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The person behind this website does a few other things that you might kindly check out:

21st century concept albums from 2MERICA:



EZRAZ solo noodles.

This is all distributed by Collinwood Sun and produced at The Flux-Adel Recording Division.

A wise friend of mine use to say prove it.


The Late Great Jesus

My best buddy Jesus passed away this week. He was the strongest fighter I knew and his loss has left those in his world confused and bobbling.

My friend Jesus was a great man, a flawed man, an amazing musician, father, husband, and hell raiser. Perhaps the finest hell raiser we’ve seen in some time. He left behind a beautiful family of 5 and the struggle is just getting started for them.

I went back through my writings and found a few pieces that were influenced by him, the late great bassist and composer for 2MERICA, Jesus Irizarry. Rest in peace, friend.


The Big Holy Thing

The big holy thing

that I learned at 5:23

peeled the shield

from my mortality

a garbage bag full

of maggots and all

define the mighty

and still we fall

can’t tell, won’t tell, don’t tell

just stall . . .

you booked three rooms

and the devil is in them all



Chainsaw Men

Cold days at the park

peaceful silence once again

Interrupted by ducks

and geese carrying on

Crumbling leaves blowing under my tires

A quick transformation

into something less

A crumbled fucking mess

staying together by chance

If it’s me I am there listing

Just a haunted piece of a glorious past

But I’m the tree

I understand

My buds, my rings, my bark

my roots, my being here

Tied to this earth

as strong as I’ll ever be

I know I’m the tree

and I have been all along

I sit watching for bugs

and chainsaw men

to take me down



Best Thing Ever

Lofty headline, no?

Music is life. Perhaps we should all play music to each other, that might be a better world.

Instead we developed technology to record the music so we can play it on demand without musicians present.

After a few decades of standing in front of a microphone it grew into a new art form called recorded music. It’s the art form I probably enjoy the most daily, and one that I have practiced occasionally.

Here is an interesting wikipedia overview of what I love most, multitrack recording.


An LP That Took Over A Decade To Complete


WAY back I had an idea for an LP. It was a concept LP, or at least a narrative LP, which centered around 5 characters, each equally instructive of the others lives. I worked on the story for some time as the music was being constructed by my band 2MERICA nightly.

I chose to totally self-publish this, perhaps destroying it’s chances at commercial success. But whatever. The release timeline is horrible but we did 5 amazing works for the 5 characters and I plan on releasing them all even if it takes me another 10 years.

Using the internet single-release model, we’ve managed to release 3 of the 5 and I’ve begun another attempt at finishing 4&5.

Here’s 2MERICA doing 3/5’s of something I’m very proud of – Scherzo Elskorpion!

Google+ Lets You Be Yourselves


Google has finally reversed their “real names only” policy they were pushing for Google+, which was affecting people’s Youtube and even Gmail usage.

I’m sure they will still make it confusing as hell to understand, and of course, as long as they can track you and sell it to someone they can do it without your legal name. The more you post the more they can earn off you, so anything stopping you from posting cuts into their bottom line.

They are now allowing multiple “nickname” accounts so you just might see Ezzy over there. I still hate and try to avoid all of the general social media sites – facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, tinder, etc…. I keep my online socializing to specific places, such as SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and random message boards like Gearslutz, TapeOp, Slashdot, ArsTechnica. And of course wordpress and Disqus for snarking ;-).

Anyone who wants to know what I’m thinking about can check, after all I’m paying the server bill and no advertisers or tracking here!


2MERICA’S Top Network

Done a lot of video in the last couple years and have a few more ideas in the cooker for both the 2MERICA and Ezraz projects. Here’s the list of the video yayas we’ve posted as designed for musical and visual enjoyment.


Videos From 2MERICA’s 1st LP Record Profits:

Record Profits


“Indy Day” … “thinkin’ bout cashin’ in usin’ all these song lines”

“Green Screen” … “episode’s out the window, tracking’s well defined”

“Scribbling” … “contemplate what Sartre said” [featuring paintings by Jaimeson Lowell]

“Male Performance Issues” … remember the gapneck (minor key does not make it a rollerskating song)

“Night Talk @ The Mansion” … we are tonight’s soundtrack

“Zeestro” … he’s the maestro


 Videos From 2MERICA’s 2nd LP Sensors&Switches&Buttons:



“Regina” … “fakin’ neutral glares cannot hide you”

“Extraordinary Rendition” … “this problem is hard – c’mon, join the party”

“Boom Seattle” … “there’s sparkles everywhere” [featuring paintings by Jaimeson Lowell]

“Alfie” … “look at this place see how it’s changed”

“Who’s Feeling Who?” … “my little sugar triangles who’s feelin who?”

“Tha Cop(s)” … “all this lying all this trying”

“The New Guest Who…” … “eww, it’s much worse than I thought”


Videos From 2MERICA’s 3rd LP Scherzo Elskorpion (unreleased):

Mass Entertainment EP


“Never Met Tomorrow” … “never know who to follow, never met tomorrow”

“Mass Entertainment” … “we are all instruments playing our part”

“The Blood & The Sweat” … my life is the mess only I can clean

We Can Make It If We Try – Come To The Mini-Maker Faire!

maker1There is a cool new thing sweeping the globe called the Makers Faire, where people of all types and businesses gather to show what they make, how they make it, and sometimes even let you get involved in making some.

These types of things vary from machined objects, 3D printing, all the way to handmade crafts. The idea is that we can all make, create, and innovate, and there are new technologies mixed with ancient concepts that drive this movement.

So and the Flux-adel Recording Division studios will be in the booth at The Musicians Garden. The hook? We make music. Most of the makers use music to inspire their making. So music is the key ingredient to making.

Here’s the show:
Here’s Musicians Garden:
Here’s the Eventbrite:

It’s Saturday April 13th from 10am-6pm at the Cleveland Public Library, Louis Stokes Wing. We will be on the 5th floor – just follow the music…

Available Now – Ezraz’ Pomoc

/Toot my own horn
You may know if you read this blog that I do spend plenty of time making music, sometimes with others, sometimes by myself.

Pomoc is of the solo variety and has 20 tracks worth of Ezrazical experiences. Stylistically it ranges from neo-classical piano to electro dub reggae. It’s all ezraz some jaimeson a tiny bit of jesus and def all fluxadel.

Check it out in CD format (complete with artwork) or MP3 download and fan-up Ezraz on the Reverbnation profile.

Ezraz Elemento Jones’ Music Store

Ezraz on Reverbnation

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.14.25 PM

All 2MERICA All The Time

It’s the anti-facebook, no it’s the anti-circle, no it’s the anti-pop live-remix outfit known as 2MERICA, and they have released their 3rd LP and it’s fun-kay! ?Check out some Mass Entertainment here, here, here, and here. The perfect band for the digital age, 2MERICA smashes every genre they can into the stew, cracking genomes and slapping baby bottoms on this planet and the next.

Completed in 2005, 2MERICA’s 1st LP “Record Profits” was recorded in the motel rooms of America. 14 pieces strong featuring a cast of many without a care in the world, it’s still available a few places online if you groogle it.?Settling into his studio “The Fluxadelic Underground” allowed Ezraz to produce the follow-up “Sensors & Switches & Buttons” in 2007 without a sophomore slunk. Some live-in-studio tracks were also captured and ultimately released as the singles “Never Met Tomorrow” and “Keep Steady” in 2009 & 2010.


Upgrading the studio into “The Flux-adel Recording Division” in 2010 has allowed Ezraz to produce other acts (grookle Roaming Crazy, Winnie Rose, The Stares 20/20, ?& Ezraz) as well as drop the latest 2MERICAN adventure into your earholes.

Mass Entertainment features JP Abramczyk on guitars, Mistaswift on drums, Jesus Irizarry on bass, Jaimeson Lowell on raps, and Lo Cro on vocals. Just like the rest of the collection, it was produced by Ezraz Jones and mastered by Dave Davis.

Peep it. If you like what you hear, check out the back catalog. By being both ahead and behind at the same time, 2MERICA ends up being just right.


Check Out The Stares 20/20

Another studio mate of ours – The Stares 20/20 – keeps spreading around the net and climbing up the charts! Friendlikefavorite them up at various locales:

Keep an eye on The Flux-adel Recording Division for new releases!


Numerica! Finally

Yeah yeah yeah I know my projects take forever to come out sometimes. I’ve heard that before. I try to make it worth the wait.


So there’s a new 2MERICA LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, featuring 5 songs of fresh funky goodness, about to hit the interwebs in a couple of weeks. Yes finally, some new funk from the #1 funk band in Cleveland (look it up!!).

The title track is out exclusive on Jango Radio and it’s bumpin up the echarts, so click over to and give the thumbs up so we can keep on truckin…


The World Is Coming To My Party

Big party, our first eva listening party in a glorious old theater. U there yet? How bout a new LP from 2MERICA featuring Jesus Irizarry, Mistaswift, Jaimeson 7M, and LoCro?

How about new solo Ezraz dub chaos EP? How bout new single from hard as steel Roaming Crazy. Enough?

But wait that’s not all: debut track from the beautiful Winnie Rose. A/V excitement! Costumes! Time travel!

June 23, 2012 @ 8pm



Awww Yeeeah!! The latest and greatest from Roaming Crazy is done and on its way to the epresses!

“Sing Too” is liable to cause spastic brain flams and incoherent fist swings. You will be able to own your own copy very soon but if you want to hear the track now, we gave Jango Radio the exclusive. Go there now and click play on the song to rock now. Don’t forget to like it haha.

Clean Sweepin The Jango


OK so none of our bands have hit the Jango Global Top 10 yet, but we are definitely on a run over at Jango.

Last week, the 4 Flux-adel bands that are on Jango – Roaming Crazy, 2MERICA, The Stares 20/20, and Ezraz — all scored high enough for the bonus round. Each of our artists does well overall on Jango, but we’ve never had all of them score high in the same week. Very cool!

Fans are collecting from around the world (without facebook’s help), so however you listen to music online or off, do some promotion for our fun little Flux-adel family.

ps — we are planning a huge release party this summer for all Flux-adel Artists — stay tuned for more info soon.


Money Is Tight: Purchase Wisely


I’ll give you a double dip recession, and trust me you’ll feel better after!

Here’s my question – why do “D”-Presidents like Obama and Clinton get blamed for the economy they inherited and then not receive credit for any changes they do enact?

Yet GW Bush was able to take credit for the whole ride up the bubble and then leave the crash to be blamed on his successor.

I’ve always heard from Republicans that Democrats shun responsibility and expect things for free but I’m sorry, it’s the opposite. Clinton balanced the budget. Clinton/Gore led a financial revolution for this country using high-tech american ingenuity.

Almost everyone I knew in the 90’s in America was doing better or had a path to better themselves. W Bush took this (using the supreme court to get him into office), sliced taxes for the wealthy, used a 30-year proxy war against a middle eastern crime syndicate to launch into ridiculous land wars we couldn’t afford.

He also pushed new home building and McMansion ownership over anything else (even though we have plenty of housing stock and apartment living is more energy efficient), and pushed a decadent, wasteful, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ mentality on this big gullable country.

It wasn’t sustainable. Imagine!

W finger

This word that Republicans don’t care to understand just won’t go away!

The housing market collapsed, the SUV’s need fuel and repairs since no one is fixing the roads or bridges without tax revenue, and the average american keeps putting 40 gallons of fuel in their truck or truckish-car every week to drive their fat ass all over the suburbs.

Even though the same 11 stores exist at every strip mall in america.

So there’s this: The Flux-adel Store. Spend your money wisely people. Only support the brands that support you.

You can eat, sleep, party, serve drinks, clean the house, and scare your neighbor in clothes like this.

Ezraz Solo Tracks Released

Among all the other action in my artistic life this year I’m managing to release several instrumental pieces leaning towards the ambient or musique concrete genre. I’ve planned three releases in this order: EP, LP in symphony format, then LP in dub format.

  • The 1st EP License Punch Out! is being released now and the first track “Need” is streaming on JangoRadio here.
  • The 2nd release is far more ambitious, running as a full LP length in 3-movement symphony format, with the working title Spiderbots. This is complete and going to mastering soon, with a street date of around 10/1.
  • The 3rd release slows way down to explore the dynamics of dub and probably won’t make it out until early 2012.

These are not meant as a set, but together show a wide range of Ezraz’ composition and style without outside collaborative influences. You may hear these pieces in placements more than traditional music outlets since they are instrumental and eschew traditional song formatting.


Appreciation Post: Jaimeson Lowell

Lots of politics and tech and life up here but through it all I keep the music spinning. We are the music makers and the music lovers.

Here’s just one of many vocal runs by 2MERICA’s chief vocalist 7M.

This dude is one of my favorite wrappers.

Want it need it
program you deleted
no need for cheating
when a heart’s not beating
No mouth or attitude
one plug one love
last chance connection
I hope you’ve been debugged
Raise the rug
crying buckets full of truth
my little sugar triangle
who’s feeling who?

— lyrics by Jaimeson Lowell from Who’s Feeling Who? on Sensors & Switches & Buttons by 2MERICA


Who's Feeling Who? - Sensors & Switches & Buttons



The Pressure Is On, or Why I Decided To Record An Entire Album In One Weekend

I’ve produced quite a few songs at this point for a variety of artists and styles. I’ve also released many of my own productions – countless hours in the dark studio clicking, sliding, and space bar-ing my life away.

This spring is time for a change, a new challenge: Roaming Crazy is going to record an entire album in a weekend marathon recording session, and we are going to film the whole ordeal for a documentary.


See, this is how we live. Being an independent artist in the 21st century is a strange existence, one that never seems to be documented besides the content of the creation itself. This challenge is the largest the band has ever faced, and the largest this producer has ever faced.

In short, there will plenty of opportunity for drama and fun so we are bringing a camera crew with us through the journey.

(BTW – I do hate most reality TV, so I’m going to be uncomfortable with the cameras around, but I think there is an excellent story to be told so I’m gonna go along.)

The plan is to make the best Roaming Crazy album we can in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest budget. This will not be 1-mic in the corner rehearsal punk rock stuff, this will be a full Flux-adel Multi-track Production. We will be using every bit of our resources in the name of ART and ROCK AND ROLL, amen!


Plus there’s a little addition — YOU could be in the documentary. We are looking for recorded opinions on our chances, reviews of our song and sound, or whatever you want to send/post. Turn your camera phone on and sound off.

Ever heard of a band doing this? Think it’s a horrible idea? Need your gorgeous face in our goofy documentary? Just want to send best wishes? Here’s your chance.

Roaming Crazy Available on iTunes – Put it on your walkman now!


We are all roaming crazy

Aw yeah, it’s official — Roaming Crazy is alive on iTunes! Only $.99 to put it on your walkman.
Search and destroy, or just click this link:
If you like it hard and fast this song will make your Tuesday worth it.



Messed Around and Made a Rock Band


We are ROAMING CRAZY and we are alive online here (and sorta here so far). You can stream our debut track “Stares 2020” and soon enough purr-chase it. I am twiddling knobs and playing some keys in this lineup and it’s been a blast trying to make some fresh sounds. It ain’t what most would call the funk but life is just so complex, I had to get my rocks off!


Being the weird post-everything music industry that it is, we have more merchandise than songs available. Killer! Head over to the Roaming Crazy Store to see our new sexy shirt models, you won’t be disappointed.

Keep Steady Earthlings, Keep Steady

This. Finally. Digital propagation will probably end up being more complicated than the old way, crazay. Everything I do tonight is gonna be productive, so this is first on the list. New 2MERICA doesn’t happen all that often, so I plan on being amazed by these sales numbers.. ah wait which side of the decimal place is amazing again?

buy me now

This track will speak for itself and you might not like what it’s gonna say but the story must be told.

Roaming Crazy Is Taking Off

Finally some action on the northside we can announce… a new project, a new single, and a fresh start in 2011! The new band is working under the moniker Roaming Crazy and features a strong lineup of JP, Dakota, LoCro, and myself Ezraz.

Roaming Crazy is gonna be

Aggressively Improvised Innovation

introduced to you by the first single “Stares 2020”, with a release targeted for mid-winter. Hopefully all the spambots that subscribe to this blog will purchase a copy.

The illions of 2MERICA fans shocked to read this news should not be alarmed! Put down your weapon of choice — 2M will stay strong, with the latest single Keep Steady hitting the internuts just now, plus the next track from Scherzo Elskorpion – the boombastic Mass Entertainment – should be plastering your face this spring.

I was born to multitask, rocking both the pre-empt and the co-op suckas!

New 2MERICA Single

It has begun it’s journey through the tubes of the internet, fresh from a session at The All Night Party and sounding so tasty.
You will need to cue it up right after “Never Met Tomorrow” for part 2 of Scherzo Elskorpion, the 3rd 2MERICA LP in progress.
We can’t link to buy or even preview yet since those links don’t exist. Just wanted to drop some pre-release hype onto the internut to show some charisma.
C’mon people!
Update: Just went live on CDBaby. More to come as they pop.


The Flux-adel Recording Division

“recording is progress”

Progress/Process… ps “I am not a whore” haha

Wow, the 2MERIMIX OPEN MIND NITE @ The Duck last night has left all involved groggy and probably a bit irritable, but time marches on, the beat goes on, the show must go on, etc..?Thankfully two bits of progress in the battle against irrelevance came through today:

— First off the next 2MERICA single just left the mastering engineer and it’s making it’s way to the tubes of the internets. Titled “Keep Steady”, it’s the 2nd of 5 tracks from the Scherzo Elskorpion LP. It’s also the ‘sex scene’ in the soundtrack so check it out! Like most 2MERICA songs, it’s a curveball that turns into a knuckleball right before you swing and miss, so yeah, stay tooned for the latest and greatest. This track is an old school sick jam with Jesus on bass, Swifty on the v-drums, some killer sax from J,?Jaimeson doing his dirty rap, lil’ Z on guitars, and Ezraz supplying the remaining noise. It should be available for purchase at the usual suspects (iTunes, cdbaby, amazon) and for streaming (Napster, Spotify, and Jango) in about a month.

— Secondly, the process of ‘going legit’ (aka getting our chit together) has continued, with a parent company formed to manage the Flux-adel Recording Division and all of it’s various progressions and proclivities. You the faithful internet cruiser won’t notice or care about this, but we are all proud and wanted to make the announcement. Collinwood Sun LLC has risen.

So yeah. My manager Fahqfasse finally got some stuff done. I get to hang out back and pee on his office, the mighty brick fortress known as FF Bookman Promotions. Which is my little way of posting status updates on his wall.

Ezrazmus ‘elemento’ jones, founder of the round world society, 73rd generation panfunktual bonobo

ps – here’s something to cheer you up, the unforgettable Cee-Lo Green has had me singing this hook for 3 days now!

Ambition and Excitability

I cashed a few checks today. One was from “record sales” and one was from a “live performance”. Neither was very large but they were there. Do either come close to being repayment for the time, sweat, and emotion spent on these artistic ventures?
Not a chance. Being raised in a broken family in a broken town forces me to understand being broke. The 2MERICA project has in it’s many manifesto-wannabee’s the line “Art for our sake” and I’ve always modulated on every single word there. I think Art? For? Our? Sake?
It’s all in doubt when it’s all working right.


Damn straight it felt good cashing those checks but the money was spent on interest on my other debts before it even cleared. The joy was in the notice, the slow-build that 2MERICA has been forced into. We see if/when you stream or legally-download (sometimes even preview!) our music. We don’t tour so please consider not bootlegging our tracks, and if you must, at least share it with someone if you like it.

Pay it forward, like that movie with the homeless mom.

Respect –
Ezrazmus Elemento Jones of 2MERICA


Your New #23


This Thursday, July 8th at 9pm, two men will take their respective stages and perform their act. These two men, Ezrazmus Jones and Lebron James, use the much-maligned and misunderstood city of Cleveland as their castle grounds. King Lebron resides in the southern region of the kingdom, while his apostle Ezrazmus resides on the northside.

If Lebron leaves, Cleveland, you still have Ezraz – your new number 23! We will be watching ESPN at The Duck Island Club, 2102 Freeman Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44113.

The 2nd Northside Nights All Cleveland Music Night is kicking off after Lebron’s press conference this Thursday, and it’s gonna be a hell of a night depending on what the King announces.

If he stays, we party all night with great Cleveland music, film, and basketball dreams. If he goes, we party all night with great Cleveland music, film, and basketball memories.

Either way we party all night and we play the best Cleveland music you’ve never heard.

Buy local, listen local, love local: Northside Nights Cleveland Music Night, “W or W/O”, this Thursday. Check out the playlist from last month’s Night on here.

Lebron Loves the Hype


Wow, life just got more complicated, check this out:

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The man known as “King James” shocked the sports world today by announcing he would forego his NBA free agency and instead sign with little known team The 2merican Dirt Devils. Potentially sacrificing hundreds of millions of dollars, Lebron says this unheralded move was done “just for the funk of it.”

This amazing development, the latest in James’ contractual ballyhoo that has gone into a fever pitch since Wednesday, is unheralded in the sports world even for a number 23. But unlike the process so far, this begs even more questions. Who are the Dirt Devils? What and where is 2merica? What does Kobe think?

For some answers on this rapidly developing story, we turned to Fugfayz Bookman, commissioner of the EBA, the league that sponsors the 2mericans. This mysterious basketball league won’t divulge where they hold their games, the current standings, or even what the E stands for, but Mr. Bookman claims LeBron will fit right in. “We started a fight club, but with basketballs.” When pressed about the ability of the Dirt Devils to match the Cleveland Cavaliers’ multimillion dollar budget and lavish treatment of it’s superstar players, Mr. Bookman boasted “We use eBay alot, so we have some nice stuff.”

The only other EBL player making himself available to the press is Ezrazmus Jones, a forward for the 2merican squad and biggest star (until now). “We are excited” said the calm EzRaz, whose mercurial and magical nature on court has earned him the nickname “Elemento”. “LeBron is a great Ohio Player so he should fit right in. I walk past that huge-ass sign of his all the time and I like it.” When asked if he could release any further information on the team or the management he laughed and declined, but he did direct us to his compuserve electronic mail account. He then said “Twitter my gopher” and ended the interview.

Finally replying to our queries through email, Jones continued to boast about his team, seemingly unaware of the hoopla surrounding him and the situation. “We have some great young talent to add to the mix so it should be a killer year. Both Jak “DirtyHott” Hanksta and Dragon Mikocovic are young ballers, and we know Coach Rudy will work them in quickly.”

Coach Rudolph Irisarzo is the man tasked with incorporating James’ amazing talent. “I accept this challenge. It is a sign. LeBron will be surrounded with talent, a great group of guys.” The King and two rookies will join an established core of big red Jaimeson “Sevenem” Lowell down low and Louie “Stonerock” Heat setting the tempo. Unlike the NBA, there will be plenty of balls to go around. “Now, the adjustment won’t be easy” opines Irisarzo, “so we gone ‘head and hired a personal liason for Lebron, a great fella named Jesus. LeBron will feel right at home with Jesus on speed-dial.”

Stay tuned basketball fans as this story will be updated with breaking news. Surely you should refresh this story and yourself often. ?Associated Pruss 2010

Live Mashed Potato Succotash

Ezrazmus Elemento Jones (aka DJ Raz) performs live tonight, smashing genres and resetting standards all over. Funk, rock, soul, and dub all get in the mix, fondling for fun and profit. In your face chaos. Add cheap drinks and beautiful mutants and you have a double hockey stick kind of night.It’s all at the Duck Island Club tonight (under new management) in beautiful Cleveland Ohio. It’s summer so hold your excuses.

(sent via iiiPhone)

Posted via email from 2M :: REAX

How many of You are there?

(by Fuckface Bookman, Associated Pruss)?NORTHSIDE, RUSTOPIA – Can your numerous profiles, sensors, logins, switches, accounts, and buttons combine into a single entity? How long would you last if everything you did in a day went into this single profile, nothing more than a record in the relational database that is 21st century life?

Not long says Ezrazmus Jones, which is why he fears such constant connectivity. The connectivity can only rationally remain constant if we are allowed multiple personalities.

“I have many” says Ezrazmus ‘Elemento’ Jones (not his real name), “and it’s a good thing. I can lurk, I can pull rank, I can drop my credentials, and I can hide them just as easily. Just like offline, you have no idea who you are dealing with unless you know me face to face in a real way. Asinine?Intelligence will lead us astray.”

Hmm, pseudo-interesting point. So add to the discussion here on World Have Yer Say by commenting on if/how you manage to live online as a single entity or if you go the iSchizo route to protect the innocents.

Note that this blog is eaten alive by google, yahoo and bing spiders so you are being recorded (technorati won’t even take a nibble though!).

Live 2MERICA Remix Project

Hey internuts: Another week means another remix. Tonight I’m doing a live 2MERICA remix project along with some excellent additions from more robots than people on my table tonight. To combat these gadget ghouls I have armed myself with some fresh audio live from TV and some fresh tricks from my digits.

If you have any idea what any of this means, I’ll see you at the Duck Island Club tonight. For those of you not enjoying life in Cleveland someday soon I’ll be recording my set and perhaps sharing online somehow.

my face has more than a book .::.


Books and Music – So much on the way

Yo humans
I’ve been feeling prolific and proficient lately
got those legs pumping and ain’t giving up no ground.So many opportunites with so little cash,
so much fun to be had makin the dash,
but I have big billskys, crying babeskys swirling around.

On I march through thick and thin
living the best in the skin I’m in.
I borrow old song lines when I post as a crutch, I know,
but my crippled ass is on a mission.
What can I say I have no rhyme but lots of reasons.

I have two books in the works
because I want to publish something beautiful for the shelf
or the table or your bag: -1 is a book of 2merica imagery and lyrics,
the other is a book of my writing, mainly poetry.
Both are in production now but I have no firm timeline. Surprise.
They will of course be for sale online.

Also, the next 2 tracks from Scherzo Elskorpion
are almost ready for mastering.
Like the debut “Never Met Tomorrow”,
they are full band let’s go all the way affairs
and I think you will dig both
“Keep Steady” and “Mass Entertainment”.

Now if I could only finish
the remaining 2 tracks and put out all 5 on vinyl
I’d be the most happiest boy alive.
That’s a nice long term goal, please check with me on that one later.


Posted via email from 2M :: REAX


Name the Night


So I’m posting up on a Monday night here in the Northside. The spot is called the Duck Island Club, located between the West Side Market and Tremont, and we gonna get down with the get down every Monday until we can’t do no mo. If you are near the 216 in the good old U Skates of A this evening stop in and lend a hand. Strong cheap drinks and a nice patio round out the package.

For marketing, I wanna hang a theme on the whole thang, aka I need to name the night!
Hit me up with any suggestions… Plus I will be posting some playlists to give you a taste of what you might catch/miss.


DJ EzRaz live @ The Duck
Mondays on the Northside
The Duck Island Club
2102 Freeman, Cleveland, OH
Hope to see you tonight, or post up your requests if you are not in the vicinity ;-).

Headtronics: The New Doo Review


Funky fresh and it’s about time…. If you want to see what music and live performance can be, get down with some improvised art and dance yourself silly then it pays to catch the project dubbed “Headtronics” if it comes near your domain.

Genre jumping has been popular among musicians for quite some time (and popular on the charts the last decade or so), but actually jumping ‘modes’ still proves difficult and rare. Headtronics, a strong trio of players consisting of DJ Logic, Freekbass, and Steve Molitz, is one of the first projects I’ve seen to successfully go “mixed mode”.

See, there’s several ways for Joe Citizen to enjoy himself some music when he leaves the house in the evening. In what mode he ends up consuming music that night depends partly on his tastes, partly on social constructs and then venue requirements.  We know he probably won’t catch a symphony at a loft party, a rock band on the corner, a solo sax in a dance club, or a performance art piece in the corner bar. It’s more than likely he won’t get out of his comfort zone at all.

For this dilemma DJ’s were created, and this was good.

Any music you want anywhere you want it is the promise. Musical taste gatekeepers blah blah blah. Some musicians hold a confrontational attitude towards DJ’s, and from a purely financial perspective it is understandable as they are fighting over the same beer markups. But ultimately those that love the music are at least as important as those who make the music, so DJ’s became important parts of the music ecology.


In our categorization of everything we have put musicians on one side and DJ’s on the other, but this masks the fact that the best of each share many qualities. More on that in a minute.

Eventually our technology and transparency led us to this postmodern moment of ‘so, what’s new anymore?’. And if it’s new and cool, I already downloaded that, wiki’ed that, googled that, and I feel like I know all about that… that thing you just told me about.

Then I will forget about it nearly as quick as I ‘interlearned’ it.

Where does Headtronics fit into this? Several angles – this is a rant after all!

DJ’s do a set ultimately to keep people dancing / zoning out / chasing the blues from their day. They change tempo if and when needed, leave no dead air, do not focus on a piece but on the whole.

A great DJ does alot of things during a great set that musicians don’t do and don’t even need to consider most of the time. Musicians do a set to play each piece to it’s fullest, to perform their musical parts to their satisfaction, to connect with the audience, and keep their project’s name and songs in the fan’s memory forever. They construct sets but in a different way than a DJ, with different purposes.


No project to my knowledge has been able to successfully deliver the holy fusion of DJ’ing and playing live music, while improvising it all, until Headtronics.

Yes, melodies, textures, and even rhythms were improvised and explored during pieces within a set as a whole. Logic had full scratch and break moments. Steve had space for perfect textures and melody lines. And Freekbass put out flavor and variations while sitting in a big fat pocket. They achieved the perfect measure of success in both DJ’ing and live gigging: the nicely mixed crowd danced for two hours straight and good times were had by all.

I will wrap this up because you get the point — go see Headtronics, see if you can dig what I’m talking about. I’ve seen DJ’s in bands, and I’ve seen musicians play over a DJ, but this is both and neither. It’s a whole new thang as they say, and it just feels right. It’s about time.


ps — much respect to Urban Dance Squad and DJ DNA for blind ambition 23 years ago.

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The Augmented Future Starring Headtronics

I’ve been peddling myself around town since the weather broke and damn what a beautiful city Cleveland is.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.22.00 PM

The view of the east side of Cleveland, from above Cleveland Heights.


The near east side by bike has to be one of the finer urban rides in America: Wade lagoon, university circle, Little Italy, Case, Rockefeller Park, Lakeview Cemetery, up the hill to Forest Hills Park (formerly the home of the richest man in the world!), Cain Park, Shaker Lakes, back down the new Euclid Avenue bike lanes to the new CSU then down to the Rock Hall and the Inner Harbor….

Give me a sunny day and my Raleigh and I’m good on the northside. We started our recession 40 years ago so we are getting good at being poor.



Lake Erie driftwood, aka The Lake Erie Monster


So with all this hopeful optimism (Obamaism?) I have to tell you about 2 new developments. First off the always funky Freekbass has joined forces with 2 others for his first “supergroup side project”. Called Headtronics and featuring a killer lineup of Freek on bass, Steve Molitz from Particle on Keys, and DJ Logic on everything else, they are finally playing Ohio next weekend so you know I will have to check that out.



Headtronics – DJ Logic, Freekbass and Steve Molitz


I have been a big fan of Dub Trio for a bit so I can’t wait to see the Headtronics Trio put their shingle out.

On the homefront, The Flux-adel Recording Division has been active lately, doing both final mixes on 2new 2merica tracks for Scherzo Elskorpion, and starting preliminary writing on new material with the very talented Dakota “chief” Stonerock.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.56.22 AM

Finally — Last summer I was part of my own wannabe supergroup side project we called Roaming Crazy that managed to write and record a single song before disbanding. The track is called “Stares 2020” and is currently hanging around on the HD waiting for it’s parents to work chit out.

I hope you readers will get to hear it sometime, it’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever produced, like way up in your face, you know, HAVE SOME! Production.


Ps Anyone see Roy Ayers sitting in with The Roots on Fallon last night? Hot damn I hope the roots are recording all those commercial break jams that we miss on tv for us to dig on forever after.

Update – here’s the Roaming Crazies doing “Stares 20-20”

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