The Mortal Coil


We wake every day, or we don’t. I’d like to keep it that simple but man is it hard to contain the sadness as more and more beautiful people perish.

The latest is a great musician and friend Big … Read the rest

Oklahoma USA

No tolerance for the singing college kids on the bus. The frat brothers and their sorority dates deserve to be expelled from school. Maybe daddy will stop paying for some of them and they can go to community college and … Read the rest

Everybody Do It Your Own Way

Great live found funk from Ohio’s SHAG outfit, mid-90’s. So many great parties courtesy of SHAG!

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Mama’s Like A Cowboy

Weird new video from Freekbass featuring a short hillbilly and a cross-dressing cowboy. Yup. Enjoy:

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Moving Just Like A Machine

Here’s the first video from the new Freekbass & Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson collaboration: Victoria Thunder.

Enjoy some fresh funk and rollerskating:

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Kickstart The Funk With The Bump

Freekbass and his new band The Bump Assembly are doing a new record, and it’s being crowdsourced with a nice kickstarter campaign.

So find a little extra gift money and pre-buy yourself some brand new funk for the new year!… Read the rest

Heavy Funk Freekbass Remix by DJ Raz

Many years ago I was having some fun with a sick Freekbass track. We used to sell these before shows right before internet distribution. Turn it up, all you can hear is the bass!… Read the rest

Legendary SHAG Live – Hand Me Down

We talk about legends here, and the grit of time exposes much. In this case it looks like Youtube has finally discovered the 90’s!

One of the finest unsigned funk bands of that decade hailed from Cincinnati, Ohio and tore … Read the rest

Just A Touch of Magic – Bernie Worrell & Headtronics

In the summer of 2010 I loaned out this beastly 1980 synth I had at my studio for a few gigs. No one ever wants to borrow my mostly cheap, usually half-broken gear so this alone was noteworthy.

When the … Read the rest

The Early Years – Classic Freekbass


Is 14 years long enough for a song to be called a classic? When you drop some true Ohio funk, sure why not.

Check out this non-LP release from Cinci’s Freekbass and Bootsy, doing the 2YK:

I’ve been digging through … Read the rest

Happy Victorious New Year

We survived the?apocalypse. We re-elected a president over the paranoid shouting of the rightwing lunatics. We soon will be getting affordable health care.

I’m feeling victorious. It should be a glorious and unforgettable 2013. Take a victory lap tonight and … Read the rest

Get Your Freek On

Excellent new funk from the man out on the streets keeping the funk alive — it’s Freekbass with Victory Redux.

Check out the rest of the super funky record (“Insomnia” ? WOW!) over at Freekbass’ Bandcamp.Read the rest

Upgrade Your Headtronics w/Bernie Worrell

Just a quick clip of one of my favorite new bands: Headtronics.

This is just a small taste of the electro-jam band improvising their way through it all. I also must mention that the big keyboard at Bernie’s left is … Read the rest

Eternal Moments

There truly are times when I pinch myself. I have seen some interesting, crazy, sad, beautiful, and legendary things unfold into my eyes, allowing me the first hand juice of being there.


It seems that this digital sharing age still … Read the rest

Headtronics: The New Doo Review


Funky fresh and it’s about time…. If you want to see what music and live performance can be, get down with some improvised art and dance yourself silly then it pays to catch the project dubbed “Headtronics” if it comes

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A DJ Raz Giggle?


Whoa nelly… ch ch ch changes…. my head’s tronics are out of the sink…. DJ Raz might be having a gig!That’s me you see and I haven’t performed my live set in about five years, but I got a call

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The Augmented Future Starring Headtronics

I’ve been peddling myself around town since the weather broke and damn what a beautiful city Cleveland is.



The near east side by bike has to be one of the finer urban rides in America: Wade lagoon, university

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