Your Tears Have Given You Away


Cool article here about War’s origins and attempts at getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They do deserve it, they are a very important band between funk, soul, rock, and latin music.



Caught You Lyin’

Funk + Flute from the Ebonny Godfather, Joe Thomas

It Won’t Be Long

A beautiful song by a beautiful voice.

Though the world feels a bit colder, not when this song is playing.


In The Rain

OK kick it off, In The Rain:

Oran Juice Jones


Speech and Arrested Development:


African funk from 1979:

Funk from the desert. Nice.

This is part of the epic playlist

Planet Earth Funking For Ages: Presents A Whole World Of Funk

This will get you going, keep you going, as long as you …

The Great Catalog of Michael

Cool mix of amateur singers around the world taking on the extensive Michael Jackson catalog:

There’s some good stuff in here, for sure.

The Voice has always been a pretty good show when they cut the fat out. I love …

Ivey Stays Discreet

There’s not a lot of Basehead on youtube. Only stuff from their first album.

I’ve been recently enjoying their 4th album (I think) called 2001 DC.

Here’s an early one to give you a taste of a very underrated band …

The Masters: Playlist of Power by

No 1 hit wonders here!

The Masters convene in the Garden

Get On Up

Out fuckin standing. Mashup audio+video

with James Brown, Led Zep, Aerosmith, Run DMC, just straight up funky

The Modern Artist

I submit Bernie Worrell as the perfect model artist for this new age.

True, he came from the classic music world, at least the black side of it.

But before that he came from music conservatory and a strict granny. …

Nothing Compares

Great rendition by Nikka Costa, RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

Standing In Your Stuff

Yet another great live Zigaboo Modeliste jam:


A great song from TV On The Radio, going back, what, 10 years already? 15? Fuk!?!

Giving In To The Streaming Monster

I am always pushing for higher sound quality and reminding people about the limitations of streaming.

I’m also a modern man in this streaming world – one who is online 24/7. I can’t resist the addictive power of youtube …

Junie Morrison Genius Appreciation Post

Rest In Peace Young Man, only 62, and gone already.

Walter Morrison, musical wizard and author of many amazing pieces of music, has passed.

Junie Morrison

Walter “Junie” Morrison

This only 7 months after losing Bernie Worrell. Then there’s David Bowie. Prince.…


Great band – VAMO!

When You Grow Up

When I grow up I’m going to be a famous music producer.

That didn’t happen, but lord knows I tried.

What about you?

Try, try again. Make it happen. Make it so.

Enjoy some 2merica, relevant as ever in this …