Roaming Crazy on Youtube

A little late (ahem) but finally Roaming Crazy has their own youtube channel.

Enjoy the fruits of this prolific Flux-adel Rock unit here:

Turn To Stone

The legend Joe Walsh with his mid-70’s swag

This song is what I feel about my country right now, as the crazies take over.



Just Breathe

Great Drugs man

Good Morning Eddie

Who’s the finest electric guitarist of all time?

It’s a very short list at the very very top.

There’s likely millions of good ones, thousands of amazing ones, and probably 100’s of legends that I have heard of.


But then …

Hardened Roots

I grew up in the cheese metal era, which was a few eras after the funk era. Funk is my dominant listening mode but as you know I indulge in all sorts of other sounds. I just love music and …

Let’s Roll

Stomp with me

For whatever reason, maybe the outfit, maybe the material, I don’t know, but Angus Young seems to be underrated. This is a monster guitarist. He and his brother formed one of the finest rock guitar combos ever.…

Dirty Pool

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.58.50 PM


Oh yeah, Stevie Ray, play that thing!


Get Down With The Get Down

Just sitting on a box at a trade show playing some blues.…

Apache Warriors



Great guitarist, classic riff, this guy is the great forgotten father of rock and roll and all that came after.…

As Promised – The Greatness of Buddy Guy

Live Buddy Guy, sliding through a nice blues in 1974.

Here’s the man doing his thing in 1965, out-front as a new kind of singing guitar player front man.

Somewhere the guitar player for Little Richard (the one who was …

Don’t You Know?

The world is a ghetto. Everyone is just trying to survive. Great song, great cover.

Game Knows Game

Rare clip of ?Buckethead doing his rendition of Eddie’s classic…

The Power of Rock


It has saved my life many times.


Mellow Madness

One of the more radical covers, I dig it for sure. Here’s Come As You Are done jazz bassguitar style.…

Ohio Funk Credentials

This cat rips through some great old funk from Slave. Here’s to the Dayton funk scene, youtube, and my late great friend Zues who played a similar rig.

Music Gaming Trying To Get Real


It’s about time. The first of a new generation of music games is doing away with the toy guitars and fake notes and going for reality. Yes, someone has built a video game engine using real music notes, progressions, and …