I’ll Fly You

Cockpit cuties. Nice. Late night drive-in fair.

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80’s Teen Movies

Greatness. I thought it was simply because I was a teen in the 80’s that I still managed to enjoy those movies, but I’ve found that people of all ages seem to gravitate towards them.

Real Genius


Sixteen Candles


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Time of Storm

The Law and The Fist

By Krzysztof Komeda, 1964

Before a sunrise

from the four sides of the world

from the rowan paths which forests have been burnt

the wind is tired

Right and front where crops stand not harvested

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Humanity Becoming Pixelated

The tech takeover is something we’ve been watching for decades now, and with regards to audio production and socializing I get preachy about how much we’ve lost.

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Behind The Scenes – Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley

Great german documentary following Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley around NY:

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Copyright 2010 style

I usually keep what I consider my good ideas secret for a bit. I’m not a fan of the vaporware (but love the marketing text!). I am breaking that rule right now with this fresh nugget.
If a book or
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New 2MERICA Video: The Cop(s) + Lego(re)

Hey folks I think you’ll dig this one — (not toddler safe!):

Film: “Lego(re)” by Raman
Music: “The Cop(s)” by 2MERICA

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