The Championship Parade

Wow this was fun. Felt amazing. Very little trouble, just joy and celebration from a region that has waited for this for generations.


Getting around was not easy


Here’s where we stopped – E.9th and Superior. After waiting about 2 hours JR Smith finally parted the crowd and started the fun.


Look at that crowd up East 9th! This is from the top of the building we were in front of on Superior & East 9th

CLEVELAND, OH -  JUNE 19: Fans fill a parking garage with in view of Quicken Loans Arena during the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals Game Seven watch party  on June 19, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Wherever fans could get up to get a look they went for it. Here’s the Q parking garage at the start of the parade.

Cleveland Cavaliers' J.R. Smith stands in the back of pickup truck as he greets fans during a parade celebrating the  basketball team's NBA championship in downtown Cleveland, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

JR was the first guy in the parade and he stood shirtless the whole time. The joy in his face was amazing and infectious. 


The crowds were so big that the police and volunteers couldn’t keep the road clear. The parade slowed as they had to creep through the crowd. Literally a single violent issue reported – a teenager shooting another teenager in the leg on the way home.


The King posed in front of his sign and people went nuts! The two princes are up front.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely. I’m in this picture – one of the wine-colored specks to the left of the tree center-bottom.


Downtown was swamped. This is the intersection of Prospect/Huron/East 9th


K Love smiled more in one day than he had in 2 years! He had his championship belt and the love of the fans to get him through to the rally at Mall C.


You know several of the Spiderman movies filmed in Cleveland…


Using the camera zoom lens down East 9th to see if the parade is starting yet

A good overview of the parade in route.

A good overview of the parade en-route. It started at the Q (top left – slanted roof), then (counterclockwise) up Ontario, left on Carnegie, left on East 9th, all the way up to Lakeside, then another left to Mall C. You can see the rally crowd already formed top center with the Browns stadium beyond them.  Methinks that’s more than 1.3 million folks.


A shot of the rally crowd on Mall C waiting for the parade to complete. You can see the Rock Hall in the distance.

Changing Things One Kick Drum At A Time

Another successful Musicians Garden, this time at IngenuityFest 2014, the first of many photo albums and videos I’m sure.



View this entire album and their other events at their Flickr page.

Musicians Garden is a pretty amazing organization that donates their time and instruments to help secure the future of music one kid at a time. Please consider donating your time, money, or instruments to them.

Update — more awesome pics posted by MG here!


A Million Stories in Cleveland

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and they picked a hell of a town for their subject.

Here I present to you one of the more accurate views of Cleveland, Ohio, USA you will ever see. This is us, this is what we do with our summers. I was at a couple of the events this camera attended, this is our summer of 2014. This is the town that is the butt of so many internet jokes:

Amazing what some good production work can do, huh? We’ve seen so much video like this where the subject was NY, Vegas, LA, London, Tokyo, Austin… but rust belt cities are usually shot so poorly. There’s so much to see and do here when you stop caring about what everyone thinks.

And yes we have to move these parties indoors for half the year, because it’s a grey frozen tundra out there – although the global warming is providing us with milder winters!

Cleveland summer

Bands, Beach, Beer + Gourmet Food Trucks = Cleveland summertime


Summer ain’t over yet! This weekend we will be at the Cleveland Garlic Fest – yes – it’s a local farmers market turned street fair with Top Chef contests, bands all weekend, kids area, and Musicians Garden giving music for all.

Music For All In Musicians Garden

We were out this weekend helping with our favorite cause – Musicians Garden. What an amazing time helping, teaching, and playing music with people of all ages. MG will have some amazing pictures of the event posted soon, and they are accepting bookings for all types of events.


Garden Goodness

800px-the_italian_garden_at_heligan is an amazing organization – teaching, preaching, and making music with people of all ages and skill levels. Every event they do is such an inspirational, fun, and unforgettable day.

They just put up a new website and are gearing up for some big events this year. Check it out and volunteer if you can.

Childhood Glory Becomes Adult Joy

The funk ethos is to have a good time all the time, to move to remove. As we age we often forget about the things that made us happy as children. Many of those childhood memories do indeed translate to adult activities.

Witness JennyRollerSkating on Youtube. A competitive champ as a young teen, she didn’t put on her skates for almost a decade. But when she did it was magic all over again. In fact, you might find that you are as good or better than you used to be when going back to what you loved.

Most importantly, though, you should be doing it for fun and pleasure whether that was what kept you going as a child or not (chances are there was different motivation and more fear back then).

And no matter how far away from childhood you may be, remember that wheels are fun, and wheels not attached to cars, licenses, and seat belts are that much more fun.

Yes that’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the lakefront skyline of Cleveland as her backdrop. Go Jenny! If I spun like that it would end with new screws in my bones.

A Broken Bike Is Such A Drag

I started riding a bike again regularly about 4 years ago. I immediately lost weight, felt healthier, saw my town in a more interesting way, and generally started to turn into a bike nerd — without the spandex! As much as I rode my bike, I couldn’t get myself to wear biker clothes. Since my daily employment doesn’t require me to wear a suit/uniform I just roll around in my regular gear and try to take more showers.

The bike I bought – classified as a hybrid road bike – has skinny rims/tires. I’m around 200 lbs and I’ve blown out 3 rear rims so far. The roads here are horrible and sometimes I ride my bike like I’m 11 again, so my back rim really takes a beating. About 2 months ago the back wheel went way out of ‘true’ again making the bike unrideable. I have been so busy with the rest of my life (and money) that I haven’t fixed that bike.

After 2 months without the bike? I gained serious weight again, am starting to feel yuck, and generally just miss my baby. I’m going to have the bike shop build me custom rims (supposedly the most durable) and I need to get back on the road soon.

This is my new desire — The Raleigh Roper. It’s 3x the price of my current ride, but if I could only learn to save my money…

Raleigh makes such pretty bikes