Streaming Royalty Rates

Here’s some current streaming rates per service. Your rates might vary.

If you stream from…

  • Spotify – between $0.0005 and $0.007
  • Google Play – $0.0107
  • YouTube Music – between $0.0013 and $0.0105
  • Tidal – $0.0171
  • Apple Music iTunes Match (US)
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Android vs iPhone – behind the scenes


From the front, the user space, this argument is tired. Both smartphones do whatever you can imagine at this point. Both are amazingly thin and packed full of sensors and features.

Behind the scenes though…. things are very different. Why … Read the rest

The Problem With Maps Apps

The now-standard overhead helicopter view used by mobile GoogleMaps, AppleMaps, etc. is neato but not a perspective that is natural for humans while driving. I’d rather see huge clear labels than 3D graphics any day. They are distracting us more … Read the rest

Google+ Lets You Be Yourselves


Google has finally reversed their “real names only” policy they were pushing for Google+, which was affecting people’s Youtube and even Gmail usage.

I’m sure they will still make it confusing as hell to understand, and of course, as long … Read the rest

Global Forest Watch


Love those trees. We get help from trees on lots of things, including this little thing called breathing.

Global Forest Watch has teamed up with Google to monitor the planet’s greenery. Knowledge is power!

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Browse Google Like It’s 1988

Check out the Google BBS Terminal aka “what google would have looked like in the 80’s”.

Learn more on my

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Google Maps Personalization Will Hurt…

Google Maps personalization will hurt public space and engagement. – Slate Magazine.uh uhRead the rest

On Samsung, Apple, Droid


Wow lots of hot air out there, almost filling up the internet. Revisionist history is the order of the day. Apple doesn’t “steal” and they definitely don’t make knockoffs. They iterate, implement, and often times they innovate.… Read the rest

Mobile Crystal Ball


OK, quick hit, how I see the next 2 years playing out in the critical mobile OS area:

Microsoft buys or otherwise takes over Research In Motion and quickly picks up corporate market share by building a direct bridge from … Read the rest

Stop Using Facebook To Login To Other Sites

If you love or hate Facebook, never visit or live on it – that’s fine by me. Waste your time however you see fit. But please don’t contribute to Facebook ruining the internet as I know it. Using a Facebook Read the rest

Watching Us Watching You

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Enough Already, Let’s Play Tetherball!

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Robots Exist Among Us

Oh computers, how you both empower and enslave us at the same time!

This site has recently been overrun by fake users, most with google mail or a russian email address. These spambot accounts don’t seem to do anything yet, … Read the rest

How many of You are there?

(by Fuckface Bookman, Associated Pruss)?NORTHSIDE, RUSTOPIA – Can your numerous profiles, sensors, logins, switches, accounts, and buttons combine into a single entity? How long would you last if everything you did in a day went into this single profile, nothing … Read the rest