it’s usually christians doing the shooting from what I can see, so being a secularist, or a woman needing medical advice, proves to be risky and potentially fatal in modern america.

I’m not for taking away the right to own a gun for home protection or hunting. I’m for removing guns from irresponsible people’s hands. Look for assault rifles outside of the military, find irresponsible people.

Do the people murdering innocents at Planned Parenthood understand that they are worse than the worst of the terrorists? They exist in a democracy with free access to information and the freedom of religion, and they still choose to murder in the name of their God.

The Lone Wolf Narrative

Guy plans to kill multiple innocent people for an ideology. Guy pulls it off. Guy is a terrorist, right?

In america, it depends on if he’s white or not.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from Facebook, taken before the guy walked into a church and killed a bible study group because they were black.

Terrorist douchebag. This is from his Facebook, taken before he walked into a church and killed an entire bible study group because they were black. He even claimed to have “black friends”.

See, if he’s a white american, the media and politicians say he’s a lone wolf, a social outcast, and clearly suffering from mental health issues. The system failed him somewhere, poor guy. His parents did all they can, why didn’t they know more? He acted alone, he taught himself, and once he’s dead it’s all over.  What a senseless tragedy. Some people really are crazy! Let’s talk about how evil this guy was then move on. There’s no larger social context here.

If he’s a black or latino american the narrative is very different. He’s called a thug, a gangster and he is acting out based on the inability of his people to control themselves. His laziness left him a loser in life so he struck out against those with more than him. His education, his music, his parents, his community, his speech patterns, even his clothing are all identified as signs that we should be scared of this happening again from others sharing his skin tone and situation. The media gets a lot of mileage out of this type of story.

If he’s muslim or his family originates from anywhere near the middle east, he is immediately labeled a terrorist and it is assumed his religious beliefs put him up to this act. He’s not a thug, a gangster, or a lone crazy in that nationality, he’s a terrorist working for forces against ‘merica. This narrative is strong enough to launch entire wars on it.

Here’s a professor of religion and african studies putting this more eloquently:

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white people called ‘mentally ill’?


Turns out this guy went to school with the niece of Republican leader Lyndsey Graham. When asked for comment, Graham went about pushing the lone wolf narrative. No surprise.


Wag The Gun


Fox News tells it’s viewers to stay armed because the man running “their” country is a muslim immigrant and his presidency is illegitimate.

Fox News tells it’s viewers that federal agents enforcing the law are actually jack-booted thugs.

Fox News tells it’s viewers that 4 dead embassy workers is equivalent to 4000 dead soldiers, based on their continued coverage of the Benghazi attack last year and their lack of coverage on the lies that led to invading Iraq.

Fox News tells it’s viewers every night that the revolution is coming. Show reasons why. Show agitation. Make agitation. The revolution is coming. The Tea Party will take back it’s country. Right Fox News?

Well have fun avoiding reporting and hiding the truth from your viewers on this one.

2 of your viewers just walked into a pizza parlor in Vegas and murdered 2 white cops that were sitting and eating lunch. They draped a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag over the one as they stole his weapons as they shouted “the revolution is coming”. Then they walked across the street to Walmart, their spiritual home, and shot at more people until 1 shot the other, then committed suicide.

Yes they liked to dress like The Joker. Yes they referenced Columbine. Yes they scared their neighbors. Yes they were probably meth addicts. And Yes they loved Fox News and even drove to the Bundy Ranch to be a part of the latest Fox fiasco.

So here’s probably the only reporting you’ll see on FOX about this event. They will find a quick, easy way to explain it (“these crazies needed mental help”) but will drop all parts of the story where they are aiding and abetting these types.



NRA Logic

1 – If a criminal can break a law, then we shouldn’t create that law in the first place.

2 – Your child should have several armed guards watching them at all times.

3 – Your house/apartment, car, and person should be protected by high-caliber handguns displayed openly.

This is the world these NRA people wish to create (or perhaps the hellish world that they already live in?). Continue reading

2nd Amendment 2.0

The only part of the US Bill of Rights dealing with technology needs an update.

  • 220 years ago we all faced attack on and siege of our properties by non-US forces and animals.
  • 220 years ago we all lived rurally without electricity, phone, automobile, or medicine.
  • 220 years ago a gun could shoot 1 round at a time, and no more than 4 per minute.
  • 220 years ago a gun was 4.5 feet long and weighed 15 lbs.

Thus, in this environment, the founding fathers of this brand new (and highly sought after) country developed the 2nd amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

…or as I read it, a guarantee that the new US government wouldn’t sell out to the Brits. We the people had our out if the whole thing was compromised. The 3rd amendment drives that home with the guarantee that you won’t be forced to house US troops during war or peace time.

We’ve come to an argument, 220 years later, over how many, how powerful, and how prevalent guns should be for each American, regardless of where they live or what they use them for. There is no well-regulated militia, yet there is a full police force, amazing technology, medicine, animal control, etc. all showing that we’ve moved far beyond requiring a musket to protect your farm from redcoats or injuns.

America is sick with guns. There’s plenty of other prosperous countries that have violent video games, violent movies, mental illness, sex deviance, fatty diets, and money stress. What they don’t have is more weapons than people. The entire German police force fired less than 100 rounds last year in all of Germany (population: 82 million). Think about that. These people live peacefully, using guns for hunting and collecting. Spare me your nazi jokes, that was 80 years ago.

Anyone who thinks a solution involves more guns is a junkie. A Junkie. A violence junkie? If you are so concerned about your personal self-defense I suggest boxing or martial arts.

Someone needs to say it and keep repeating it: The 2nd amendment is legit. The NRA is bullshit.

We need to update the 2nd amendment before we devolve into armed chaos.

Constitution-era weapon

Constitution-era weapon

If you need a gun you should have a full background check, including your medication, violence and mental health history. No loopholes. If you need more than one, or a more powerful option you should have to apply for permission. Ammunition sales should be limited and tracked.

Anyone stockpiling should be investigated by the local police and kept in a database. Military-grade weapons and clips should be illegal for everyone but the military. They were from 1994-2004 and they should be again.

Then the police, the hunters, the house protectors, and the tough guys all can have their necessary guns. The rest of us can live without fear of every home holding a military arsenal one room over from the sad, medicated “home-schooled” kid playing video games all day and night.