Fox News Paid For By Fracking

FoxNews is a trip these days. The republican party is split and they are stuck in the middle of it. Ratings are up and every single commercial break is the energy industry – shale fracking in particular – taking over from the boner medicines that used to propel fox’s revenue.

The hosts are openly picking sides for or against Drumpf and throwing all previous versions of their principles out the window. They still live in the false reality where Obama is an unpopular president, a muslim, and George W Bush caught Osama Bin Laden. Also everyone hates Hillary, and her husband is a disgraced, failed president.

Frack away, live off fast food, and get ready for your boner medicine – Fox News reality.

Also – I like the pack of legs spread across the screen on The Five.  5 women in the same dress in different colors, each trying to thrust their chest and legs out farther than the other, each spouting disgusting or illogical republican talking points.



The Andrea chick is the worst. No surprise she’s banging the most obnoxious rock star around, Dave Navarro.  Nearly every word out of that woman’s mouth drives me up a wall.


Imagining A World Full of Left Wing Crazies



In America, seemingly every week some crazy person filled to the brim with AM Radio talking points, Fox News theories, and right wing internet fueled nonsense pulls out one or more of their many guns and starts shooting innocents.

A pizza parlor. A woman’s clinic. A church social room. Walmart. A movie theater. A kids camp.

It’s always a right-winger full of the current rhetoric of hate, yet they are called a “lone wolf”. Where do these wolf’s learn to howl? See here for that line of bs.

Imagine if lefties went nuts and shot random people like that. Where would the mass murders be?

SUV dealerships?

The dump?

Tea Party rallies?

Monster truck shows?

Nascar races?


It would be a very different world, indeed.

Imagine if being a christian in america meant you might be gunned down at any time by an extremist. Sadly it’s usually christians doing the shooting from what I can see, so being a secularist, or a woman needing medical advice, proves to be risky and potentially fatal in modern america.

I’m not for taking away the right to own a gun for home protection or hunting. I’m for removing guns from irresponsible people’s hands. Look for assault rifles outside of the military, find irresponsible people.

Do the people murdering innocents at Planned Parenthood understand that they are worse than the worst of the terrorists? They exist in a democracy with free access to information and the freedom of religion, and they still choose to murder in the name of their God.

New Fox News Chyrons

Turnabout is fair play. They continue to refer to Jay Z as “a former crack dealer” so The Daily Show helps them correct their own guests.

I’d add “war criminal”, “shot his friend in the face”, “can’t spell potato”, “on his 5th wife” and “multiple allegations of money laundering” to the list.

Right Wing Racism In Full Display – Megyn Kelly Confirms Santa Is White

Yesterday on Fox News:

‘Kids – Santa was a white man, as was Jesus. They are historical figures. Just because it makes you uncomfortable as an African-American doesn’t mean you can change it. ‘ or something along those lines. Crazy talk yet again.


Fact #1: Santa is a mythical character, based on several legends, none of whom were “white men”. The Santa Claus that we most often see in America is based on a fatter, more jolly version of the German drawing of the character. I call him the Coca-Cola Santa Claus.

Fact #2: Jesus, whether mythical or not, lived his entire life in the Mesopotamia Palestine region, where there are very few native “white men” with blue eyes and thin light-brown hair. The Jesus that most white americans see depicted was painted by European artists and looks to be a fully European man.

Well Megyn, if Jesus is white that makes God white, right? Or at least pre-disposed to loving those that share the skin tone of his only child? That’s Straight Racist Yo. This woman should be fired.

Can you believe that the three other people sat there with a straight face when she said that. In my world, you’d be laughed out the room, if not called a fucking racist first, for claiming you know the ethnicity of a fictional character and the son of God.

What race are the elves Megyn? What breed are the flying deer? Is White Santa legally allowed to whip them?

And for the Tea Partiers – how do you feel about a fat man in a red suit flying from russian airspace right into your chimney? Shoot that red bastard! When I was a kid our chimney went to the furnace, just sayin’.

Stewart Nails The Money Men

Minimum wage in the US hasn’t moved much in years. Prices on everything everywhere have been going up for a decade but the workers who serve and clean most of our crap are getting poorer and poorer.

We all know that fast food doesn’t only employ teenagers and elderly. Most fast food staff are regular folks trying to get by, and perhaps trying to educate themselves to find a better job or pay off a debt. Either way, they have to eat, pay daycare, have a cell phone, go to the doctor and pay their rent just like the rest of us.

So some fast food workers have organized and are striking, trying to get their minimum (and thus average) wage raised to a more livable rate for 2013. Of course, the Republicans show their true colors when talking about minimum wage fast food workers — these people are not hard-working, bootstrapping future capitalists looking for fair compensation for an admittedly shitty job, and they aren’t people laid off from a trade or corporation scraping to find any job they can secure – they are all lazy welfare-taking moochers that just want a handout.

Somehow to the average stupid republican – asking your employer for more money by striking is now the same as taking welfare money from the government. It’s so not the same, but Republicans get away with such jumps of logic regularly.