Monkey Nuts

This monkey is nuts.


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In The Rain

OK kick it off, In The Rain:

Oran Juice Jones


Speech and Arrested Development:

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You Ain’t Got No Alibi

You’re so U G L Y!



Awesome clip of early late night show with Fishbone taking over.

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Another State of Mind

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The Full Power Of Bone

Click bait headlines continue!

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For You There Is No Fear

More greatness, turn it up, Have No Fear.


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So Many Millions

Another fine Fishbone song, recorded live in Cali on the Chim Chim tour (1996):

Bad recording but cool version of So Many Millions (starts at 19:48)

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It Sticks To You

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Wanna Be Rich

Some new funk from Lonnie Marshall & Weapon of Choice, featuring Norwood Fisher. Stanky!

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The Soul of John Black – Slipin’ and Slidin’


Amazing song, cool vid, good times. Enjoy.

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Getting Better With Age – Fishbone & Their Lyin’ Ass Bitches

Current Fishbone doing Classic Fishbone song. Enjoy!

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Why Does This Hatred Linger On – Fishbone’s Black Flowers

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Brilliance From The Bone

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Things Was Getting Worse… But

We Gonna Have A Good Life
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Witness The Power

of a Fully Operational Fishbone (tip of the hat to GC… haaa)

Turn it way up and hide the children…

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