Good Morning Eddie


Who’s the finest electric guitarist of all time? It’s a very short list at the very very top.

There’s likely millions of good ones, thousands of amazing ones, and probably 100’s of legends I have heard of.

But then there’s the very top. The completely untouchable, unplayable motherfuggus that just knock people out. Done.

They make other guitar players try harder– or quit. Mic Guitar drop.

Eddie Hazel is one of those guys.



The most genius amongst a pack of them, he blazed through the P-Funk mob from ’67-’82 then battled his addictions outside of music. By 1990 he was starting his comeback stronger than ever. He passed away in 1992 at the young age of 42, a medical prescription error the supposed cause, unfinished music.




There’s lots of tributes out there. This one always gets me. It’s Bootsy’s tribute track just a few short years after Eddie’s passing. Beautiful.



Why flip the title? Good morning shows the future is bright.

“Good morning Eddie” because I know through music education our youth (and ignorant adults) will know geniuses like Edward Earl Hazel. They will live forever. They will be studied academically, spiritually, and musically. They are the 20th century masters.




Hardened Roots

I grew up in the cheese metal era, which was a few eras after the funk era. Funk is my dominant listening mode but as you know I indulge in all sorts of other sounds. I just love music and hate genre’s. A jam is a jam.

This is a jam, written and performed by a forgotten guitar hero by the name of John Sykes.




This guy can riff, shred, write, and even sing with the best of them. He jumped around in several successful bands (Thin Lizzy, Badlands, Whitesnake) and even led his own unit Blue Murder, but his name never rose into that guitar shredder god status with the likes of Steve Vai (who replaced him in Whitesnake), Eddie Van Halen and so on.

Enjoy this live recording of him and his band recorded in Japan around 2002.

Music Gaming Trying To Get Real


It’s about time. The first of a new generation of music games is doing away with the toy guitars and fake notes and going for reality. Yes, someone has built a video game engine using real music notes, progressions, and even instruments. You can literally plug your guitar into your game console through an adapter plug and go at it!

I might actually get this one next time I spend on gaming, especially since I have an human guitar instructor in the house that is very interested in this line of product.

When this things gets released someone post if it’s any good, I’m very curious.