80’s Teen Movies

Greatness. I thought it was simply because I was a teen in the 80’s that I still managed to enjoy those movies, but I’ve found that people of all ages seem to gravitate towards them.

Real Genius


Sixteen Candles


Better Off Dead


Weird Science


Revenge of the Nerds


Teen Wolf


The Breakfast Club


I’m sure I’ve missed plenty but those are my favorites off the top of my head. What about you?

Humanity Becoming Pixelated


Oh the humanity of a hand puppet, fake blood, and animal entrails.

The tech takeover is something we’ve been watching for decades now, and with regards to audio production and socializing I get preachy about how much we’ve lost.

Here’s a great article sowing the same seeds but covering the movie industry. By inundating us with CGI the overall effect of images being shown to us has declined.

Pixels Are Driving Out Reality

Well written stuff there, and much of it translates to audio/music consumption as well.


Copyright 2010 style

I usually keep what I consider my good ideas secret for a bit. I’m not a fan of the vaporware (but love the marketing text!). I am breaking that rule right now with this fresh nugget.
If a book or proper screenplay ever comes out of me, this will be it, and this post marks my territory titularly:
“Last Tango In Cleveland (or How I Learned To Love The Last Capital of America Before The Oily Oceans Killed Us All)”
All I’m saying is if I brain dump some futurism on you it might finally have found it’s form.
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Oil Punk - Warsaw

Double fisting in Warsaw

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