A Star Is Born

The kid’s pretty good.

I told everyone who asked. Admittedly, not many, as I’ve recently moved from the Rust Belt to the Front Range.

The kid’s pretty damn good.

I was OK with Baker Mayfield sitting for a few games. … Read the rest

Trump vs Sports

What a fool. A racist. A divider. A heal. People voted for reality TV in the White House?

They are getting it.


Then the big slap down, on Twitter. King James

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Just Laugh If You’re Mad

Get a tissue you will need it soon

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Katy Scary

The Super Bowl halftime show was a total disaster. It had none of the demographics pleased.

I was at a party with a bunch of people and their kids, some of who were teenage Katy Perry fans, and even theyRead the rest

Improving The NFL

Just doing my part to improve the NFL.

1 – Bring kickoff returns back

These now-rare plays used to always be among the most exciting plays every game. Why did the NFL get rid of them? Did they mean to? … Read the rest


It’s Americans verse Germans in the World Cup, with both looking to advance to the next round. The Germans might be the best team in the world, and the USA team is just pretty happy to be there.

Team USA’s … Read the rest

Best Plays Ever

Impossible to build such a list, but fun to watch them try – ESPN’s Top 10 NFL Plays:

Super Bowl parties this weekend. Start fasting now!


 … Read the rest

Best Back Ever

Best running back ever. I love Payton, Sanders, and yep Foster, but c’mon, no one owned the league from the backfield like Jimmy Brown. This was before my time but you know I would’ve had season tix to watch that … Read the rest

Social Harmony in the 21st Century